奥さんにこの車を買おうと思ってアメリカ大手中古車ディーラーに行ってみたが… なかなか決まらない⁈ I Thought I Found My Wife’s New Car Until… ??

奥さんにこの車を買おうと思ってアメリカ大手中古車ディーラーに行ってみたが… なかなか決まらない⁈ I Thought I Found My Wife’s New Car Until… ??

Let’s go car shopping! That car is not very clean! Too bad you gotta go back to college today…. It smelled like dog and weed inside!! Bye everyone! see you again soon! You can buy a car and return it within 3 days if you don’t like it!! LOL I gotta find a good car for my wife soon!!! What time is it? 4 4AM!! We are at LAX… Unfortunately summer is over and you gotta head back to college now. But we had a really fun summer together!! We did a lot of fun father-son stuff together!! Did you have fun this summer? Yeah! I had a lot of fun! I hope you have a safe flight back to Atlanta… I’m gonna make more car friends in the Atlanta area so when I come to town we can have some fun! Maybe some fan will have a Ferrari he will let us use… or better yet a Lambo!! Too much Ferrari lately!! Lambo is good! Unfortunately you wont see the Kid on many upcoming videos for a while… but if any of you would like, send the Kid a word of encouragement in the comments below!! I think that is a good lesson to take from this summer… and by the way, check out the Kid’s shirt!! This is a newer version Steve’s POV shirt… it’s available on StevesPOV.com and Amazon Japan as well. see you all again soon!! It’s kind of lonely without the Kid around… We had such a fun summer together! But now I am on my own again… at least until Thanksgiving… In the meantime the Kid needs to be positive and focus on doing well in school!!! and I have to stay positive and do what I do… Real Estate, Youtube and Steve’s POV merchandise sales as well!! lol While the Kid was still in town, we started a new car search for my wife’s next car that will replace the Mazda CX5… Mazda has been following up with me asking me if I wanted another Mazda… but I am thinking something different this time! Nothing at all against Mazda!! I love Mazda! even as I wear a Datsun hat, I love Mazda!! I like Datsuns, I like Nissans, I like Fords too!! and I like Ferraris too!! I like all kinds of cars… but Ive had a lot of Mazdas for my wife now for many years… Thats exactly why I want to change this time…. and lately Ive been into used cars too! I find used cars lately to be a better value for me…. With good used car shopping you can save a lot of money from what the original price of the car was!! My Raptor is a good example of that! and so is the car I am going to see right now… (I think) Let’s go do some car shopping! The Kid isn’t with me today to car shop… I’m shopping alone today but plan to have a good time doing so!! I am headed to a large used car dealer called Carmax. I would equate Carmax in America to possibly Gulliver in Japan…. I am pretty sure Carmax is the biggest used car dealer in America.. and they buy a lot of cars too… I’ve always had a good image of Carmax as a company. I’ve never bought a car from them before but I have sold them several cars in the past. You don’t need to buy a car from them in order to have them buy your car. and I must say, they usually offered some pretty good buy prices. A lot of people always ask me what they should do to sell their cars…. It depends on the car but many times I tell people to take it to Carmax and let Carmax give you a price for the car. In most cases they offered the best price and the easiest transaction and payment. I have given that same advice to many people and they have always been happy with the result. But today I am going to Carmax as a buyer.. not a seller… I haven’t told you what I am planning on buying yet… but you will see soon! Carmax has the car I am planning on buying for my wife. I’m headed to Carmax in Burbank California. Its about a 20-30 minute drive from where I live…. This Carmax location is really big!! and I hope the car they have will work for me (my wife)! This car is not very clean at all!!! There are scratches and chips all around the car… and inside smells like dog and a lot of dog hair too…. and also a pretty strong smell of weed in there!!! LOL I left Carmax…. The salesman Ernie was a really nice guy! Unfortunately the car wasn’t very nice… It was scratched up… and it really smelled like a dog inside!! I must have some connection to dogs or someone is telling me to get a dog soon!! lol but there was a lot of hair and strong smells inside that car! I don’t think that Audi Allroad will work for my wife…. But I like Carmax’s approach… no negotiation required.. the price is the price on the car…. Their pricing isn’t ridiculously cheap… but they isn’t really very expensive either…. I think they price their vehicles pretty fairly for retail… for the average car buyer you can come here and buy with confidence… you can get an extended warranty for the car… and you can even buy the car, drive it for 3 days and return it if you don’t like it!!!! That is very American indeed!! lol Glendale is a city next door to Burbank. and there is a terrific Chinese dumpling restaurant in Glendale…. I’m pretty hungry right now… the Kid and I go to eat dumplings together sometimes…. The Kid’s not here so I guess I’ll have to eat some extra dumplings on his behalf!! The last time the Kid and I went to eat there they were out of dumplings!!! I hope that isn’t the case today!! No matter what, they have great Chinese food so I’m heading to Glendale!! and while I am eating maybe I’ll do some more car searching for another Audi Allroad. Oh no… this parking garage feels really small for my Raptor!! Look up! I didn’t realize how big this truck feels inside this garage!! Looks t how close it is up top!! I ate like a pig!!! and I still got a lot to take home with me! This place is soooo good! I love these Chinese vegetables too!! I think this is garlic kale… it is so tasty! This restaurant (Din Tai Fung) is best known for its dumplings (ShoRonPo japanese pronunciation) and Chinese Manju (sweet buns) are delicious!! I’m taking some home with me too! what a great lunch that was! I really love Din Tai Fung. I am so stuffed! and I am now ready for a nap too!! lol I will come here again soon… but next time with more people…. the more people the better for food like this so you can try lots of different things!!! it really is delicious stuff! But I need to find a car for my wife fast! The Mazda lease is up and she wont have a car soon!!! I hope I find something good soon!!

