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Hello welcome to our dealership Um I know that you’re looking at some cars correct So do you have anything specific in mind? Mm-Hmm um I have some brochures for you to look at So you can pick a few and make maybe we can test drive some okay? So how about we look at… Lexus line? Now we’re looking for more of an Suv One More Sedan So we have this model Right here Just yeah, beautiful Very Sporty Sedan you might enjoy it, it could be a lot of fun Mm-Hmm Yes, we have a more luxurious LS Trim as well. That’s one Can see the Green line? the distinctive Grille They’ve created a more Much more aggressive grille this time So you could enjoy it too – I feel like lexus, okay? Hmm… I have some Jeep packaged in as well. We can take a look at that too – Jeeps are quite interesting cars Okay, maybe later How about Audi A very luxurious type of car And specially if you looking for Sedans We have freaking start with A3 And move on to A5 and so forth Okay, you would like to do that separately someday I see So nobody for now sounds perfectly fine How about Lincoln? I have two types especially sedan We have this beautiful all-new 2017 sedan something like that, maybe Yes, this [stain] [terrier] too – if you want to take a look at, you can see clean lines beige interior What do you think? Not that one, okay? let’s see… I also have cadillac they mostly have them in cards like so So you will start with this one CT6 2016 model and the back is the interior okay how about CTS Still No okay… ATS?? And the other ones are suv so number four cadillac. That’s fine ah You know what I actually do have one also I have the CLA 250 models in Mercedes What do you think? Sounds interesting okay? Is it to have one in the lot here actually? If you would like to take a look at it. Have a test drive I’ll be more than happy to help you okay Alright very good. So let me go grab the keys, and we’ll go take a look at that car okay … follow me please Let me introduce to you this white Mercedes CLA 250 model with a sport plus package option As you can see this car has a very aerodynamic stance starting with body lines and starting up front with a diamond block grille and We have an iConic Mercedes Banz Three-pointed star symbol that is permanently to be displayed in the center of the grill And moving to the headlights we have the wise annum, Led headlights and helped deliver great visibility And also have a very distinctive presence the Sports plus package option has flowing curves beautiful body lines that create a very aerodynamic design creates ground-hugging effect and we have a five spoke 18-inch alloy Wheels That aggressively grip the road The interior of this car is beige color does I can tell These power adjustable seats are crafted with supple hand fitted leather with very detailed stitching all throughout the seats very nice craftsmanship in headrest we have Analyzed for ambient light I’ll show you that feature in just a minute and The Seats themselves are quite robust But very comfortable? they hug your curves in all the right places and Give you a wonderful back support but perhaps The most favorite feature of mine is this expensive panoramic sunroof it gives you the most gorgeous views of the nature if you like traveling in nature as Well as city buildings if you like downtown areas As well as give you a very nice view of starry nights like tonight So I’m pretty sure are you going to enjoy this car quite a lot And if we know, lets pay a close attention to the dash, okay lets come. Our Dash starts through this curved top And a more straight line to the passenger side We have this panel of polished aluminum, and different aluminum accents We have our adjustable vents here as well You can just point whichever way Here we have our steering wheel fully wrapped in leather with perforated sides horn in the middle surrounded by polished aluminum again And an iConic, Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star in the middle Here we have controllers For your audio Voice control and for your personal settings after Behind the wheel, we have speed shifters For your sports mode your groves control here your headlights turners and wipers And here we have your automatic transmission shifter On the door we have your power seat adjustments with a memory Mirror adjustments And your window openers Behind the wheel we have two gauges one for your speed and your gas the other ones for your RPMS And in the middle we have personal driver Just playing Here we have our Multimedia Center within the 8 inch screen That’s controlled [by] this controller here on the bottom And we have your settings for navigation, your audio, phone Video and your system as well as some other adjustments for these catagories Lower we have another adjustment area With your settings for radio, your discs, navigation, your volume And your radio memory settings as well And those are your heated seats and your climate control right here Now since we don’t have a transmission here anymore, we get more space for your extra cup holder, so atleast two cup holders in More storage under your elbow so up here, we We have your lights, controllers As well as you roof controllers as well And of course your mirror here. so now, let me show you some settings for ambient light It’s quite a wonderful feature the circle Right here, it gives you of your romantic Setting so let me turn you around so you can see it a little bit of distance And then we’re going to take you for test drive where you can enjoy Being in the car Hopefully that’s been interesting for you, so far As you can see this car has a beautiful ambient light Comes in five levels, so this is five Now four Now three Now two one and off It gives it an incredibly romantic Atmosphere Must I say. and let me just show you that you get it in all handles As well as your handlebar right here it’s in the back um Pad rests seats here As well as one, under the mirror right here That illuminates um your console your dash here So now how about you relax, and I’ll take you for a ride, okay, all right. Oh okay, ready ready Let’s a goooooooooooooo

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