Шерпобарбара история одного серийного Шерп МАКС. Ярдрей в деле!

Шерпобарбара история одного серийного Шерп МАКС. Ярдрей в деле!

So, my dear friends! Our trip to Orshinsky Moch swamp has started I m the first, one who has arrived Gerasim Vasilyevich will come later Because now he is doing something in Moscow Now I m going to pack my bags You know, we ll be fishing and everything concerning it will be I m going to prepair for the trip Interesting… what s happening now to Vasilych? Hello, my dear friends! So our new release has started This time we re visiting the swamp Our team wants to relax and go fishing here Despite the fact that winter doesn t surprise us, Michael decided to visit landing point Today he ll run a group of people by his own And… I have some things to do in Moscow Now I ll tell you about these things In the morning I have to go to Moscow, do planned things and go back from Moscow then I ll have to visit swamp too! I also shouldn t forget to hook the trailer onto my car I hope I ll have arrived to the camp by late night So, enjoy watching! Well, about interesting things to be done in Moscow… Hello! -How did you get by? -On well! -How is the baby feeling? -Hello! -Dmitry, I m really glad to see you! Konstantin, hello! There re 2 tents Sack for fish Bagpack with different clothes, which you shouldn t forget to take with By the way, this video has 4 K format Even our channel – 4 K For this we bought special equipment for this Today the video has new format Someone says that 4 K isn t needed, because he watches videos on his phone Believe me, not only you watch on phone Some people watch it on TV You know, watching the video from TV screen makes you be more delighted! We have tried it! So, try to be used to 4 K If you don t have 4 K, you can watch 480 Video player would be a good variant! So, do what you like! By the way, let s see what s happening to Mishanya now Dmitry, can you give me three m3 of free space? It s equal to bath box Bath should be in Tundra It s like the camera doesn t work here We usually clean it with snow This paper costs 200 RUB We ve decided to drive old white Iron ATV I know it like my 5 fingers Yeah! It s started on well! So everything is OK, but what s happening to Vasilych? So, what I want to say… You ought to write your questions under the video About everything you have seen If you have questions, you can ask them The most interesting questions will be collected and will release summary-video For example, we ve been to Karelia or Orshinsky Mokh Let us choose the most interesting questions and answer them Questions that will have a lot of likes or comments Or questions that will seem interesting to us will be answered in that special video So I ve arrived to Kuntsevo, where I ll take something You know, I hardly ever go to Moscow and to be onest, I dont really like it But I have to do it because of interesting moments So enjoy watching what s happening to Mishanya and what s going on in Moscow It will be very interesting! So packaging is Everything for enjoing the trip is ready I ll cover you with bananas Ohhh, Dmitry forgot to oil the central chain The track isn t so long, but we d get by quickly So the chain should be immediately oiled! Oh, shtift! The 1 st issue failure for 150 working hours! Don t worry, we ll fix it! And everything is because Alexey hasn t got SHERP He s got Bresh, which was assembled in Jukoff garage That s why his AVT is OK during these 150 hours Why don t you hurrry? My client is ready! Konstantin, what s happened to you? Are you OK? YEAH! So, you re under a lot of pressure, aren t you? It has started! Alexey, are you happy? I can tell by your face that you re surprised! Look! Ohh, the swamp track isn t loved by me! Looking for another track Detour So, interesting happen… we have to do something! So swamp is a good teacher! So we were welcomed by Tarfani swamp And here we re moving on well! 10 km till the Great lake Alexey is stucked Would you like to drink some tea? I see you don t loose the luck, do you? What if we plunged into the mud again? Seriously! It s your day, you re stucked secondly He studies So we re coming closer to the Great lake Interesting… what s happening to Vasilych now… Vasilych, how are you? So, we ve arrived to A category What? You know, it s diller of SHERP Hello, my dear friens, we ve arrived to Category A We re here to prove what we ve seen They said that SHERP Max has got a lot of issue failures So, did you recognise him? You asked me to figure everything out with him He s here to help us! Hello, everyone! Let s have a look! My name is Andrew Nice to meet you! My name is Andrew too And I m Commercial Director Please, tell me whom can I speak about the Contract? So, there re some questions that should be discussed You mean we can speak if only I m a lawer? But clients weren t told that… I won t talk about it on camera! But I just want to ask you some questions… So is it your contract? Yes, it is! So my question is about guarantee ITs written that the client ships vehicles to reparing by his budget and by his transport But according to the law, it s vice a versa If you want to figure it