10 Second 2012 Mustang GT Overview + Justin’s 2014 GT Gets New Parts – Hot Lap

On this episode of AmericanMuscle’s Hot Lap,
we hang out with AM customer Mike Zwick and his 2012 GT, and talk about breaking the all
motor record. The record is in the 10.70’s. I’m currently
running in the 10.90’s. Later we’ll show you guys what I’ve been up
to with my 2014 GT build. Of course, we have some awesome new products to talk about and
a few very cool giveaways. Stick around for AmericanMuscle’s Hot Lap. Hey, guys, Justin here and welcome to AmericanMuscle.com’s
Hot Lap, the place to find out what’s hot in the Mustang world, some happenings here
at AmericanMuscle, some cool project car builds along the way and some new products that you
guys might be interested in for your own ride. You’re probably wondering why am I standing
in the middle of a track. Well, over the last five years our AmericanMuscle Mustang Show
has just exploded into something crazy and something that we could have never imagined.
We’ve basically outgrown our previous location, so that what leads me here to Maple Grove
Raceway, the spot of our sixth annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show taking place August 16th. And
it’s sure to be our best one yet, guys. You do not want to miss this one. Making a repeat appearance again this year
at our show, our boy Vaughn Gittin, Jr. will be there along with his RTR rig, along with
a few of his cars and something very special that he’s only going to reveal at our show. Now, every year our show benefits a different
charity and this year is no different. A portion of the proceeds are going to be benefitting
the Special Olympics Foundation, which we’re very happy about. This year, guys, I’m really happy to say I’m
not doing this alone. I have a familiar face hanging out with me all day long. You guys
know him. Brett “Big Schwag” Wagner, Pass Time, Monster Garage, Sons of Anarchy, this
guy’s done it all. Dude, thanks so much for helping us out this year. Hey, man, you said, “Hey, Schwag, it’s getting
so big in the sixth year that we needed a little beef to bring down to help out.” We could not be happier to have you helping
us out. One of the things I’m really excited about
is we’re going to have a burn out contest. Who doesn’t love a good burn out contest? You said the “B” word. I think the biggest
thing of the show, Brett, this thing behind us. Can you believe we’re actually giving
the MMD car away, man? Almost 700 horse. Tell me about the car. Unbelievable, man. Air lift performance kit,
Vortech blower on it, like Schwag said, about 700 wheel horsepower. I can’t believe we’re
giving this thing away. You said you’re going to enter for the little lady? I’m going to have to. Since I can’t win it
I’m going to have the little fiancée go for it. All right, folks, it’s going down August
16th. I’d better see you here or else. That’s right, man. Right here at the beautiful
Maple Grove Raceway. Schwag, thank you so much. Come meet this guy, come check out all
the crazy Mustangs. Just click the link below if you want to join to us. Speaking of crazy Mustangs, we recently caught
up with the owner of a 2012 GT who is chasing down the all motor record. Let’s check it
out. Alright, so we’re out here in AM customer
Mike Zwick’s 2012 automatic Kona Blue GT. Now, Mike’s actually on the chase to beat
the unopened motor automatic all motor record, correct, sir? Correct. Stock cams, unopened block. Unopened block. So right now the car’s running
about in the 10.90’s, where the record is probably 10.75, 10.74, right around there? Correct. So you’re a couple of tenths away. But why
don’t you tell the guys at home how you got to where you are now? Like I said, unopened motor, stock cams, stock
oil pump gear. The car’s got right around 30,000 miles. It was a daily driver for the
first year and a half of ownership. Now it’s only on the weekends. Got a Cobra Jet manifold
and monoblade throttle body, five-inch cold air intake. We did a set of JBA long tube
headers with their H-pipes and we put a Ford pulse wheel on the motor to make the car spin
up higher. So that’s the pulse ring, right, correct?
Because otherwise the automatic, they have a hard code written into the software, right?
The car will just not rev any higher than, what, 7,500 or something? Yeah. Right now I’m on E85 gas while we’re
cruising around here. From the dyno, the car did 460 horsepower, about 399 pound-feet of
torque. We just couldn’t get it past a certain RPM but once we put that wheel on we were
able to go up to about 7,900 RPM. That’s where you want to be with those Cobra
Jets. You’re at 1090 roughly, you need to get that down a couple of tenths. What are
some of your plans of action to get it down? Well, right now the car’s about 3,400 pounds.
We did some lightening up. As you can see inside the interior we did rear door delete.
