10 Electric Vans That Redefine Performance 2018

10 Electric Vans That Redefine Performance 2018

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  1. It’s a damn shame that all these vehicles are somewhat geared to European style city densities. I live and work in the suburbs an hour north of Los Angeles transporting passengers to their medical appointments. The payload capacities are right on the money, but the range isn’t. To be viable in the transport sector, these vehicles need ranges of at least 200 miles and a top speed of at least 80 mph, which is 5 over the legal speed limit in Mohave, California. Assuming drivers won’t speed and therefore artificially limiting top speed just means more people will be late getting everywhere, and that is a hell of economic burden that consumers will not want to shoulder.

  2. Nice video – I didn't know about all of these. It's "Peugeot" BTW, not "Puegot". (Pronounced approximately "purr-jo", rather than "poo-jo"). Still waiting for a useful range van as I want to use it as a camper. Only the Buzz is aiming for more than the 'daily delivery' market so far.

  3. It seems like 10 was the longest range. I appreciate the info you collected but it seems like the most valueble were closer to 10 and most useless were closer to 1. If your gonna make a top 10 list for CLICK BAIT at least leave us feeling like you tried to order them in some logical way.

  4. Three Diesel vans for the price of one electric, range for electric 120km, Diesel 600km doesn’t take much to decide at the moment. It would be nice for you to challenge the manufacturers about price & range rather than the nice smooth front end. The test you made was with an empty van will the range be the same when fully loaded?

  5. Yes I agree time will improve the range but we now have the 100kwh battery so Renault could easily install one. Compared to Tesla they have a long way to go before they can comparé how sérieuse they are about EV vehicles.

  6. Sir please develop China electric vans manufacturing plant in India. Sir India diesel prices are very high sir.

  7. I'd like an electric mini-van, a lot like a VW mini-van, that gets at least 300mile/charge. Like the VW (gasoline), it doesn't need to be fast, if using a smaller motor would increase mileage. I would prefer that it be big enough to carry a sheet of plywood, inside (at least with the back door ajar), and that it seat at least 7. I would prefer that it be very simple and not use too much plastic, and it should be made to last at least 20 years. Furthermore, it should definitely be on the cheap side. When VW made its New Beetle, it overlooked perhaps the most important aspect of the old beetle… it forgot to make it CHEAP, like it's predecessor was. That always does GOBS to make a product more successful.

    MAYBE the new VW eVan will do that, but given that company's criminal tendencies, I'm not holding my breath. It's too bad it keeps pushing its release date farther into the future.

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