10 Awesome Truck Bed Campers for Your Outdoor Adventures

10 Awesome Truck Bed Campers for Your Outdoor Adventures

– [Narrator] If you love
camping, but don’t like the creepy-crawlies sneaking
into your tent at night, then we may have a solution for you. This is Reacher with Mind’s Eye Design, and here are 10 awesome
truck bed campers for you to check out. (whooshing effect) (upbeat music) Number 10. This first entry on the list
has everything you need for for a trip of any length. It’s mounted on a patented
auto-alignment rail system attached directly to the
chassis of the truck. The body is composed of
molded fiberglass with a rear-area pop-top. It measures almost 12 feet
long and a little over six feet wide, with an overall
height of just under six feet. The weight can vary from 1200
to 1500 pounds, depending on the options you choose,
which makes it ideal for full-sized pick-up trucks. Standard components
include a queen-sized bed, a one and a 1/2 cubic-foot fridge, a dual-burner propane cook-top, a stainless steel sink, and
a dinette area with a folding table. On board you’ll also find a 22
gallon tank for fresh water, and a 2.6 gallon water heater. Power comes from a 12 volt
90 amp battery, as well as a 200 watt solar panel
mounted to the roof. Processing is dependent
on the model options and can be found by
contacting the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number nine. The size and weight of this
camper makes it the perfect match for a 1/2 ton to 3/4
ton pick-up truck with a five to six-foot bed. It measures in at 15 and
a 1/2 feet in length and seven feet in width, with a
dry weight of 1700 pounds. The aluminum frame construction
houses a living area with a sink and dual-burner cook-top, a microwave, a full
bathroom with a shower, and bench seating that can
be converted to an extra bed if needed. The three-foot, two-inch
high cab over-area includes a closet, a queen-sized
bed, space for a TV, and a three cubic foot refrigerator. It may seem odd to have
the fridge in the cab over, but it increases the living space, so high-fives to the
designers on that one. The systems monitor panel
is mounted to the wall for control of the electrical and heating. Pricing is dependent on
the included options, and can be found by
contacting the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number eight. This company has been
building truck campers since the early 1950s, with
a goal to provide all the comforts of home. They’re still around
after almost 70 years, so I’d say they’ve achieved it. They hold a patent for the
only hard-sided telescopic truck camper. The entire top of the camper
can raise and lower as needed to provide a safer,
low-profile driving experience, yet still allow extra
living space and protection from the elements due to
the solid wall design. The eight and 1/2 foot
length and six-foot ceiling offers plenty of head room,
with a living area that includes a three-burner stove, a sink, a two and 1/2 cubic foot fridge,
a hideaway cassette toilet, a dining area, and a
queen-sized bed in the cab-over. Pricing starts at around $30,000. (upbeat music) Number seven. This short-bed pop-up is made
for 3/4 ton pick-up trucks. It’s composed of a
laminated fiberglass roof, with a box that has aluminum sidewalls. The closed hide is four and 1/2 feet, but when the roof is raised, it
increases the standing height to a little over six feet. The usable floor space
runs eight and 1/2 feet in length and seven feet in width. The cab-over area includes
a full-sized mattress which raises to allow storage underneath. The galley area includes a
two-burner stove and sink, a fridge, cafe-style seating
for two with a removable table, and a bathroom area
with a toilet and sink. It also includes a 32
gallon tank with fresh water and a 12 gallon tank for gray water. A four gallon water heater
provides necessary warmth for the external shower. Power is provided by a 12
volt deep-cycle battery, which powers the LED lighting
and any electrical devices via the 110 volt outlets and USB ports. Pricing starts at $17,200. (upbeat music) Number six. This pop-up may not provide
all the features of a full-sized camper, but it
does provide everything you’ll need for an outdoor excursion. At just over six feet wide
and almost 13 feet long, it’s perfect for small
pick-up trucks with a five to six-foot bed. The construction is an aluminum
frame with aluminum siding. It’s only four and 1/2 feet
high with an eight-inch high cab-over when the roof is lowered. When it’s raised, the
total height of the camper increases to six feet,
four inches of head room. There are three floor
plans to choose from, which offer optional seating arrangements. Standard features include
a dual-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a
1.7 foot cubic refrigerator, a three-piece removable dining
table, and a furnace for heating. There’s also room to sleep
up to three people using the queen-size bed in the cab-over
and the couch-bed conversion. The base model price on
this one starts at $18,000. (subtle upbeat music) Hey, everyone! Don’t forget to subscribe
