😈 I Was Hired By An Old Lady, Here’s What Happened

Hi, I’m David and I’m 20. I’m a college student who gets in trouble all the time. Have you ever got caught in self-delusions? This is what my story’s about. That day I was roaming around a park and saw an ad. It said, people wanted for a simple job, promising huge money. You should know abut my situation. I come from a poor family and I needed money. I was also into skateboarding, and I rented out a skate for a video with trick, an expensive one. And I broke it. So I really needed money ASAP or I was done for. I got home, had dinner with my parents and hesitated for a long time before calling that number. I’m not a kid and I realized that no one’s going to pay money for nothing. On the other hand, I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. And it would took me a couple of months to earn this amount at a regular job. I’d be done in for by then. So I called. My heart stopped when I waited. Then the phone was picked up on the other side. The voice probably belonged to an elderly lady. We agreed that I were to come to her place on Tommy street and she’d tell me what the job was about. Next day I was there by 6 pm. The mansion was huge, beautiful and expensive. The owner was waiting for me on the doorstep. Her name was Sophie and she seemed nice enough for a rich old lady with dubious intentions. She poured me a cup of tea with cinnamon and served cakes and jam. I felt relaxed and told her about my money problems and the broken skateboard. She nodded compassionately. They she finally told me why I was hired. She took me to a room with a ton of boxes. Said that was stuff needed to open a bakery store across the street. But why would she pay me jost to haul boxes? I wasn’t about to by this. THere were hints right away. Sophie would always be close, as if to make sure I didn’t drop anything. She said I should take my shirt off, because it’s too hot. Then she said I have cute cheeks and I caved. I said I needed to go home. Sophie answered that she’d be waiting for me tomorrow. Yeah, right. LIke I’d be goina back. I had a sleepless night that night. I had this image in my head, of an older woman, luring in young boys through ads. Undressing them, tying themn to bed and doing things to them. It ran in my head in circles. Ew. But then it was morning and the money in my hands that Sophie gave me yesterday was about one third of what I owed for the broken skate. You just have to know how much guys love their skates. It went on for a few days. I went to Sophie’s ate the most delicious cupcakes and hauled boxes, while she watched, got the big bucks and went home. I lied to my parents that I mowed lawns, because Sophie asked me not to disclose what I was doing for her. Confidential information, so to say. Sometimes I would even strike a seductive pose when moving the boxes, and Sophie was sure to tip me. One day I realized that I’d taken it too far. Suddenly one box fell and opened. I saw toys. Not the children’s kind. And a costume, you know, the one they wear in adult movies. I stood still. And I suddenly imagines Sophie wearing… this. I heard steps behind, and turned around to see Sophie. My heart was jumping out of my chest! What would you do in my place? Run? Scream? Faint? Sophie noticed the opened box and I think she got red in the face. She said I was mistunderstanding it all. She wanted to open an adult shop in our little town. She said that some people have trouble getting pleasure from life and an adult shop is a way to help them. Besides, it would help raise the money needed to maintain the house. She payed me extra for privacy so that I didn’t tell anyone before time. Whoa, I thought, she’s a blast! And then I felt relieved. I found it in me to smile and promised that I’d help with the move, like I’d said. I finished closer to midnight. Sophie stuck a hundred dollar bill in my hand and asked to come tomorrow if she needed help. The day after she served me her cakes again and I finally wasn’t nervous about her smiling sweetly at me. I had already payed for the broken skate and I was now ashamed for thinking badly of her. In a week Sophie opened up her adult shop and asked me if I wanted to do random work in it. My friends joked at this. BUt I think they were just jealous. I wasn’t about to get mad at them and joked with them. But once, when we were all having drinks, one of my pals said that the old hag that keeps the adult shop muse be sex-crazed. I don’t even remember hitting him in the face! Our friends pulled us apart. This dude is not my friend anymore and the rest of them realized that it was okay to make fun of my work, but totally not okay to joke about Sophie. She’s a good woman, making honest living. And she’s my friend. I’d never let anyone laugh at her. Please like my story if you want youtube to show it to more people. We release new stories all the time, so do subscribe and hit the bell button to know when there’s a new video out. Have a great day – and may it bring you new friends!

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