that is the face of AMAZEBALLS! and you
know what I am quite old I’m almost 40 believe it or not. I did just almost walk
through the other door into the toilets, OOPS! hola buenas tardes and welcome back to
San Luis Potosi today is Domingo and there’s 60s and 70s music in the
background what could be going on? I’m at a classic car show! Right so as you can
see once again it’s a lovely sunny day the weather in San Luis Potosi is
literally spot-on, beautiful, there isn’t a cloud in the sky it’s amazing and you
know what let’s start off by just saying I love cars all right if there’s one
thing you should know about me is that I love cars and you might have seen in
other videos I never ride a bike or a motorbike that’s because I can’t I’m
hopeless with balance but I am the best car driver on the planet and it’s something I
really miss and you know what I am quite old I’m almost 40
believe it or not well in four years three years now so I remember some of
these cars you know there’s old Renault’s and Fords and VW beetles, oh my god I love
the VW beetles there’s so many you know it reminds me of when I was in TAXCO with the taxis
that are the VW beetles it’s beautiful there’s Mustangs there’s Fords
you name it let’s take a look around and avoid the copyright music in the
background (50’s MUSIC) this is an Opel Rekord it looks
bizarrely similar to the Ford Cortina my dad used to have in the 80s yes I am
that old get over it but it was brown opel/vauxhall in Europe I used to have a
Vauxhall Corsa and a Vauxhall Vectra – car geek sorry! look at this man
Plymouth it’s so shiny and silver almost I don’t want to touch it, beautiful,
I’d love to drive one of these cars look at the interior oh my God look at the
interior this is cool I love cars they’re so good
this car show is in plaza de los fundadores Doris is quite central as well as all
the cars there’s also little stalls everywhere where you can buy
toy cars which literally makes my head explode because I had so many
little toy cars when I was a kid I don’t know where those cars are maybe my mum
can let me know in the comments! oh my god I thought that was a real baby is it
real baby now it’s a doll thank Christ! this is so much fun there’s the
Ghostbusters car the DeLorean Back to the Future Batmobile
oh my god this is like a car lovers orgasm and the Mystery Machine
from Scooby Doo and little figures as well how cool
Velma! look it’s the original box for the car from ghostbusters I’m having a total
geek out right now look it’s slimer oh my god I used to have a marshmallow
man toy when I was a child I used to play with him in the bath okay enough cars for one day, that’s German! Not Spanish! I did on purpose
I need an apple juice, my favourite!Q and then we’re gonna
get on to what this video was actually meant to be about which is food, yes! I’ve headed north on the hunt for comida
mexicana now there is a popular dish signature dish in san luis potosí and it
is enchiladas potosinas, so excited I’m really hungry, I wanted to go to like a more authentic little place but I can’t be bothered to walk that far so I found somewhere that looks a bit mainstream restaurant Pueblito Mexicana, they do enchiladas potosinas for 79 pesos
it’s gonna be awesome let’s eat this place is really nice is
quite busy as you see typical Mexican food, ensaladas, entrada, sopas, I’m
not gonna do that I think we’re gonna go straight to the enchiladas potosinas
that one, enchiladas huastecas, it is a different variety I believe
Cecina is dried meat we’re not gonna have that, enchiladas potosinas is
the one, it does say 89 pesos look at that beautiful, all right what
world am i living in when I have decent lighting in a food place? Look at this, it’s beautiful, you get like a massive plate thing, guacamole, frijoles This looks beautiful, it looks a bit too much, and you might think they look a bit like empanadas but apparently the difference is, it’s a different type of flour that is used also the flour is basically like infused with chilli, and apparently this came from when it was first created in the early 1900s it was an accident, so this guy was making something with flour and there were particles of chilli in the thing he was making them in, so it became this, enchiladas potosinas let’s see what they’re like, they’ve got cheese on top, these look amazing that is the face of AMAZEBALLS.
