Suddenly I had said Goodbye to my Audi But continued observing competitions On manager Anton channel The question is the following: What car to buy? And is it possible to help Manager Anton? But I ve met it! That was a love from the first sight. My new car! It s something unreal. I ve never seen so things That Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is pulling Mercedes G-class 400 horse forced… 3 differential locks 507… +horse shampoo inside=700 horse forces Ready? For what? For having something funny!) NO NO NO! Even roof and doors can be taken off Cayenne and dig by them There will be a race with snowmobile, won t it? So, Den, will we be pulling or not? They say that G-class will do the best! On the background there is something quad bike and snowmobile have fallen down Now Cayenne, Mercedes G-class, Touareg and Lancruiser 200 will be driven by us. We ll show quadr bikers that their machines can do nothing if we compare to our cars And we have 2 special services Of evacuation 2 Suzuki cars Who will be the 1 st? Suzuki, maybe… What is going wrong? sticks Do you polish cars? Yes, we do! Would it be shown on this video? It depends on your opportunities. even hasn t found the best track… Where are we going to? Dan is picking up clothes. Something is wrong with differential lock… Have you turned on the front one? This wheel is dept into the whole that your car made before. Cayenne tends to be the 1 st… Are wheels underpumped? If they are, car may target. Let me do so. Are there any indicators in wheels? Let s pull down! It fights but it s a waste of tim! Presses GAS constantly. Car doesn t move forward… just on the place. G-class is not on time What a fighting is! Touareg isn t moving. Everything can be targeted here. He just said that this wouldn t be difficult and he ll show it. He s shown it. I understand that leading is master! Have you driven Mercedes G-class in offroad regymen? Did you press all buttoms just now? Front one wasn t pressed. I don t know. As a result it was needed to press. Press all 3 buttoms and go! Igor is watching it now. In Voronezh and says bad words. As I see, the rubber is the same as off road s is, isn t it? Yea! Underpumped wheels are better. Lads who are staying on the hill now say that they shouldn t have taken quadr bikes. But what if Toyota LC won t target? So…damaging of fairy tales in 1 video! After last video where Touareg was the best puller of G-class, Prado…. So, unfourtunately, despite the fact that I like my friend Misha, Is sitting and swinging and can do nothing I say Suzuli arrived so kind of tractor and Misha managed to put wheels in the pit… even of this car. How was the 1 st experiment? Excellent! G-class is stucked in! GAS is overpressed They say that FWD of Urich car is not working… The problem was I set down on Den s copter. In the backseat of the car. What a happen! I had known that I Had to come! Rescued! Protector is full. Don t you say that VAG is moving on well! I d say it s with a good rubber. And the miracle doen t happen. They say that we have so broken car. 100% I moved down by G-class at 1 st time. And it was clear That something was wrong. Maybe, you ll try to drive this car…. He was telling something to the driver…. It s obvious the owner can d drive… Then he asked owner to let drive…pressed the gas and bzhzhzhzhzhzhzhhzh….. Denis… You did want to drive with a tension! But then I wanted to try witout tention. Are you lucky? Today is the best day in my life! Let s do it once again… in one video! In one video the owner damaged his career. Racer-looser! Major-looser! As I understand, Lyokha Kapustin wants to drive Cayenne too. After his VAG… Try on Cayenne He drives on that track… He won t target that deep snow, will he? He has taken off that visor where something was written Blond haired girl is driving in the fur coat He has forgotten that he is not wearing fur coat The driver now is the owner. After Denis s advice What a turn is! Denis is not obvious. You just covered LC 200 with your hand. Going back… as if he doesn t see anything. What has happened? Trustable VAG! I think front left one… Like it was with the right, now is with the left one. Our channel started with it! How will you move next? In the way I arrived here. We ll pull 2 Suzuki cars. with a winch. The worst thing is rising up. I ll help you pull with my Prado. Have rehabilitated. Great! You let us down yesterday. The question is whether it s needed to rise it up? It s good that you have become experienced! Yeah! Yeah.. something has to be broken. Would G-class win Suzuki on this rising? It ll be more interesting… The 1 st? I m always the 1 st!))))) So, they asked me to record a video of you. Great! Great! Just 3 seconds! Stop! Just take it off! No! Keep it! Do you like G-class, Den? Now carry it) You re the monster today! So, let s move forward! You might call those guys… they might arrive by the helicopter… Met the hollow on our may. Move forward! Nothing stops us. So, let Porshe challenge! VS LC 200 Do you see it? Now the left wheel… previous – right… No need to press GAS! Help! The question to the subscribers… What can be pink.. Rubber is 0. Is rubber s footprint pink? Pink pads, maybe) I understand… broken Touareg…. No… I m more worried about leaving this place. Give her your wheels. So, give me a quadr bike and I ll go home! It s not off road, but so kind of burying! My car! What a pity! They saw you were rising the hill in so good way! Yeah! Show me that box that is on the front right seat. Show! Have been watching your videos! And want to try GAN! Tell us something about it… You just add some extra power. They d win your Touareg at least. All included! Russian version… You know I also have Volvo, not only Porshe I want to test it on Volvo and on Porshe too So, we need to pull Porshe at first LC 200 is ready Let s put it on your back wheel 50 days guaranteed If something goes wrong, I ll give it them back. Hmmm… interesting… You ll tell us a bit later. But if we put it and measure… my 50 days… OK We ll let them down if it doesn t work. OK! We have to pump it! Were passing by the village. Everything is OK. Miss it! Sergy wanted another person to help pull. But he … Wheel out! The cortege is moving. Every car will be the 1 st! Cayenne will drive. Save Touareg by G-class You understand that a lot of fans will appear Yurich s AWD stopped working Now he s driving only on the one wheel back or front G-class will be moving on virgin lands. In order to preserve Yurich and his car 2 cars might be used. 2 winches… 16 people wil push. Everything will be very cool! But I d thought… fire or a boom! Will it be today or not? sss Move back! Back.. then from overclocking. There is a variant to make a train of heavy cars. Connect them to each other and pull! Unreally! I wouldn t mind! I ve never pulled any car! Particularly by Porshe. Touarg will manage by itself… Has it been fixed? Could ve reloaded. Destroyed content. Break down Touareg! Mishanya has generated so content. And they ask: What and what? Touareg is moving itself. Once again! What illegal recording is here! He didn t underpomp back wheels. But car is moving itself. by itself… really Last video Touareg was pulling Mercedes G-class But now G-class is being pulled by Touareg. I m trying to do my best And you! Car is Ok! My Lexus was stucked here. Revival of the dead was great. But you said we d be here till it d be very dark. I didn t know. Yurich is rescued on well. Even just with one G-class 63 s model Just pulled down back wheels and targeted on well. Today we re successful. G-class which is on the hill now wasn t underpumped Now we re going to pump cars. Then we ll go home! LC 200 was moving on well. rehabilitated Please, subscribe us! Goodbye, everyone! We re moving! So. What a summary is? To sum up, I should have had it changed… even 2 years ago. Left front one is broken. Zombie is coming! Continued on the next video…

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  1. Акура там RDXгелику б надрала,да и много каму из этих асфальтных типо джипов))

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  4. я бы на своем Q7 показал бы всем как надо ездить))

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  13. Изненада изненада Г-класа нещо не е високо проходим, а Поршето е другата изненада, изненадваща проходимост .


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