🤯3-3! PSG vs MAN UTD🤯 Ole’s at the Wheel chant! (Champions League Parody Song Highlights 1-3)

It’s the final minute… If Rashford scores, United will complete the most unlikely comeback since PSG bottled it last time! GOAL! Ole’s at the weel! Tell me how good does it feel? We knocked out George Michael! …knobhead! VAR! Marcus Rashford he’s Manc born and bred! The greatest of English football… We’ve won it all! Do Do Do Do Do Do it! Kehrer… epic fail! Buffon… Epic fail! Kimpembe… epic fail! I knew you wouldn’t fail! Ole’s at the wheel… Tell me how good does it feel? He’s binned Sanchez… Played Pogba… Even Fred! What’s that supposed to mean? Marcus Rashford… I’m Manc born and bred… The best sub in English football… The job is yours… Do it! My precious!

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