10 Cheap Ways To Get A Fun 300HP Car

in the previous episode we talked about affordable examples of a 200-horsepower car today we carry on with higher performance models with this kind of power you are more likely to get either more cylinders or a proper turbo this is an eclectic list covering various brands numbers powertrain layouts with the selection of older and newer cars that I believe every one of you would choose at least one Nissan 350z the 350z should be the first one on your list the earliest models are today treatment result which makes them very affordable codenamed the z33 the previous disease succeeded the awesome and Benes z4 the two 300zx which is becoming a classic right now before the 350z does as well enjoy its fairly low price don’t forget to maintain it properly and check the oil dipstick regularly Oh [Music] Alfa Romeo 147 GTA please save the image sure comments mentioning the phrase Rome will drive the front-wheel drive layout is what makes this Alfa quite special incredible 3.2 liter v6 puts down decent power and even more respectable torque especially in the low and mid rev range it is a sensible idea to install a q2 limited slip differential for better handling but even without it it should be plenty of fun besides by it is a proto alpha it looks beautiful many Aiden Oh mercedes-benz to see for a free AMG launched into 1994 the w202 was actually the first three clutch generation succeeding the w201 190 model this car featured in line Falls five sixes v6s and also a v8 regarding the AMG variants first they introduced the c-4 the six AMG model with the v6 and later on in 1997 the C for a free mg was spawned as the first proper AMG assembled as they headquarters in a falter box [Music] [Music] mazdaspeed3 in europe the mazda3 mps is more like a sleeper and not very popular while its American equivalent the mazdaspeed3 sold overseas is the car has a turkey turbocharged inline-4 do it to which it may struggle to go straight other than some launched fires with the car it is very fast capable in the turns but watch out for the fuel economy it may be a little thirsty [Music] mitsubishi lancer evolution the evolution do you even need an explanation the lancer evolution is the discontinued model is now slowly rising in value especially the favorite eighth and ninth chains however the fourth fifth and sixth versions are relatively affordable right now even in decent condition as we know the Evo is a particular tunas car but stock examples can be found as well [Music] BMW one for the I yes I know all of you asked why not an m3 why bloody one for the I you said it yourself because everybody knows about the aim free and let’s give the one free I a chance in my opinion it is a good-looking hedge bag and as the model name suggests it has a six cylinder inside the naturally aspirated n52 unit has a little over 260 horsepower and a truly beautiful soundtrack [Music] [Music] Subaru Impreza WRX STI if you purchase an extra guy you will have an awesome time every time you turn the key not only that it sounds great especially with the free foaming exhaust you will enjoy your time on straight in terms cantar max gravel or even snow unlike the evil the SPI continues with the new gen due to 2019 or 2020 regarding the older affordable gems you are free to choose between the mean I bagged I blow pie or maybe even Hawkeye the last free being the same generation Porsche Boxter s I admit that the 986 Boxster wasn’t and still isn’t the most beautiful sports car ever built despite that there must be people who actually like it besides it is a Porsche it has a 6-cylinder boxer engine and it is really heavy if you plan on buying one I recommend you avoid the automatic gearbox variant that one is heavier and slower you won’t enjoy the car as much as he could with the manual [Music] [Music] they’re Korea more order sharing the platform with the Ford Crown Victoria the Mercury Marauder was meant to be a high-performance Grand Marquis it received the upgraded brakes and suspension from the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor the 4.6 litre powerplant was taken over from the Cobra making 80 more horsepower than the Grand Marquis other than that there was also a standard limited slip differential and a more better looking body [Music] [Music] Renault Megane RS 265 this is the second generation of the Reynolds / McGann based on the third gen body the first gen like the RS for information mainly at this time but also today it is a very capable front-wheel drive car which can destroy many rear-wheel drive cars but we are not here to destroy anything we are here to have fun behind the steering wheel and that’s what you can expect in the RS in my opinion it has one of the best if not the best sounding turbo in life or amongst its competitors Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music]

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