💸 How I LIVE in a TOYOTA PRIUS – LIVE EASY: Sleeping in a Car Full Time

💸 How I LIVE in a TOYOTA PRIUS – LIVE EASY: Sleeping in a Car Full Time

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  1. In the back of my Toyota Tacoma with a 36 inch contractor camper shell watching a guy make a video about sleeping in a Prius thinking "mine feels roomy" xD haha

  2. I did a lot of car camping in the in the 2000s in a Prius. It was a great car there's more inside room than any other car that size I've ever been in.. you can leave the car on with satellite radio going on the top of a mountain and the engine only runs for about a minute every 20 minutes. People can laugh all they want but Prius is really a great car

  3. I am not sure how much solar you get but for the price of a lot of those high end coolers you can buy a small Compressor Fridge, which is the size of a cooler.

  4. so…..wind resistance. The rooftop container that he says he doesn't use must be killing gas mileage! I like the wind resistance friendly hitch trunk…..but I would seriously forget it was there and be bashing cars when backing up. Like the rear seat removal!! great idea-thanks! How bout them new actual mini fridges…. wish he would explain solar set up more. great video.

  5. I like the idea of perforated vinyls on the windows for privacy. Have you ever been pulled over by the cops? Can they really not see through it?

  6. why am i watching this? i live in a walk out basement apt in the country. i wonder if this is in my future. love your set up

  7. I think we are going to see more people living “conservatively” like this guy. I must say that this is the neatest, swankiest car/home that I’ve ever seen!

  8. I was immediately drawn to your electrical system. nice set up. well thought out but not overly ambitious. you know what you need and what you don't need.

  9. i used to have my car with the same system to block people seeing inside the car, but one day the policeman here in cancun mexico told me to take that away because they can not see inside my car

  10. How do you sleep in the heat? ive tried sleeping in my matrix somewhere in border of Georgia and Alabama in the middle of the summer and it just wasnt possible. Thanks!

  11. Extremely well done. I’ve been watching many similar builds, each has good ideas. Your pursuit of freedom is encouraging.

  12. Use to be economical to live in a van down by the river in 1993. Now in 2019 it's more economical to live in a Prius down at the Walmart

  13. Rent for a room or a apartment are so high now in Calif…think of your savings per night as you lay your head down and think of better ways to do this..A cargo Van or Van with back seats removed and futon in are best for single or understanding partner a soccer Mom Van is completely invisible just park after say 10 or 11 at night in a high use area such as apartment complex street parking and leave early do this for a year and put 10 to 20 grand in your pocket and keep it there from now on…add to it as you can after maybe getting a room…black curtain pinned up inside away from the factory tinted windows in back and all around back there make for better sleep and no one can see in…do not answer door for cops but tell creepers to go away or you will shoot them this is your Home gets you more rights with cops if they do get ya as it's your home not just your car..My first Van was a new 1972 Dodge Van I was in the Navy San Diego at that time and used it on weekends to visit friends away from base and to go surfing…67 VW deluxe 13 window walk thru Bus was next for 25 years now as of a year ago 200? Chevy Van was 2 grand or 1 or 2 months apartment rental…..

  14. Do you go to the laundromat to wash your clothes. The way you describe it . This sounds like you dry dirty clothes and wear them again.

  15. Nice video, well explained 🙂 I also have this life style and been doing this for almost 2 years, have a look at my video if you wish 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9DlUW9MIg8&t=296s

  16. Perf is great, but you should know that tint laws apply to perforated vinyl as much as classic tint. With tint, legal limits are described in terms of percentage of visible light transmission. With perf, it's about what percentage of the window surface is NOT covered with the vinyl. So if 75% of your window area is covered with vinyl (thus 25% is uncovered-e.g. the perforation areas), the law treats it exactly the same as a super dark 25% tint. Look it up.

  17. Questions. 1. What If you crash or the car gets totalled?! 2.what about when the car gets to old and "dies" out. What would you plan on doing?

  18. The only way you can really blend in and not have hassles is to have nothing on the outside of the car or front seats when sleeping.

  19. Thx.in the process but with a nissan xterra. Very informational video.also watched hotel Prius. Good stuff. Soon will downsize to a car. Thx again

  20. could u PLEASE tell me about the entire solar panel kit…..and maybe links to the kit thank you…also what do u do for work and when it gets real hot or real cold….great video and all the best

  21. i am so happy for you. my grandma owns a prius and this i’ve rode in it for several years, always noting how easy one could live in it. well, i’m living in my 2000 chevy cavalier with my boyfriend now, and i am missing the space and changeability of the prius so much. i’m going to take all the tips in this video and see what we can do with it. thank you for being the authentic you and sharing your knowledge with us.

  22. wonder about mpg loss? it would genius if hybrids let you run the AC overnight while parked.

    points if you can score a date after telling them you live in your car cause you technically took her home to bed on the first date.

  23. Has Prius ever considered fold flat passenger seat? Many cars have the feature now. Would really be valuable.

    Also, I've read that the Prius will run the AC overnight while parked (and off) for about a gallon of Gas? Is this true and how often does the engine turn on if fully charged?

  24. Thanks bud. I found this very helpful for some ideas that I am going to try and incorporate into my living in my car situation.

  25. If car companies were smart they would make a car that has seats that can fold out into a bed. Housing prices aren't gonna get any better

  26. Nicely done, man! I used to have a Prius, then a Ford Escape Hybrid. Now I'm getting a small Ford Transit Connect that I'll make into a simple camper, travel for 6 months (looks like the algorithms sent me here). At 6' 4" I didn't fit in the back of the other vehicles (plus my mountain bike) so I'll take a hit on efficiency but sleep well. And I too work in video production. Curious what mpg you get with the 2 cargo carriers? Happy Travels! (or are you back?)

  27. Better not to drink in your car in the UK. You would have to hide your keys somewhere outside the vehicle, because if you are over the limit and the ignition key is inside that's a 12 month ban and a huge fine. I know this it happened to me when I was parked up for the night.
    My thought on this video is being a midget has it's good side.

  28. What do you use for an address for registering the vehicle? What about mail and legal documents? Like if you were to get jury duty or a subpoena? These are some of the things I worry about. We have been considering living out of a camper and Jeep Cherokee. We have an 8-year old daughter and a couple big dogs so we can't go super minimalist yet but we would like to someday.

  29. For people who sleep in the trunk, be careful. It's a great idea, great utilization of space and you are using an area which is designed to carry heavy stuff so you aren't damaging any components of your car. But listen up, you are essentially sleeping with half you body in a crumple zone, do be sure you're sleeping with your trunk/rear in a safe direction or area away from traffic. The best is when you have a third row SUV and take out the third town seats.

  30. a prius is a great sleeper, i tell people how much i love a prius! but it goes right over their head! they say “o that car everyone make fun of?” ha! you think that buddy! but a prius will put your gas guzzling, money hording, piece of junk in the trash… so i laugh at you cause you nothing about it’s reliability! i feel sorry that society has a stigma on these cars for all the wrong reasons… just because it doesn’t look like a race car, or run like one it’s considered worthless really? talk about some idiocracy here… they can go 400,000 plus miles if you take care of them and they say “won’t you have to replace the battery?” well no shit but i’m only going to pay $800 dollars to fix a few bad cells not pay for a entire battery… so it’s definitely worth it!

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