10 Largest SUV Cars with up to 9 Passenger Seats (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

10 Largest SUV Cars with up to 9 Passenger Seats (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

Welcome to Automotive Territory Daily News! Humongous, immense, enormous, gargantuan,
massive and huuuge, these are just a couple of adjectives that could be used to describe
full-size SUVs that will be featured in this video. So if you are a fan of luxury yachts on wheels
or have just always dreamt about a car that you could fit your entire house in stick around
for a little longer. We will show you the best full-size sport
utility vehicles on the market today. Before we begin, do not forget to like and
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. My father owned the ford expedition.It was quiet a old model.like 2008 or something,my father now sold the car bec the light on the sun shield on the passenger seat would not turn off.Now my father own a Cadilac SRX crossover,I pretty much like it.It probably costs 56,000$-58,000$ and I pretty much like it

  2. Did you see the pictures of the Toyota Venus Williams was driving when she got hit?, like a tank, the other car was wiped out,

  3. When the price comes to the level over US$70,000 for USV, I think this kind of space is just normal for customers , not deserved to proud of its size. However if the car price around US$30000-50000 with same space or close to this size, that will be great 👍

  4. TOYOTA Land Cruiser is in Philippines and i am English speaking in the Philippines and I live in the Philippines and I don't have that car

  5. Cadillac Escalade
    Lincoln anavigator
    Toyota Land cruiser
    and Ford Expedition
    are the best and tuff competitors in each others

  6. I love the new Lincoln Navigator, the Ford Expedition, the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Toyota Sequoia, the Infiniti QX80, and the Nissan Armada. My dad is looking into getting the new Armada cuz it's HUGE!

  7. Why is it that, particularly with the Japanese rubbish – the more expensive versions are far more ugly than the cheaper version that they are based on. Look at the Lexus vs Landcruiser and the Infiniti vs Datsun Patrol – the top shelf models look like they have been visited by Mr Ssssssangyong and his ugly stick. Personally, I wouldn't buy ANY of the Toyota or Nissan products – there are plenty out there that leave them behind. Give me a Land Rover or a Range Rover before this Japanese crap any day of the week. If I need anything bigger or more powerful than that – GMC or maybe Ford.

  8. Good God! Why do they have to make you mute the absolutely horrible music? Keep the volume even! Maddening.

  9. ป๋าเท่าที่หนูดูภาพรวมคลิปนี้ใช้เปิดตัวได้เลยเพราะรถแต่ละรุ่นแต่ละยี่ห้อสวยๆๆทั่งนั่นภายในอย่างหรูม้าก…หนูชอบคลิปวิดีโอรวมแบบนนี้..หลากหลายดีคร้า

  10. Nissan over Land cruiser any day. First it’s TVs in the back seats. Then it’s cheaper. It looks better

  11. Stupid ass video. The Expedition, Navigator, nor the Escalade have a 9th passenger seat available.

  12. I think Infiniti QX80 its worth buying, that 5.6 V8 will never let you down. The interior looks stunning for a Japanese car 😉

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