Выбираем зимний корч! Choose a winter car BMW E34 \ Toyota Mark2 \ Opel Omega Автошкола Перекрёсток

Выбираем зимний корч! Choose a winter car BMW E34  Toyota Mark2  Opel Omega Автошкола Перекрёсток

To be frank, I’m already in my new whip. You’re gonna find out what this car is a bit later. DX81, neat. The back seats are alright for having sex on. The horn is working! I can’t believe it! BMW is so fucked up. Hi there! We’ve finally got snow here. It’s time for endless drift racing, warm and cosy nights to race with friends. And we’ve got good news! We’re finally gonna have a car. GOHARD is gonna get the second chance to show this city who we are. We’re gonna just to enjoy ourselves. This year the driving school Perekrestok (Crossroads) and its owner himself Igor Simakin have supported us again. It’s becoming a good tradition. Thank you very much! We’re gonna thank you during about three or four next months. And you too, guys! Subscribe to them, the link’s in the description. They’re awesome! Because they believed in us. We hope we don’t let them down. So, now we’re gonna buy a car! Driving school “Crossroads” To be honest, I’m already in my new whip. You’re gonna find out what this car is a bit later. The first car we went to check out was Toyota Mark II. 1G-GE, manual transmission. The price was awesome, about 1350$ Well, just chek it out. Here it is. – Good evening
– Good evening I thought it was impossible to find a Mark II with manual transmission for that money. – Can I look at closer?
– Yeah, sure. DX81, neat. Show me, what engine it is. – Well, what about the engine? Is it oil-hungry?
– No, it’s almost not using oil at all. So, this is the first one. – I haven’t changed anything, it’s all original.
– Yeah, right, really. Awesome. It’s the same on the other side too. Here, look. – Why is it so cheap then?
– How much do you think it should cost? – I don’t know.
– I bought it for 1400$ myself. – Alright.
– The only thing I did is changing the oil. Good, Lambada is playing. This kind of air conditioners, I love it. Yeah… it’s working! – Well, would you maybe just drive me here, around the parking lot?
– Yeah, sure. Look at the mirrors! Everything is working. Didn’t expect that. – Good. Is the differential welded?
– Yeah, I bought it like that. Damn! Not bad. So, if you’re drifting and then you’re driving onto an asphalt road, you just hit the pedal all the way down and the car just flashes on? – Yeah, it’s wild on asphalt roads.
– Awesome. I gotta think about it, you know. There are a lot of cars available, I’ve got to check the other ones. So, thank you for showing the car. I think it’s way too cheap for a 1G-GE Mark II with manual transmission. I hadn’t heard much about this car until today, but the car drives well. The guy press the gas pedal and the car accelerates really well, no matter what you drive on. In fact, I’ve never seen a Mark II with manual transmission for under about 1500$. Usually it’s automatic transmission cars. The car’s in good condition. It’s comfortable inside. The interior isn’t awful, dirty, nothing is broken. Everything is pretty much ok. The a/c is working, the audio system isn’t bad. The only thing I don’t like about this car is, like in every car under 1500 bucks, the hood is kinda shitty, the fenders is not in the best condition too. But what car do I want for that price? This one is with manual transmission and probably a working engine. After all, you’re gonna have to tinker with it to drift on it. And the suspension too… I don’t think it’s gonna be difficult, though. Another con is that you need to install a hydraulic handbrake, cause there’s no handbrake at all. It’s gonna cost, I don’t know, about 150 bucks at least. As to the exterior, you’re gonna have to change those wheels. What do you think about the car? Let me know in the comments below. Because I don’t know much about it. I can only make videos and drift a little bit. What do you need to do with that car to drift and enjoy yourself? Because I think there’s a lot of work to do. After the Mark, I decided to look at a very odd car. To me, at least. But, as far as I know, people use them in Europe, 2.5 engine, manual transmission. It’s Opel Omega, let’s check it out! As you can see, today I invited an expert. It’s Vladimir. Subscribe to his Instagram. He’s gonna help me today. For some reason, I always check decent cars, that have a bigger chance I’ll buy them, alone. But today we’re gonna have a look at an Opel, and, as it happened, together with Vladimir. By the way, he told me right away the car is jack shit. – Is it right?
– Yeah. – What’s wrong with it? Bad exterior?
– It’s a piece of shit, and it’s heavy. BMW is a piece of shit too… No, I mean, it’s heavy too. Listen, I don’t know, I’ve just seen that in Europe and, say, Saint Petersburg people drive Opel cars. – We’ll find out if it’s any good.
– Yeah, if the engine is 2.0 and it’s warm inside. It can be quite good. If the suspension is ok, just fix it a bit, weld it, and you’re good to go. Go ahead and drift. Right? – But it’s too heavy anyway.
– Alright, let’s just check it out. We’re looking for a rear-wheel-drive car with manual transmission. You know, for guys who like drifting. – Well, it has an ABC, it’s like Mercedes-Benz ones.
– Really? Everything working? – Sure thing!
– Awesome. – Everything here is fine, sure. There’s a bit of rust here, though.
– It’s on the door. Damn, this costs nothing, really. I know one guy, I was gonna to fix it next spring. – 2.0 liters engine. What’s about horsepower, you say?
– 170 170… not bad. – It’s the V6, isn’t it?
