БМВ Х5. Как потратить 150 000 / BMW X5. First Service OLD CAR

БМВ Х5. Как потратить 150 000 / BMW X5. First Service OLD CAR

The first problem that stands out here Is the detached brake pads wear sensor I’m holding it right now Also I see a ripped drive shaft bush And the lubricant leaking from there Reference mark sensor It has a broken pull rod, we can fix this Because it goes in an Aluminum base and gets pinched And here we have the ugliest problem of this car It’s the oil leak from the rear crankshaft between the engine and the gearbox You can spot it but it’s not crucial because the leak isn’t huge yet We can fix that but our broke blogger can actually keep using it Leak from the gearbox at the bottom The level went down, gearbox started kicking, it needs more oil or a change or oil And of course let’s see what Russian roads do to the wheels We see a lot of weld joints, there are 7 of them In some spots they broke again like this one here And these wheels won’t last long There’s lots of weights on them so the wheel balance was equal Zero They’re gonna break apart soon Same on the other side. There are only 2 weld joints here And one of the already has a crack Okay gotta change the rims Hood cable, the door lock Nothing critical, but let’s work with what we spotted So it hasn’t been changed in about 10 years It’s supposed to be transparent but I can’t really see you through it Black and stinky Damn clusterfuck! Needs a calier repair I can’t even push it back So we can’t put it back in? I pushed as much as I could Dima, cover the calier with WD-40, I have the last cylinder It’s in my black bag on the locker Take a small hammer, tick around the calier so it would do this And then put it back So much oil in that thing! 10 liters
-Wow The calier has been resqued In this box there were 3 different oil filters And we don’t know what type is here But we ordered some It came through but we don’t know it it’s the right one There’s always has to be a mystery Well they said if it’s the wrong one, they will bring us the other one right away Well that’s good That’s what connections mean Yeah, that means talking directly to the supplier So the first pads have been replaced Thank God the calier is working, everything is working Right now Dima is fixing the 2nd pair of pads And Artem is covering the car with aerosol from all the sides Trying to deodorize the smell of burned oil The filter turned out to be the right one And it’s the same as the old one What are we seeing right now? We’re seeing the actuator plate, 3 air supply solenoids and the takeoff shaft sensor What can you say about what you see? What conditions is the box in? How long will it last? The conditions aren’t bad, there’s not so much dirt There’s some shaving but it’s just the age of the car So I think the car is gonna be good Are we gonna change oil in the engine? We are gonna change oil in the engine but I think it’s gonna be next time Because I don’t have enough money?
-Yes, because you don’t have enough money! Artem just came through and said the car had been hit in the front And all the locks are now ugly All the locks were broken, then they were restored wrongly That happened a long time ago? You can tell by looking at the hood Actually, looking at these rotten wires I think it was a very long time ago Okay, first hood closing, let’s go Doesn’t look like it’s been hit?
-Nope Everything is in place? It looks like it’s new again The first repair of my car costed me $300 Not little but also not as much as the other BMW X5 owners say on forums Right after I left the car service I decided to go over the Arctic Circle, the Khibiny Mountains The way there and back was 3000 km And on my way home I started to hear some strange noise It was coming from here, from the right of me It was like BOOM BOOM BOOM as soon as I pressed on gas pedal And the whole car was shaking So I decided to drive softly and smoothly so that I don’t get stuck in Karelia Here’s what was waiting for me when I touched down in Saint Petersburg I have a bad news for you How bad? So bad that we will have to replace this whole part And it will cost you around $1100 How much did you cover? 5,000 km Congratulations! You’re the first who killed the rear drive shaft in 5,000 km What’s the exact problem? Why did it brake and where? This drive shaft is original and I suppose nobody ever replaced it The cross-piece is broken, it doesn’t move and gives vibration And the overhung bearing is ripped off, and it will soon lead to destroying the gearbox And you will go broke here The gearbox is okay for now, there’s only that gearbox pad that’s broken Which we need to replace too And it’s also about $90 So prepare to count money I also have some knocking from the back In the back, everything isn’t so bad, you only got one lever broken And that’s it but if you don’t fix it then you will then have to get the whole mounting replaced So we will replace it too And you also have an oil leak from the front reduction unit It was leaking the last time too It was just dripping that last time, right now it’s just running You can lose all your oil and it will lead to $500 – repair of the front reducing unit And you also almost killed the rear wheel end bearing We will have to replace it. We will replace just one but it’s better if we replace two Let’s go see how much money it will be What are we gonna start with?
-Drive shaft $1100 is that right?
-Yes If you don’t replace it, you will break your gearbox bearings and you will have to repair it So this number and then also… How much? $3200?????? Oh no, we need to fix that driveshaft right now! Artem knows people from all around the world in the auto business He found a second hand driveshaft for $100 from some crashed BMW How long will it last? Well the car was crashed too soon, the driveshaft is in good conditions I think it will last as long as you’re alive And now let’s find a wheel end bearing, original one $170, we will put there a good copy for $90 The rear lever, your hinged joint is broken here In this spot So we’re gonna replace it so that don’t break the mounting The original one costs around $200 We’re getting a German copy, it’s gonna cost $50 In the right back we fount a rotten tube of the brake system It is rotten but not so badly Some people would actually say it’s in perfect conditions We’re leaving it there Next time we look at it and maybe replace From this side everything looks way better It’s temporary though This BMW is a huge problem, any bolt is hard to unscrew Everything is rotten But guys keep their composure and I don’t hear no cursing But it’s only the first hour of work and I think it will happen This is your handbrake How much does it cost to replace all this on one side? I will tell you the price for both sides – around $250-300 The funniest thing about his car is this tube It sounds so crazy Tell me, is it possible to fix this car to the point where it doesn’t breaks? So you don’t have anything to fix in it? It is possible but it 6 months it will be the same story and you will be doing the same How much does it cost to do it right now? So I don’t have to think about something breaking down in it I think maybe $900
