10 Rugged Expedition Vehicles Dominating the Wild Frontier in 2020

10 Rugged Expedition Vehicles Dominating the Wild Frontier in 2020

Expedition vehicles are bigger, tougher, and
much different than the old station wagon dad used to drive on your family vacations. I’m Reacher. For those true wanderers who
are looking to get out of the paved roads, here are 10 extreme expedition vehicles to
help conquer the wild frontier! Number Ten Oregon based Outside Van converts vans into
both on and off-road campers. This version of their Bivy model was custom
built for Armada skis with an intended use in the colder climates. Built on a Mercedes Sprinter 144 High Roof,
it doesn’t have all the amenities of a camper, but it more than makes up for that in other
areas. Having a cargo area with a standing height
of just over 6 1/2 feet and a length of 13 feet means there’s plenty of room for all
your gear and a few tasty beverages. The rear of the van is set-up with ski racks,
storage bins, and removable, flip-down bunk beds. Even with all that, the floor space still
has plenty of room to fit a full-size snowmobile. The company is willing to customize these
vans to an almost unlimited degree so feel free to let your imagination run wild! Number Nine The first 4×4 motor home that Action Mobil
built on a Mercedes AROCS chassis was the Atacama 5000 HD. It utilizes a lifting-roof which allows the
vehicle to have a shorter length overall as well as foregoing a third axle. This feature, along with the 134 square foot
living area, provides the ability to put a two-story layout in what would typically fit
only one. The main floor has an enclosed shower next
to the bathroom while across from this is a full kitchen that includes an induction
cooker, oven, and a 9.4 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer. Moving to the rear and up a few steps, you’ll
find the dinette which converts to an extra sleeper if needed. Next to this is a small spiral staircase that
leads up to the loft bedroom. Electrical needs are provided by a 540 amp
hour battery and an 1100-watt solar array. Another added feature is the hydraulic lift
on the rear of the vehicle which can hold a motorbike. Number Eight This next entry has a cab over body built
on a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4×4 chassis measuring 24 1/2 feet long, 7 1/2 feet wide, and 11
1/2 feet high. Although this one employs an extended cab
design, it still manages to have more than enough room for everything. A U-shaped dinette spanning the full width
is located in the rear. Beside this, along one wall, is a centrally
located kitchen area having a flush-mounted sink and triple burner cooker as well as a
small fridge/freezer. Across from this is the bathroom which has
an enclosed stand-up shower. The main sleeping area, which has a queen-size
mattress, is housed in the cab over. Underneath the dinette is a garage area that
can be accessed from either side. Inside you’ll find space to put two bicycles
and plenty of extra storage area. Up top is a series of six 100-watt solar panels
working in tandem with two 160 amp hour batteries. Before you start packing your gear, be sure
and let me know in the comments which of these you’d use for your next excursion. Number Seven This one came about because the owner of California
based Nitro Gear & Axle needed something that could serve as both a living space and a tow
vehicle. He stumbled upon a 2004 F450 Xplorer Xcursion
and modified it into what you see here. For starters, he switched the rear from a
dual to a single wheel set-up, added a lift kit, and threw on some 42-inch tires. Next, the engine was swapped out to a twin-turbo
6.7-liter diesel as well as some changes to the gearbox. After a few more modifications to the undercarriage
and body, the end result was a behemoth that weighed 17,000 pounds fully loaded and still
managed to pull almost 14 miles per gallon. Access to the cab is located under the main
bed in the cab over. A centrally located kitchen sits directly
behind this next to the side entrance. Across from this is the dinette with a second
bed situated in the rear. There’s also a bathroom with an enclosed stand-up
shower in there as well. As of 2017 this one was for sale. I don’t know its current status but if it’s
still available, I highly suggest someone buy it so we can be best friends. Number Six Earthroamer is widely known for their heavily
modified luxurious expedition vehicles, but back in 2007 they took a shot at modifying
a Jeep Unlimited into the XV-JP. They did this by adding a fiberglass composite
body which allowed them to convert the rear cabin into a living space. Features included a collapsible shower unit
and couch, along with a small sink and mini-fridge. The pop-top increases the height to nine feet
as well as housing a queen-size sleeper. Unfortunately, production ceased in 2011 so
the only way to snag one is on the secondary market. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Five The Safari Extreme is the first of two from
Global Expedition Vehicles that we’ll be talking about. Although it’s fully customizable with several
chassis options, the standard cabin offers a usable space around 115 square feet with
a standing height of just over 6 1/2 feet. The layout has a queen-size bed in the back
in an east to west configuration. Forward of that is the kitchen which has slide-out
fridge/freezer drawers, a flush-mounted sink, an induction cooktop, and a microwave up above. A small dinette sits opposite this having
a fantastic superpower that allows it to convert to an extra sleeper while a surprisingly spacious
wet bath rounds out the mix. Other features include plenty of exterior
storage, large skylights and windows, and three 200-watt solar panels up top feeding
power to an 810 amp hour battery array. Number Four The Commander 4×4 from SLRV Expedition is
one of those vehicles that begs you to take it out into the wilderness. Way, way out! Under the hood is a twin-turbo 6-cylinder
putting out 290 horsepower to a 12-speed transmission. Considering the maximum allowable weight is
around 28,600 pounds, it seems like the perfect choice. It’s no slouch in the size department either
boasting an overall length of 27 feet, a width of 8 feet, and a height of 12 1/2 feet. It offers five fully customizable floorplans
having either a fixed bed or a bed over the U-shaped dinette that raises and lower electrically. Features of the kitchen include an induction
cooktop, a flush-mounted sink, oven, and microwave along with almost 10 cubic feet of refrigerator
and freezer space. The bathroom spans the width of the cabin,
having a fully-enclosed stand-up shower, vanity, and toilet. Electricity is no problem either as this thing
has six 150-watt solar panels feeding a 720 amp hour battery system that powers the entire
rig and all its utilities. Number Three The Dakar 825 by Bocklet utilizes the same
chassis as the previous entry, a MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 sporting a 6-cylinder turbodiesel offering
290 horsepower with a displacement of 6871cc. And when it comes to customization, this one
takes the cake having more options than I could talk about in one video. But like all others, there is a standard floorplan
so I’ll tell you about that instead. Starting in the rear, you’ll find a queen-size
bed in an east to west configuration. In front of this is a U-shaped dinette spanning
the width of the trailer. The kitchen features a flush-mounted sink,
a triple burner cooktop, oven, and a 5.7 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer. Opposite and forward is the bathroom with
an enclosed stand-up shower, vanity, and toilet. Another bed is located in the front, also
configured east to west. Beside this is a panel offering cab to cabin
access. A small garage, accessible from both sides
externally, is located underneath the rear bed having enough room for a small scooter
or bicycles. Number Two This second entry from Global Expedition Vehicles
is called the Pangea Lifting Roof, which is the most self-explanatory name of any on this
list. The interior has a living space roughly 120
square feet with a raised roof height of 10 feet. The lowest level has an enclosed wet bath
opposite the entrance door. Next to this is the kitchen which has a stainless
steel sink, a dual-burner cooktop, microwave, and a 9.7 cubic foot 2-drawer fridge/freezer. Going up a few steps you’ll find a U-shaped
dinette with seating for way too many people that converts to a queen-size bed. Finishing the climb up the small, spiral staircase
brings you to a loft area which also has a queen-size bed. Electricity, for those not wanting to live
in the dark ages, is provided by three 200-watt solar panels charging an 810 amp hour battery
array. Number One The Torsus Praetorian…that title alone would
earn it the top spot on my list because I’m kinda, easily distracted by the cool stuff
sometimes. Not only does it have the coolest name but
it’s unique in that it’s the only entry on here that isn’t a camper. It’s a bus. A straight up 4×4 bus. But it’s nothing close to the yellow one that
took you to school every day. The 28-foot long rig sits just over 12 feet
high having a 6.9 liter, 6-cylinder diesel engine producing 240 horsepower. It’s no surprise that it’s electronically
limited to a top speed of 72 miles per hour when you consider the size of it all. It has room to seat up to 35 people as well
as space room above for baggage. The maximum allowable weight is just under
30,000 pounds, which is more than ideal as the company offers customized models for use
in commercial and industrial fields. The company even drew up a 3D rendering of
a camper version for those interested in what it may look like. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
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  1. Torsus is really good and practical vehicle, maybe most of the vehicles in the list can be used as small restaurants on tourist spots to avoid paying high rent and ease of mobility, dine on the move is the motto of our restaurant on wheels please only don't spill or puke what you ate.

