1 KILL = $20,000 NEW CAR FOR 15 YEAR OLD KID ON FORTNITE: Battle Royale

1 KILL = $20,000 NEW CAR FOR 15 YEAR OLD KID ON FORTNITE: Battle Royale

1 kill=10,000 vbucks I gave my little brother 10,000 vbucks I have my brother a new car fortnite battle royale Three weeks last uh blow was on March 26 Things have got to change I Have to change I can only apologize. They’re just not uploading. There is obviously a problem somewhere here boy I just need I don’t know what it is I’m uploading every single day of my fault night channel by the way so you can check that out in the description Every day without fail because I just goddamn loved it, but today I think I figured our video that is good, and I like and I’m ready to upload it I’m just gonna be straight to the point as well cuz this video is gonna be long and we hit 15,000 goddamn likes in this video we’re gonna do something like this again with fortnight, but bigger Channel we just hit a hundred thousand subscribers Jesus my boy dies. You know it’s big. It’s taking over the entire planet Today I’ve come up with something spicy There’s a lot of videos Where people are getting awarded stuff for getting kills and find out and YouTube right now, and that’s cool at all But I wanted to take it up a level what what’s next. I don’t want to give cash. I don’t wanna give blowjob So I bought now. I give somebody a car then he looks at my bank account And then I wanted to die so cars expensive. I’m not mr. Beast I can’t do that why I’ve come up with another solution Ben is our victim today Aka my little brother just for this video. You know so I can put it in the title if that’s cool with you guys Please hey Lisa bonus I’ve managed to get a hold of a card that seems very Realistic first someone’s first car an Audi a wants a nice old car it’s got four wheels and an engine it goes It’s decent Now the whole idea of this video is you know been just recently did this driving test so it makes sense for me to give Him a car. I’m gonna tell Ben that the video is sponsored so he thinks hmm. Maybe there’s a chance I’m gonna get something good. He’s not gonna know until I drive that car out at the end That’s why he’s playing for and then I’m just gonna have to come out and just be like Ben I’m sorry man, but it’s a rental the idea Is he just got to get more kills for me in a game at four a night, and he gets his prize I’m gonna land it till it’s ours Get like a small amount of kills and and die you know so he so he can definitely be he’s gone good at the game now so I know he’s not gonna have any trouble beating and I think There’s everything people stated make sure you stay to the end of the video because this is this is gonna be a banger I’ve been excited to do this video brother brother clip Johnny Seeing on YouTube like lots of for entire videos And they keep banging because like they say my little brother wins for I game and stuff so crazy No no I yeah, I know, but that’s why its clickbait But the people don’t mind because it’s you know but basically for us Right yeah, if if we put a good title yeah, it’s true Exactly the noise if Logan Paul can do it. Don’t why can’t we don’t know what no one’s gonna do it? No one’s gonna know. They’re gonna know. We’re like no one’s gonna know that you’re not my little brother I’m joined by my great and younger brother oh Boy okay, I’ll be safe spoken to you guys in the intro, and they know what’s going on They know what the prize is you you’ve got no clip the rules are simple you’ve gotta beat me in a single game or for a night what I mean by that is I’m gonna play a game and we All know you boys pretty damn good And then you’re gonna play a game if you can get more kills than me pretty damn good at being bad Turn oh if you can get more kills than me then you’ll get your prize If you don’t I get to text 10 different people in your phone and give you 10 Extremely hard slaps by others like your lovey baby. I give my gift is take this video sponsored so Yeah, it’s been sponsored. I’m not gonna get you this gift by my own money. I’m like Yeah, let me guess this one’s about quit Yeah, what I’m my only chance of getting nine kills you want. Yeah, you know. I’ll go in town. I’ll go there I’ll go there Bertie. You know that no I’m not your life. I’m like seven eight years away from 30 40 bodies implanted Y’all got two kills already boy. Oh, I can hear them fighting I hear them fine Silly boy imagi get it’s like you’re worried out any 30 people have died in this game And you’ve got free of them already. Well. What can I say boy? Well? I mean silly tiles like anything could happen. Oh my god Someone just dropped a shot a shot on me Where sigan there is oh wait why maybe telling you Russian Russian Russian I’m telling you. It’s your left. Oh wait one night. Why does why? Are you helping me Ben? I don’t know I’ve had Four kills are you taking the piss oh? Snap y’all is done. Oh wow no No Lauren I did I was like that oh, no you were bad. Oh, you know okay? Oh, that’s all right sighs. That’s it’s not great I changed awful, but that that is an easy opportunity for you to be Ah I’m gonna make how much to be retail alright, hon. Hey sir what we said I wasn’t saying anything I was just saying this is gonna be a hard place to drop actually you’ve got bad I don’t know what to talk about why you only got four to be I’ve actually made me incredibly Pills isn’t that easy especially like first time okay right not bad. That’s cool You don’t understand like I have improved quite a lot. Yeah, no Particularly if you have that I remember like played the view and stream Uh-huh everyone used to call me bad, but now that’s there things have changed Yeah, boy nice that’s nice You know i’m coppin i’m coppin. That’s also got me oh Nice. Oh your kid huh? I like this. I’m on your team by the way. I want you to do this wait to show me Your ability Chico time take the tack over too heavy if that pump to the heavy the the switch isn’t fast enough Yeah, I know you may not know Amy. I want that quick switch into penetrate Bank Oh Ted over the side yeah, I’m getting older all right Where is he where is he okay? Okay? When she likes him I just took on subtractor side well. Yeah, boy this guy’s still in the please wait outside He said I see on my sevens him oh Nice that’s nice All the scar as well start middle school not PG focal sky Wow Watch me win this game oh, oh oh oh oh still Phil Phil Phil, right? This Lovely three kills you only got two months ago. You’ve actually done. It easy. Oh my god, sim Is one shot here’s what you know she wants your truck wait, I’m scared I’m scared I miss you got a high Russian Z Is very nice shoe to me Oh my god, wait There’s another guy isn’t everybody is on dusty. I think transient Oh wait. I see myself as him Wow there’s no no that vision oh yeah, Josh. