【Behind the projects】Cambodia national team × KSK in Iran

【Behind the projects】Cambodia national team × KSK in Iran

Even though anybody does action unconsciously football player, even children, but that acton under unconscious… the quality is low. We need to train it and increase the quality consciously It means we need to train something consciously to be able to do it unconsciously. After recognition, then decision. The important is how to decide after recognition. I got myself come to Holland forcefully to change myself. The action quality, technic I had was not changed, actually. Of course, I made my physical potential up, but My aesthetics was pass when I was in Japan I drove myself to change my aesthetics to be with shoot not pass. How about this? I used my kick skill to shoot not pass to others. Then, my result became Goal not Assist other’s goal. My mind change turned to be the different result in the end. As a result…. my life has been changed. See? We should count that part as important. To change the mind. Any tips to change the mind? My answer is… Nothing special. Take it consciously, and repeat it. Tutor will support that repeat part So… who change the mind – Mentor, and who support the repeat – Tutor, right? That’s right! NowDo support that part of change mind, and repeat part in long term plan to let people can do action unconsciously level from consciously.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. 家族の為にも…これ迄のチームメイト達にも…世界中の皆の為にもサッカーを通して平和と言う2文字をもっともっと布教して下さい!!

  2. まぁあまり書きたくないんですけどぉ…


  3. Now Doの取り組み、ここまで考えられること実現させようとすること、素晴らしいです!!

  4. 今日のトレーニングで走り込みがありました。

  5. 本田さん、やはり貴方は凄いです!日本だけではなくアジア・ヨーロッパ諸国を回って色々な経験を積んでいて…だからサッカーでもどんな状況でも力を出し尽くせるんですね!尊敬してます。貴方は僕のヒーローです!!

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