out, please, go to my cabinette So they re scared by Andrew Well, we disagree with some points of this Contract particularly if it concerns guarantee So you sell technique that should be taken in the middle of nowhere, don t you? Everything that we buy should be shipped It means if the seller doesn t ship the material, there s no guarantee Well, we re so nice people When the ATV was bought We give signed contracts In case the customer puts extra devices or does reparings on his own in non-certificated service, vehicles are withdrawn from warranty service Why? How could we determine master s qualification? And if they argue about something, according to the law Yeah, we make diagnistics in our own But if he doesn t agree with assay results, the third independed part will arrange it But the problem is that you ve withdrawn from the guarantee and details aren t insured! It seems to me that it s not good! Well, according to given information, there re no changes I ve got 2 clients Alexey and Boris Nobody asked me about it Boris, didn t they ask you? -Oh, have a talk! I ll answer questions after dialogue! -Why don t you want to talk now? You re asked by the person, who bought vehicles for more than 1 000 000 I can t see a problem, I don t guarantee I accept every point there s also agreement with factory that runs too That s why I can t solve problems on my own I see what you mean Let s try to solve part of problems Well, I can point what I disagree with, can t I? And then you ll say wether you re able to help or not OK, please, write down what you disagree with So I ll say wether it s possible to solve problems or not Or you go to the court If the company has money, there s a chance to steal But when the company is rubbish, it s easier Unfourtunately, we re in rich company now As for me, the court isn t interesting Because at 100 % – problems and waste of time Well, if you re the lawer and see my mistakes -Have you got factory lawer? -No, I haven t! Autosoursing is a great idea Well, Boris and Gerasim, what do you think? Why don t we sign Disagreement with some points? Thanks to drilling wholes we ll be able to catch perches The camera isn t tasty Well, at least we know there is… So we couldn t catch fish It s becoming snowing and windy Well, you re faster than we are So, how are your things? I always catch fish here But what s the statistic? Ohh, you took it with you, didnt you? Here it is! 10 Haven t you been with no fish? Yeah! They haven t said about other kinds of fish No pike 1 m deep Well we need to catch roach It d be better to leave sticks at night -Do you spend nights here? -House? -No, near the fire I ve got special saw -So, my dear friend from Gany, what would we do? -I d like to fry meat -Just to think about meat/fish -I accept your ideas! Just to make a stomach be full of food! So, let s go and keep the distance! Passing by Lubovets Going to Schuchevo Then to Svetloye I d like to see what s happening in Lubovets 3 m pike was here It has big eye Pike… perk! So it showed that there re only little perks But there re some beams! People want to eat some fish We re driving to Schuchye lake So we ve arrived to Schuchye lake Ice s sound is! Alex, good drilling job! Well, we re happy everywhere! 2 more lakes Interesting… what s happening to Vasilych So while Yardrew is working with documents, I m observing the ATV that we ll have First of all, let s look at here Undercoloured and overoiled How have they managed to drop the door? Isn t clear Is it new ATV? Germetic isn t good The 21 st century! Technology century! Why don t they make this thing on the same level with this Aluminium substrate? Aren t they carved by metal scissors? There re loads of machines on their factory! Knocked out, flexible, milling… But there re no people who can work on them! That s why they have to carve this Aluminium substance On the carpentry post! They say that this ATV is for driving harsh roads! Well, it s no matter But what if you had these problems on your Lexus? Look! They ve already covered it with germetic And you won t see cracks anymore Look! This rubber is glued by 2 sides scotch What do you think about what it does while driving mess? It saves colour from the pressure! Just not to damage it Because this rubber doesn t prevent it from touching bumper I think it won t be OK at the end of the guarantee The handle… Why don t they make a factory belt here? It d be convenient to put the handle up Better than you touch it with your feet so …because of mess! Look! It s artificial! Why don t they stroke it withth wet finger? To make them be attractive and cute Why don t they glue 2 sides to make the line? But what s happened to the line here? What is it? Everything might be rusty! All in all, it s better than my ATV is! I d say, they work with mistakes as hard as possible! Do you know how it s difficult to work with mistakes if there is no money? Just one person with can of germetic! But not every problem would be sold by germetic They even cover it with a lot of germetic, but not every problem could be solved The body should be changed I m not even talking about weight problem ATV, which weights 1,9 t can withstand 1 t pressure and maximal weight 2,5 t I can t understand! What is its real pressure? 