  2. The Torsus Praetorian is a 4×4 off-road bus. The bus is manufactured by Torsus, a Ukrainian company and subsidiary of Pulsar Expo. Wiki

  3. The Torsus Praetorian is a 4×4 off-road bus. The bus is manufactured by Torsus, a Ukrainian company and subsidiary of Pulsar Expo. Wiki

  4. there's nothing as Ford F-450 Explorer Excursion!!!!!! it's either an F-450 or Excursion & besides the Ford EXCURSION 4WD is an SUV not a pickup truck!!!!!!!!! But the F-450 4WD is a full size pickup truck!!!!!!!!!

  5. think for yourself do SUVs have dual rear tyres??? only pickup trucks & conventional trucks have dually!!!!!!!! then how can someone convert an SUV with dually to SRW???

  6. I would like the Torsus as a camper version…btw y'all mentioned that Reacher can't count and then said Glen was the narrator whasup?

  7. Putting anything on a Ford and calling it an off-road vehicle, they have open differentials and will get you seriously stuck. LOL!

    The SLRV looks awesome!

  8. I wish Ford would stop using the old looking steering wheel from the 99,2000 models to the new one like in a f-150.
    I know it's only certain models,but it's really outdated.
    The 550 is awesome otherwise.

  9. Expedition vehicle must have room for ATV or Snowmobile, so most of these are just campers and how do you dominate with vehicles that doesn't get made and cant be bought?

  10. The Buses are my favorite..turns out the Colorado 4×4 school and tour buses are built like tanks have great ground clearance which makes them great for conversion to expedition vehicles.

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  12. The vintage vehicle is a an old mobile distillery and was used to elude revenuers, g men, and the local sheriff! Very effective, It was always on the move! ??

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