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  1. Wish you a lots of success in your studies and lots of girls of course kid!!!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France

  2. Good thing you avoided a Carmax purchase. Every single vehicle they sell is "serviced" with cheap chinese parts, this is why they sell so cheaply. They have questionable quality oil, brake pads AND rotors, brake fluid, trans fluid as well as cheap batteries. The only Toyota I've ever had any problems with came from Carmax, and the knock-off AC compressor, steering rack, front-left strut, the ECU and the entire engine had to be replaced all before 73k miles due to improper oil/parts used. Of course Carmax footed the bill on that one. I would strongly advise you avoid Carmax to avoid any nightmares!

  3. ママ(?)がグラサン越しに見切れてるね。

  4. Steve, you should take your wife's car to carmax as well. Most people don't realize you CAN sell a leased vehicle just like a financed or paid for vehicle. A leased vehicle has a "payoff" just like a financed vehicle and you can most of the time, make a profit off of it by selling it private or to a place like Car Max. Just an FYI.

  5. 奥さんにちょうど良い車を見つけたと思ったら、またまたまさかの犬の毛とマリ○ァナの匂いが…さすがアメリカ(笑) Just when I thought I found the perfect car for my wife, it just had to have tons of dog hair AND smell like weed too!! LOL

  6. スティーブさん(^_^)
    Thank youスティーブ

  7. 今から42年前はアメ車に憧れました。コルベットスティングレーを見た衝撃は忘れません。カマロ、トランザム、昔のアメ車は夢があった。

  8. Another great positive video full of culture and content! Thank you Steve and Kid 👍
    We are close to launching our series about a classic Mopar muscle car we saved you should sub Steve so you see it! 👇🇨🇦

  9. あっちゃんが出ている動画いろんなことがあって面白かった!

  10. ディンタイフォンの台北本店は半分以上の客が日本人だったりするくらい
    日本人が好きなお店ですねw 自分は海老のピリ辛水餃子が好きです👍

  11. おはようございます(*ˊ˘ˋ*)。♪:*°


  12. 中古車。限定かは、わかりませんが


  13. Is it a system that American used car dealers should clean themselves? 😅 This is Japan Even in a rag used car shop where I bought Miravan, the inside of the car was cleaned cleanly. 😙

  14. スティーブのトラックは結構車高を上げてあるんだね。余計なことだけど、あまり車高を上げ過ぎるとプロペラシャフトのスパイダージョイントに負担が掛かって、故障の元になる場合もあると思うね。老婆心ながら。

  15. 息子さんがアトランタへ帰った後の、スティーブさんの寂しい表情が。サングラスをかけていてもよく分かりました。

  16. あっちゃん大学頑張ってd('∀'*)
    奥様の車をまだ決まってないのならHonda Fit3 hybridに試乗してみてはいかがでしょうか?


  17. Education is basis for a growing society, an educated society cannot be manipulated. Fun is secondary or tertiary. It is true and undeniable that in a new car you’ll be losing money the second you take it out the dealership with the deal, so we as citizens got to play the game smart and let the time test things and see if the product came out strong built and buy it after 4 or 5 years when all the flaws and mistakes are known, so we can get the most reliable deal. We need to remember buying a car is an passive not an active so we loose in all the years with it, in some cases is more or less.

  18. Gonna miss the kid definitely. Good luck and god bless. Stay focused on your goals in life and keep grinding. As for Din Tai Fung, 👍👍👍it's from here, Singapore! And yes, they do great "Xiao long bao" Their fried rice with pork chop is great too! 😋😋😋😃👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  19. 僕はスデイーブさんアメリカ車僕は日本のバス電車です僕は名古屋駅市バスターミナル方向幕回転新守山駅方向幕回転見てくださいお願いします

  20. いつも楽しく拝見してます。親子同じ趣味って良いですね。寂しいでしょうけど前向きに行きましょう。飲茶俺も食べたい(笑)

  21. Its been awesome to have the kid in the last few videos Steve! Thanks for all the great content you pump out, Its amazing that you can make such quality content while having a 'real' job too!

  22. I bet its gonna be strange doing these on your own now the kid has gone. Wishing him all the best and good luck
    J would have thought if there selling cars they should at least orep them making shoure there clean. To me that's not a good service at all.

  23. お疲れ様です、小籠包美味しそうでしたね、自分も小腹がすいたのでインスタントラーメン今から作って食べます、奥さんの車早く見つかるといいですね、BMW、ボルボ、アウディ、フォルクスワーゲン❓❓次回UP楽しみに待ってます。(=^・^=)

  24. Yea! My boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Steve! Keep it up my man! The most humbled YTer. Such a nice guy that is so down to earth. Good content, very pure and from the heart.

  25. もうメーカー系ディーラーで買ったほうがいいんじゃないのか?

  26. Hey Kid, glad you had a good father and son summer. Your dad is such a nice guy. Those words of encouragement he gave you in the car, was sometimes a loving caring father says. Hope you enjoy your Fall. Hope to see you both together soon. Like your dad said. Stay positive, stay away from the drama.

  27. 確かに中古は安く買えて!いじりやすいよね^^気を使わないって感じかな^^スティーブは息子が大好きなんだね^^自分も家族大好きだよ^^アメリカも小籠包とか美味しいとこあるんだね^^

  28. カリフォルニアは医療・趣向用共にマリファナは合法です。

  29. たまたまyoutubeのおすすめに出てきたので拝見しました。

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