– Yeah, that’s it Damn, I’ve used this car for 7 years. I’ve change something. Say, the timing belt just recently. I got the generator overhauled. New starter. That sort of things are in perfect condition. Damn, I like all the cars I’ve checked. They’re really good and kicking. Whether I don’t inspect them carefully enough or people just complain too much about them. I’ve heard people say you can’t buy such cars, they all are shit. But here it is! Nice car, everything is working. We haven’t tested it yet, though. Didn’t start the engine, but at first glance the car is good for everyday use. Without fricking tuning and customization. The chassis is fucking good, you won’t find anything wrong about it. The catalytic converters has been removed. – What about the trunk?
– It’s in mint condition. Take a look. It’s new. What can say, it is a German car. – And A/C?
– What about it? Everything is fine. Dual zone. – You serious? I don’t have it in my 2016 Polo.
– It’s a full-size car. Look how much space in here. It’s fucking awesome to fuck on those seats with some chick. Like on a sofa. Remember, never buy a fucking used BMW. No matter model. You can buy it only if it’s new. I swear you. You’re just gonna fuck with it every day. BMW is so fucked up. – So what do you think?
– I don’t know, just a regular Opel. Not very good for drifting. Overall, it’s not a bad one. We haven’t driven it, though. All in all, not bad. Comfortable seats. The wheel isn’t loose. But you aren’t gonna be the drift king with it. – What? Why is that?
– Because, well, you know, that dude told you it just doesn’t drift well. The ass is heavy, the car is no good as far as drifting. Well, you can try of course, but you can’t just, like, boom! And suddenly start drifting. – Alright, I got it, you can drift a bit sometimes, but as far as real drifting, it’s crap.
– You can drive chicks on the backseats, there’s a lot of room. Yeah, he told the back seats are alright for having sex on. Alright, we’re keep looking for our car. And while we’re trying to find the best car, I’d like to say that we always read your comments, your feedback and we realize that our English is shit, so we’re fanilly gonna take English courses. The courses are located near the bus stop “Blue Light”. There. The location is awesome, there’s no problem to get over here from anywhere. We’re heading for “Crossroads English”. Going upstairs. A few steps down the corridor. Let’s correct at least your final sentence. If I undestood you right, your goal is to take your English to the next level. Is it right? Well, I’d like to make fewer mistakes. We’re checking our work. Our first class has just ended. We’re gonna study here every week because we’d like our subscribers from around the world to understand us and not to let you, who know English better, show off your skill in the comments. In the description below you’ll find a promo code hit the link and let’s learn English together. And the third car which I personally like the most. It’s the BMW E34, M50B25, manual transmission, hydraulic handbrake suspension customization for drifting. Well, just check it out. This is our friend’s BMW. We know him well, he’d maintain his car properly, it’s shouldn’t be screwed, dirty or something. – It says a lot already. I think he’s never even eaten inside the car. The best thing, I think, is…
– Leather interior. No. The best thing about this car is that you don’t need to fix something, you can just buy it and use right away. Just drive it, no tinkering, fixing, without super tuning, you just drive it and enjoy the process. We’re gonna to take a look at that BMW. – You see that? Racing rims.
– Fucking cool. There’s a problem with the lacquer. But as you know, we don’t care if the car isn’t perfect, because this car’s gonna have some defeats, snow drifts and walls. Well, this car belongs to a known dude in the city, he drives a yellow Camaro. He used to, sorry. His name’s Alexander. We’ve known him for a long time. Two years ago I sat in this BMW, he was telling me about it. I said him, “Damn, dude, this car’s cool”. I drove it two years ago for the first time. The car’s been tuned a lot. I called Sasha the Boomer to ask him what he thinks. He said, “Dude, the car’s good. There’s nothing to fix. Buy it and go drive it”. The previous cars whether need to get fixed, or they are just shit, or the owners are guys we don’t know. But this is our friend’s car. No, this is not him, this is his buddy. Whatever. We completely trust him. The car’s awesome. It drives. So we take the BMW. The only thing that bugs me is that the wheel is a bit loose, but otherwise it’s ok. Damn, it’s a cassette changer! Hell no! Genuine luxery. Do all the windows open? Yes. The back windows are manual. Thanks God, the horn doesn’t work. It is working! I can’t believe it! Damn, it’s not a racing car. It tells you that the owner is kinda careful. Most people who have racing wheels, don’t have working horns. Let’s shake hands. Guys! I’m so happy right now. We’ve finally found the car that we really like, the car that we can rely on. Well, it’s about 90% for sure. We’ve got the BMW 525 E34! The main reason why we bought this car is that we’re not gonna tune it up. We just want to drive. As a great drifting thinker Dorifan aka Nikita from Sochi “Never do tuning because you’re gonna stop enjoying it and give the whole thing up, since tuning will kill you”. We heeded his words and bough a ready-to-go car. This car already has an 2.5 L engine. Originaly it was a 2.0 L one. This car’s got an hydraulic handbrake, lots of stuff has been changed to let things work as long as possible, to let you just hit the pedal. The previos owner has spent a lot of money to do it. I know him well. I’d been dreaming about this car for 2 years, and we got it at last. Thank you very much for watching. Now we have to spruce the car up. We’re working on livery. We’re gonna have a spoiler. There’s gonna be a lot of interesting stuff about this car. And drifting, street racing, it’s gonna be thrilling. There are gonna be crashes. Subscribe to my channel, ring the bell to be able to get notifications, leave a comment, and see you in the next vlog.

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