-Really? Yes but in 6 months you will come here again and will need another $900 The drive shaft just broke for $1100 I think it’s not possible to do for $900 There’s work for another $900 left After our today’s repair I don’t know if I should be sad or happy But I think there’s something wrong there Here’s the situation We can’t break down the car from neither side Everything is on hold, everything is rusty, everything stuck to each other Nothing helps at all Even the hammer won’t help I wanna hit from this angle but I won’t hit this shit then They’ve been doing this for a whole hour, I’m dead serious They’ve been hitting that screw for an hour What’s gonna happen if we never get it out of here? Then we will have to take off the whole thing Meaning take off the shock absorber, take off the stabilizer link Take off all the levers, take this whole thing off The whole thing and put it in press And the press is gonna get it out of there for sure? Yeah. The press pushes with over 10 tons of weight Well yeah it’s not a hammer That’s the only way to break it down and it needs to be broken down This is a no-win situation, we don’t know what to do so we decided to call Acadamic To ask him for advice In your Range Rover everything was twisting off because it has a special technology Oil gets everywhere and everything can be twisted off even in 20 years But you bought you some suspicious car and now reap the results It’s been about 2 and a half hours now On the other side it is more fun, they used a hammer and everything but here it is just boring You can’t really tell who got luckier, one is looking and the other one is looking I wanted to spend half a day with that car but it seems like we’re stuck here till night And maybe even till tomorrow We finally took the lever off And this part isn’t supposed to be moving? No, it’s supposed to be still Spot the difference between the old piece and the new one This one is moving and the new one isn’t at all So all that knocking should go and the most important thing is This way we can save the whole mounting and it won’t fall apart And guys just told me I need to get rid of my 20′ wheels and use the 17′-18′ wheels It’s almost 4pm, we started at 12pm We haven’t been able to break anything apart, the only thing we were able do is replace the lever He didn’t replace it fully, he’s now continuing to get the car together We still haven’t replaced the main pieces Those are the drive shaft, the pad, the reducer gland And something else There’s a lot of work left, and it’s already 4pm This thing is used as the last resort when you’ve done everything else Get the fire extinguisher out I can just melt and cut the metal So? Lower it a little, yeah, like that Lower Got it! Take it off! Damn that thing is hot now More! You got it out! That thing works wonders We spent 4 hours on taking off that rear wheel drive So then don’t ask why it costs so much, guys really working Right now we’re trying to take the hub bearing from the wheel hub Because BMW don’t produce their hub bearings together with the hubs So we’re gonna leave the old hub and now we’re gonna take it off New bearing! How many hours did it take? Now we’re gonna be setting the new bearing It looks like this, and that is the old hub We’re gonna put it together now and put into the car I would suggest you to do something with this tail pipe Because it’s trash Tail pipe doesn’t affect anything, it’s just a sound We also had a problem about the parktronics Parktronics don’t work at all The problem is: here’s a parktronic, here’s the wire And it’s all rotten So it doesn’t carry shit? It’s just rotten and it’s just one sensor, and you have 8 of them You need to get the whole wiring replaced and also some sensors One sensor is about $50 So it actually easier to just get a new wiring Just set a universal parktronic in the spot And it will be working well That whole thing will cost around $100 Fuck, almost hit the camera Now since the pad is in the right place And it is good as opposed to the old one I hope the vibration goes away and no parts breaks because of that old vibration It’s almost 7pm, the car is still broken apart Guys are still working hard So Artem suggested not to replace the reducer gland and just put new oil in there And take care of that thing next time That’s what we’re gonna do or else I won’t leave this place today So this oil was changed not a long time ago? Yeah, maybe 20-30,000 km ago Battey died!
-FUCKING SHIT! So I need a new battery Especially in the morning when it’s cold So I need another $1000-2000 for repair so it could be alright Can’t see the oil, looks like there’s no oil in there What do you mean? I put 1 liter in there It’s dry
-So there’s no oil in the car?! No oil So the car eats oil in such big amounts so you can’t put it in there on time How much did you put in?
-1 liter There’s nothing in there This is 1 liter Your level is here, so now you need to put about 1.5 or 2 liters in there Okay, buying a 4-liter can It tells about conditions of the engine You’re probably watching it right now and you already had a dinner You probably even ate it while watching the video YES YES!!! It’s 9:28pm, we spent 9.5 hours in this place We counted up the money and I can tell you that in the first month of owning my BMW X5 I spent $1150 And yet we bought a second hand drive shaft for $100 from a crashed car If we were to buy a new part for $1100 then our repair for the first month would be almost $3000 That’s some crazy number and to be honest I didn’t expect that at all And yet we fixed far from everything I want to say a special Thank you to the guys from Auto Profi Service I recommend you all to go to them All the info is in description below I’m very tired, I want to say thank you for watching this video till the end It was Ilya Strekalovsky, see you next time

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    Простой дизель 1.9 . с расходом 5 л

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