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m gonna oh My god he’s what he’s one shot Oh, he’s got to be white just $20 I like that boy Five kills oh Yes, are there? Yes, all right Donnelly why you can get over and kill the guy and just eat. Oh nice oh That’s him. That’s him sign him inside. Oh, I see myself Oh wait oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, no always don’t I saw him oh My god I can go right now. We got this guy’s Probably Oh no although that’s going for you poni AP sees you oh, no no like this Oh my god, you saw spinnies ASAP oh Boy Sorry, are you talking pigs alright, so I’m closing time right now. You can’t okay? don’t forget that guy with sniper is still in it I Think Surely Although someone else it oh it’s not the guy But how is this another go get her? Oh that was a different guy. Oh that guy that was Oh? Oh? No Where where is the I call this out – Yes filled over nice nice So Is nice those my skills Wow I’m enjoying this This is a good site when I watched Pokemon the film was a child. It was emotional He’s fighting someone else think If you did not build that wall, then you had him watching oh good good I got Nice nice Hey, yeah, that’s it well played oh Boy, oh my God, he’s got you got a Nice god Damn I like this mean you integers now mm-hmm No would it be fair on anybody, so good thing is about me being here with you. Got got extra eyes also It’s almost unfair because we both nation you know boy listen. I’m bossy Particular one I know what to do I’m ready to share money for When he died no way my oh my guy he’s got like ten health He is so almost dead. Oh, I think you just think somebody. I was just killed Batman killed Wait Oh wait, let’s do this. Oh my god, bro. Filthy you see that head filthy. I like that I Was a nine so it’s actually nice your actual fire exact he’s that left left Singular base he’s got vitamins Easy Wow Creepy, I don’t understand like how these guys make it to the end of the game is you just like you knew how to build? Like it’s one by one base, but what is he doing there? Why why did that guy not build don’t understand too bad. You got 10 kills without him else I see I think where I see something building on that building over there on the right that huh? Oh, yeah, no. He’s a he’s a UH He’s such a Russian yep, you’ve gotta have height. Thanks Trevor oh My God Oh, oh, oh my Oh My god, how’s he not dead? This is crazy. This is crazy You’ve gotten Braille. He doesn’t know what he’s doing you’ve got he’s rustled. He’s out. He’s done get a high ground get RPG on him Well that was some place I was actually playing a game right there, it’s one guy left out in the open Damn boy dropping those 11 kills like that. He hasn’t got a base, and I’ll do this guy’s mo Sorry bad cuz he’s out of Santa Bush. Oh has a tree. Oh Bro You’re right. You’re actually you’re actually really good. You actually spice things up That was that was a saucy might think that that I was like one of my best ever gameplays, then the surprise is coming It’s literally around the corner. No. I don’t get what you’ve done when you see it. It’s all gonna make perfect sense I haven’t bought it myself because it’s not a win Wow well yes CPM It’s down there. Yeah, obviously. I’m not papers myself because I wouldn’t like I like you I wouldn’t get you this you stay right there you guys stay right here I don’t trust good, but I don’t trust it okay, but I don’t trust him I feel like I’m about to get an egg on my a bit excited cuz he said it was sponsored so like I mean it that means it could be expensive, but At the same time it’s my god I sweat. No you’re probably gonna be like oh, here’s your surprise you can have a drive-in at Audi How have you gotten out It’s not a brand new one, but it’s my bracelet Leo’s Brandon look at it basically is for me for you. How da one Suite is a whistle It’s a perfect first car Looking you’re gonna be a young church rolling around all the ladies gonna be looking at your lights that been Maurice He’s gonna be like damn right. It’s been Morris I Am oh just something speechless I didn’t get it like it is really mine Where are the keys show me I want oh, I feel like you’re pranking me. You know. I genuinely feel like you’re pranking me through For real for real it’s not brand new well. No I mean my it’s you know brand new in for you spending Really yeah really, thank you very much. No, I remember you said did you driving test few months cars like you know what? Let me treat this guy like my passing and the opportunity you failed it Face a failed business, but you can still drive in a couple of models Yes yes Thanks Ben Morris that is your car for the next 3-4 hours It’s a rental I Know like those good me part of me was like arcade like Like he’s rented it he has how she got it Then I’m like the other often like away sponsored like there’s a chance like you get a lot of use from this okay? Okay, why would I even give you a car like? I just don’t like you Know you know have a license make oh Hi, Ben. Thank you for taking part in this video. You’ve been great. You’ve been lovely. You don’t look great. Love you very lots You’re not okay lots to delegate says no

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