600 kg 260 of them – petrol In little cans and big can How much at rest? 340 kg It s I and Mishanya after dinner Great! Perfect! I don t take into account guns and ducks Forgot about the dog Or else you loose the guarantee They still didn t make overflows here Oh, no! You can see cracks here They covered it with germetic Such an original sollution! They keep a lot of germetic, don t they? But olygophrenia is! Dozen innovations So, I m not going to criticize ATV anymore It may move on well Who knows? The main advantage isn t coating, but its passability And it s reliable Look! There re some seats inside! Interesting… what s happening to Mishanya… Let s have a look! Didn t they put honey here? We drink kvass Well, we re coming closer to the lake… Alexey, who has came, is waiting for us! We called him 15-20 min ago We haven t arrived to banana tree on time Someone has done it before Look! Usual swamp banana tree!))))) But we re too late! My dear friends, it seems I m alone People came to prepair wooden sticks So, waiting for Vadim So trandy lamp In fact, I can find only 2 sleeping places in my car Could you tell me wether you re going to buy or have bought it? Yeah, I m the owner Can I call you back later? What time? 1 minute OK, waiting for your call So, we wrote down Disagreement The seller of SHERP said they would think Not prove but think You ll know the sollution a bit later So, it d be better to change some points Well, K 89 182 60 SL HF Y 10 06 Let s observe engine Where is it? Under the hood) Oh, oh, oh, we re driving to the swamp! Tonometer I d say, everything has just started Its adventure will be great! You ll remember this day! Great new vehicle Come to me! So Yardrew is going home and I m driving to the swamp I hope it s a good beginning And the result of beginning will be good vehicle and positive emotions Let s go! Interesting… what s happening to Mishanya… Let s have a look! Well Who has got a torch? So little can The black one and there s fuel filter under it May we move it back? The following thing happened Vadim s SHERP Max stucked Under the corner to the fuel can 300-400 g Only Ura can do so because his ATV doesn t have central chain HE s got reductor So he doesn t have problems like SHERP owners have It d be better to fill in the can The manhole at the right side I see what you mean! If it has oil… If we fill in the can, it ll be started on well One place to fuel in is the net It s just a waste of time We unscrew bolt Petrol is pumped from the can Hose is wound with electrical tape With electricial take – in the can! They didn t manage to pomp the petrol Let s have a look at what would be with no tape Today isn t the 1 st of April! Move back! Go, go, go! Go! Ooop! Finished on well! Dear mechanics! If you take new hose, be shure there s whole My dear friends, did you see it? Well done! I ve been to Moscow But… started to do great job Will look at finish But I m on my was to the swamp now I think I ll be together with team after 4 hours Let s go! So, I ve arrived I m ready… I can t see where Mishanya is now The signal is lost Can you see the light? It s thanks to my lamp Without No matter what Super mega tent collecting It seems it s less inside Our people have passed by here It was very snowing They say that the lake is covered with ice This surface might be a good track 40 minutes will be saved Winter forest… it s fresh outside Great! I ve got interesting torch I ll observe it a bit later It s good that it s laser Camera doesn t give this information But I can see that side which is 2 km from me 2,5 OK, let s go further It doesn t want to move He had to study If he had done, he would have driven it as a professional Well, I can rely on my ATV Is able to do something But I will visit Category The big tent is over there Welcome! 50 km… Were you waiting for me alone? We were told that the camp is behind us So camp is here Pioneers burn bonfires 78 km and fuel can is empty 78 km? 0,5 l per hour So one Webaster started We ll heat this tent People are relaxing Mishka Can you see this light? Let s have a look at what they do here Good conditions are Warmer than outside) So, the long day has finished It s 2:14 a m So everything concerning law part of this you can see on Yardrey s channel See hyperlink given in description Technical part – on our channel The 1 st part will be in this swamp adventure I hope people will go fishing I don t want to go anywhere Because I want just to relax Because we haven t gone out recently I was under a lot of pressure That s why I need to relax Well, that is all that I wanted to tell you, goodbye All the best, see you next time) Don t forget to suscribe us, write comments and like Remember1 The best questions ll be in summary-video And observe what s happening right now to usual ATV SHERP Max!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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    Получается, постоял минутку одним колесом в колею, и всё, без топлива? Или я неправильно понял то, что случилось с застрявшим в колее Шерпом?