below and click on that bell icon to keep up with all the latest videos from Mind’s Eye Design. Number five. This unique design is made
for flatbed trucks instead of the conventional pick-up truck. This allows for the owner
to use their truck for work, as well as recreation,
with the ability to attach the camper in under five minutes. It’s built from a honeycomb
composite panel system. The aluminum furniture and
enclosures are custom-made and powder-coded in-house. The living area is six and
1/2 feet high and features a full wet bath, a galley
area with a dual-burner stove and sink, a mini-fridge and
bench seating with a fold-up table. There’s room to sleep
up to four people using convertible bunk beds as
well as the cab-over area. The camper comes in three
lengths, ranging from 10 to 12 feet. It’s recommended to use a one
to two ton truck for these, as the dry weight varies
from 2600 pounds up to 3500 pounds, depending
on the configuration. Pricing depends on model
options and can be found by contacting the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number four. First things first. This
camper is a monster. It sits nine feet, two inches high, 20 feet, four inches in
length, eight feet in width, and it has a dry weight
of almost 4200 pounds. You won’t be hauling this
beast on anything smaller than a one ton dually. Two slide-out sections
increase the living space, which includes a dinette
area with bench seating, a couch, a full-size
fridge with a freezer, a three-burner range with an oven, a sink, a pantry, and a
furnace with ducted heating. The cab-over area has a
queen-sized bed, a stereo system, and a closet with mirrored doors. The camper offers sleeping
space for up to six people using the dinette conversion beds, as well as the cab-over bed. There’s also a dry bath
that has a toilet, sink, and a private stand-up shower area. Fresh water is stored in a 42 gallon tank, with a gray water tank
that can hold 35 gallons. Pricing is dependent on
the included options and can be found by contacting
the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number three. This camper is the first
in the company’s line of truck conversions. It sits on a 12 foot wheel base,
with an upgraded suspension wheels, and tires, which
allows you to get in or out of just about any off road challenge. Features include a galley
area with a diesel stove, a microwave with a convection pizza-oven, a sink and a fridge with a freezer. The dinette area has cafe-style
seating for four people with a removable table. There’s room for sleeping two
people using the twin-size cab-over bed and the dinette seating, which converts to a second twin bed. Ducted heating along
with multiple windows and 10-speed ceiling fan
provide temperature control. There’s also an exterior
shower for longer trips. Power is provided by four
deep-cycle AGM batteries that are powered by rooftop solar panels. Each of these campers is designed
to customer specifications with pricing available
from the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number two. This camper was launched in
2016 to offer an innovative product to a larger
part of the recreational vehicle buying population. The aluminum body has an
overall length of 17 feet, four inches, and a width
of eight feet, two inches. The interior height is
six and a half feet, which allows more than
enough head room for the average person. The floor area includes a
dinette table with bench seating, a wet bath with a toilet,
a five cubic foot fridge, a dual-burner cook-top, a
microwave, a stainless steel sink, and a wardrobe area. The three and a half foot
cab-over area has a raised queen bed and a swing-out TV cabinet. There’s also additional storage
above and beside the bed. The heated floors, air
conditioner, central heating and electrical systems are
managed from an internal digital control panel. And like most others on this list, the pricing is dependent
on the configuration and can be found by
contacting the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number one. This camper is being
touted as the world’s most light-weight and
aerodynamic pop-up camper. Considering the maximum dry
weight is under 150 pounds, I can say they’ve definitely
nailed it on that first part. It comes in two models. One made of carbon fiber,
and one made of a fiber that has composite, which weight
under 100 pounds and 150 pounds respectively. It’s made to set-up and
break-down in seconds. It offers over six feet in
standing room when raised. The tent material is
waterproof with built-in storage and zippered windows. The extendable loft holds a
mattress which can sleep up to two people comfortably. Both versions are pre-wired
for solar to provide power to the charging ports and ventilation fan. Pricing is $10,300 for
the fiberglass version and $14,000 for the carbon fiber model. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below
what you found to be the most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell
notification next to the subscribe button to stay
up-to-date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching.
I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat rock music)

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