It’s got cheese inside so I’m assuming you can get different varieties. This is heaven…ooh frijoles! I don’t really like guacamole.
now whoever suggested this to me which is literally everyone thank you very
much because this is beautiful, salsa, wonderful that’s really nice
let’s put on top of the enchiladas, OMG to the max
this is heaven which is what I always say when I do a few videos, I need to
think of other words. I might need someone to carry me out of here You can really taste the chilli in the enchilada,
beautiful Frijoles, queso, this is probably enough for two people, but
when has that ever stopped me? wowsers that was beautiful I did say at
the beginning before I went in there that it did feel slightly mainstream that might
just be my opinion I could be wrong but I’m sure there’s plenty of other places
in San Luis Potosi where you can have proper authentic Enchiladas Potosinas if
you know of any why don’t you let me know in the comments down below that
will help other viewer, thank you very much
wonderful and another thing you can never know about in the comments is I’m
thinking of doing a video like a compilation video of maybe 10 best
authentic Mexican foods you can eat in Mexico let me know and the reason for
that is the reason thinking might be good idea is because when before I came
to Mexico and there I was a stupid naive dumbass foreigner I didn’t know there
was a difference between tex-mex and Mexican food
really that’s the truth I thought burritos were Mexican how thick am i and
you know what the chances are if you’re watching this and you haven’t been to
Mexico before perhaps you might think the same, you probably don’t,
I’m probably stupid but you know it might be a good idea to do that
so yeah watch out that soon possibly and without waffling on too much about food
I could do that forever by the way especially in Mexico you know there’s so
much variety in Mexico in terms of food and just come into another area like
this where you have another signature dish in another area of Mexico you know
it’s not just about tacos obviously they are amazing but you know go to someone
like Puebla, Mole poblano, Yucatan Panuchos and Salbutes, I’ feel like such a food
connoisseur in Mexico now it’s amazing that’s probably one of the best things
I’ve got out of Mexico is the experience with food so
that is the ultimate thing you must do when you come to Mexico forget burritos
in you know Taco Bell that is the ultimate sin do not go to Taco Bell
proper Mexican food right we’ve been to a car show we’ve eaten enchiladas potosinas it’s time to go to a market we haven’t that for a
while this market is quite close to the place that I ate food it’s Miguel
Hidalgo Mercado, Mercado Miguel Hidalgo good that’s right
it’s gonna have look inside I did just don’t – walk through the other door into
the toilets oops I’m hot now it is Sunday about five o’clock
so everyone’s closing up but there are some places open there’s like meat
places fish places flowers guy on the bike back there and toupee spring get
some food so there are places he can get enchiladas Potosinas this could be an
alternative for you if you’re looking for that kind of food for example
believe also that place behind me not the shutters that they’re 50 pesos for
the thing of enchiladas that is like maybe ten of them in there I probably should have
counted and that’s really cheap you know considering I paid eighty nine
of eight that’s awesome only no one message of this video along with the
food message is the fact that I’m really into markets now in Mexico since I went
to the one in Napoles the tianguis you know what I mean the moving
market and yeah you can just get things cheaper more affordable and also better
quality in my experience mana be the same everywhere but you know on the
whole markets are the place to go especially for living in Mexico for a
long period like me and you know maybe you are one with a budget a
month-to-month beautiful you’ve got clothes down there back to the usual
malarkey that you get in and these markets but it’s not like Tepito
that’s for sure right time to go home I must admit I’ve
been naughty I’ve been to Ciudado con el Perro l the best clothing
shop in Mexico for cheap-ass clothes I bought three t-shirts because this TV
shot I bought in 2017 Dallas Walmart storm-chasing I know
where I bought every single t-shirt I’ve got there’s time to get some new stuff
and say goodbye to the crappy old stuff so there’s one more video coming from
San Luis Potosi where I leased the city don’t panic there will be more and I’m
gonna go in with the tourist bus I think I’ve never done that before
stay tuned for that one if you want to see that don’t forget to subscribe as
always I’m sick of saying that I just come up with something new but then I’ll
be off to Real de Catorce, Ciudad Valles the waterfall pace
everywhere you’ve told me in the comments so when stay tuned I’ll catch
you later

About the Author: Michael Flood


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