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    А по теме, Герасим Иванович, хотел бы поднять такую тему как последствия проезда Шерпа по реликтовому болоту. Прекращайте на Великом(Большом) дороги и путики разбивать, на снежике теперь после ваших шерпов не проехать, того и гляди в болото провалишься. Вездеходы же, вот и пробивайте себе новые дороги. До Вас проезжали, а теперь какой то полигон для вездеходов чтоли, едешь и не знаешь был тут шерп, оставил ли трясину??? Люди на каракатах после себя таких последствий не оставляют.

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    Герасим, отличные рейсы,
    В этом году с 19 на 20-тый зима у нас теплая, температура -8 +5 колеблица. Скажем, после осени ранняя весна. Смотрю у вас тоже теплая погода как для севера. Мне нравится смотреть ваши записи, повидал что такое север ( хотя есть масса других источников, Ваш как то вот особенный видео блог).
    Я не рыбак и не охотник, но смотря на вас, хочется и себе с семьей где-то на природу.
    Палатки нравятся особенно баня, если возможно скажите названия, поищу на месте.
    Удачи во всем.

  46. Саламаллейкум из Казахстана! Я постоянно смотрю ваше путешествие и как вы инженеры техники изучаете вездеход! Это супер! Мне нравится! Шерп супер вездеходчик! Я бы его… Испробывал

  47. Хотелось бы вас увидеть в Карелии в городе Кондопога или вблизи неё

  48. Правда! Я смотрю на тебя телевизоре за 2500€ и на 4К просто идеально!

  49. Привет всем вездеходчикам ! Герасиму и Михаилу отдельный респект !

  50. Здравствуйте Герасим, видали новый вездеход THOR?? Что скажете как он по вашему по сравнению с ШЕРП?? Не хотите устроить батл?? Интересно будет посмотреть ?

  51. хороший вездеход. я себе тоже собираю на подобие хищьника

  52. Герасим Васильевич, молодец, спасибо за ваше не безразличие в отношении к дилерам и производителям. Так держать!!!
    Когда в Сибирь приедете?

  53. Какая гарантия на технику которая не предназначена для эксплуатации в нормальных условиях, я бы на месте завода ограничил гарантию в 50-100 часов работы

  54. С топливом конечно же это не доработка завода! Это жесть конечно же!

  55. чтоб станки современные работали – нужно платить деньги за работу персоналу. нет зарплаты нет работы

  56. Грязи побольше и мирного неба над головой. Всех мужчин с праздником новых носков и пены для бритья)) с днём Советской армии ???????? с 23 февраля!

  57. Надо резиновой краской покрасить, самой прочной , которая не рвётся даже когда окрашенную бетонную стену кувалдой долбят.
    А че 8 млн, когда смотрел первые обзоры, шерп только появился, озвучивали стоимость 3 млн, он что теперь взлетает с вертикальным взлётом?

  58. Скоро кто ездите в лес на мотособаках или на велосипедах летом будут Шерп вспоминать плохим словом.

  59. НЕ понимаю… Отдать 6 лямов, переться в тму-таракань по мерзкой погоде, по грязи и болотам только чтобы в ПАЛАТКЕ пожрать и поспать… Прямо бременские музыканты: Не же-ла-ем жить, ЭХ, по другому…

  60. Действительно страшно становится, когда вездеходы делают не инженеры, а жадные маркетологи ибо есть шанс не доехать до дому!

  61. Всем привет! В новом качестве не кажет. Даже при смене на 480 не идет изображение. Только звук и субтитры! Что делать не знаю.

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