10 BEST Electric Cars 2019

10 BEST Electric Cars 2019

Pininfarina Batista
the Pininfarina Batista is a Mahindra owned electric hyper car which is
reputed to be even speedier than a Formula one racer this vehicle lives up
to its fearsome reputation with 1,900 horsepower and 2300 Newton meters of
torque with zero emissions which propels the Bautista to speeds of 100 km/h in
less than two seconds the Batista is also capable of covering
more than 450 kilometers on one charge with its custom 120 kilowatt lithium-ion
battery pack the body of this car is made from a carbon-fiber Monaco with the
batteries house behind the occupants and along the sides in a tea format and it’s
electrical architecture was designed in collaboration with Rimac Rivia and SUV
the Rivi and SUV combines luxury with functionality for the ultimate driving
experience this 7 seater vehicle comes with 105 135 and 180 kilowatt hour
battery packs each with different ranges the largest of these has been shown to
be capable of driving as far as 410 miles on a single charge all models are
capable of towing more than 7716 pounds reaching speeds of 0 to 60 miles per
hour in less than 3 seconds and have been shown to have excellent off-road
capabilities the price of this vehicle starts at 70 $2,500 bitin k by concept the bitin K by
concept is a chinese-made all electric sedan vehicle which comes packed with a
carload of capabilities this includes a range of 520 kilometers
a 95 kilowatt hour battery as well as a full suite of technologically advanced
systems for the tech junkies it features level 4 autonomy
one of the highest self-driving levels which every company wants to get in
addition to this it’s incredible infotainment systems have been shown to
be able to create a 3d visual and its lidar sensors then ready to be deployed
when its self-driving mode is activated howdy e-tron the Audi e-tron represents
the German company’s foray into the field of all-electric vehicles this car
should hit all the right spots in any fan of Audi vehicles as it comes with an
electric motor on each axle providing a total of 402 horsepower as well as a 95
kilowatt hour battery pack giving it a top speed of more than 124 miles per
hour this vehicle has been shown to go more than 180 miles on just one charge
and is available at prices starting from seventy four thousand eight hundred
dollars Fiat chant eventi the Fiat cinta venti
looks like the concept car that it was designed to be a product of the Italian
car manufacturer Fiat this vehicle received rave reviews at the 2019
edition of the Geneva Motor Show designed to be easily customizable this
vehicle features a wide selection of battery packs with a standard base model
of one battery providing 100 kilometers or 62 miles of range at a minimum as
well as a maximum range of 500 kilometers or 311 miles this vehicle can be upgraded to either
provide more space for passengers or showcase a display for conveying
messages to the outside world the Fiat gent of NT was designed to be
durable and safe with easy to replace bumpers made of memory foam and the
capability to only display the Fiat logo when on the move neoui s8 the Neo es8 is supported by Ratan Tata
owner of Tata Land Rover and Jaguar and has been shown to be more cost-effective
than most of its rivals in the market this vehicle has been shown to be able
to provide 500 kilometers of range at less than half the cost of Tesla Model X it’s exquisite design has front and rear
motors with all-wheel drive active air suspension on all trims and in all
aluminium body and chassis designed to help boost speed and improve fuel
efficiency the specifications of this model include over five meters in length
about two meters in width and stands tall over three meters it also comes
equipped with the latest technological capabilities such as the namie and
artificial intelligence which has functions ranging from adjusting the
in-car temperature to communicating with the driver and taking photos the
spacious interior can seat seven people and has been shown to be capable of
going from zero to 100 kilometers in less than 4.4 seconds and is available
for purchase and only 67,000 $783 like year 1 the light year 1 could be
the solution to the problems of environmental pollution and the
depletion of energy sources this electric vehicle has been shown to
possess more than 725 kilometers of range on its unique solar-powered design
reputed to be as much as 20% more efficient than traditional methods in
total the light year 1 is covered in more than 5 square meters of solar
panels which have been shown to charge the car’s battery with as much as 12
kilometers of range in an hour the light year one could also be charged like your
typical plug-in electric vehicle it also possesses four electric motors capable
of going from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds if you’re interested the
light year can be yours for the reservation price of $135,000 and you’d
better hurry because stock is limited Volkswagen ID buggy
the Volkswagen ID buggy represents a lifestyle of fun and thrill-seeking it
was particularly impressive at this year’s Geneva Motor Show showing off its
unique blend of retro yet contemporary designs with its sparse outline as well
as its lack of a grille and prominent headlamps raised on two pair of 18-inch
wheels this outgoing vehicle is powered by a 62 kilowatt hour battery pack
located under the floor which gives it a range of more than 250 kilometers with a
single charge drive Don AI as has been proven over the past couple
of decades any new Apple product is bound to be met with anticipation and
consumer demand it comes as no surprise therefore that rumors of Apple’s new
electric autonomous car codenamed project Titan has been met with a great
deal of enthusiasm the acquisition of the self-driving vehicle company drive
day I seems to point to the fact that Apple is thinking along these lines the
vehicles to be used in this venture have been described as custom-designed
versions of the Nissan nv200 and they have been stated to primarily operate
around popular attractions this should come as great news for both electric car
enthusiasts and ride sharers alike as the new cars come with large display
screens on the outside as well as AI capable of perception motion planning
decision-making all done with the help of its 10 cameras for lidar and a radar
system Chevrolet bolt with airless tire this
radical new invention is the product of a collaboration between General Motors
in Michelin the Chevrolet bolt with the airless tires could help save more than
200 million punctured car tires from the scrap heap annually consequently
reducing the damage to the environment made from a mixture of composite rubber
and resin imbedded fiberglass these tires have a carefully designed internal
architecture that enables them to withstand the pressures of high speeds
over a long term with little or no need for maintenance the use of these tires
are expected to be totally mainstream by the Year 2024 thanks for watching if you
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