We got race seats in the car, aluminum drive shaft, removed the front sway bar with that
BMR kit and put some weld racing wheels on the car. So you want to get the car down to about 3,500
pounds with you in it, correct? Right. So I’m going to have to drop about
maybe 200 pounds out of the car. Right now the car has got stock K-member on the car
and stock suspension and shocks and struts so we’re going to do some aftermarket struts
and shocks and we’re going to do a tubular K-arm member. Okay, now tell the guys at home, because you
actually told me, you have some awesome mods coming up here on the menu, the first of which
is a very cool water pump that’s not exactly cheap. Yeah, we’re going to do a water pump on the
car. It’s a bolt on part on the exterior of the motor. It won’t go into the motor. So
we’re hoping to get maybe about 10 rear wheel horsepower out of that electric water pump. Now, with all the mods you have planned, Mike,
motor mods, weight reduction stuff, what are your goals for the car as far as ET? Like I said, we’re trying to get that 1070
ET record and then once I do that, or get real close to that, we’re going to go inside
the motor. We’re going to put some cams in it and do some head work. Well, that should be exciting. Now guys, we
are definitely going to follow Mike down to the track. When he decides to go for that
record, you’re going to want to see it, so subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t
done so already. Click the link below if you’re watching this on YouTube. If you’re catching
us on Facebook, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe while you’re there. Now, I actually saw Mike recently at a Dyno
Day local to us and he took me for a little blast in the car. He actually surprised me.
He had a trans brake on this thing. I didn’t know you had one on it. Launch it off me,
put me back in the seat. I felt this thing launch but why don’t we show these guys at
home how this this does on the street? You ready? Alright. Let’s see if we can hook it. Alright. That looked like fun, man! Mike, thanks so
much for bringing the car out today, brother. We really appreciate it. She sure is clean
and she sure does rip, man. Thanks, man. Well, guys, again, we’re going to head down
to MIR and watch Mike go for that record, so if you want to keep track of this you have
to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Click the link below if you are watching this on
YouTube. And if you’re catching this on our Facebook channel, then head over to our YouTube
channel, AmericanMuscle videos, and be sure to subscribe while you’re there. Mike, thanks again, dude. No problem. Hey, guys, so kicking off the new products
that are available this month in August, we have the C&L line of cold air intakes and
accessories. These products fit a wide range of Mustangs, anything from a Fox body, all
the way on up to the newer gen S197s. Everyone knows the C&L name. It’s been around
for a long time. You know you’re getting a good product that’ll give you good solid gains
either with or without the BAMA custom tune. If you guys remember, Justin actually put
one on his 2014 GT in stage one of his project build. Alright, so of course pairing your C&L cold
air intake with a BAMA custom tune will only give you greater gains. We saw this already
with our automatic 2011 GT where we threw on an 1114 C&L cold air intake. We had BAMA
come out, custom tune the car real quick and we picked up over 50 horsepower and 50 foot-pounds
of torque throughout the curve. We know you guys love contests and this month,
in August, we’ll be giving away a C&L cold air intake and a BAMA X4 tuner with a custom
tune to one of our YouTube subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, make sure you do
so by clicking the link below. If you are already, don’t worry about it, you’re automatically
entered to win. So make sure you guys sign up today to enter for your chance to win and
get some more power out of your ride. I had mentioned earlier that Justin had installed
a C&L on his 2014 in stage one of his build. Now Justin’s actually used two different C&L
products and you’re going to have to watch further to see what I’m talking about. Hey, guys. Justin here. As you can see, I
have my ’14 back in the shop. We’re doing a little bit more work on it today. Definitely
diving into the engine bay a little bit. Really excited to show you about all this stuff here.
We’re going to do a little bit of appearance stuff so I’ll kind of show you where that
GT 500 theme’s tying in too. Now, you always hear me tell you and guess
what I’m going to tell you one more time? Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t
done so already. You can see progress I’m making with my own car, in addition, some
of our own project cars here at the shop and some other fun vids. So let’s check this out. Alright, guys, some of you may have recognized
this bad boy. That’s right, I’m going with a Cobra Jet intake manifold. A lot of you
guys have been asking to see it on our YouTube page and I’ve been dying to do it. So here
it is, man. We’re going to throw this thing on my ’14, see how it does. Now, if you don’t know about this, it’s basically
you can expect a lot of top-end gains without any of the torque loss you’d see with a BOSS
manifold. It’s kind of a rare thing right now, not a whole lot of people are doing it
for a couple of different reasons, but you can’t deny the gains. Hopefully this thing
delivers. In conjunction with that, I’m throwing on
the Super Cobra Jet mono-blade throttle body, really let this thing breathe. It should be
a pretty awesome setup when we’re all said and done. Currently I’m about 375-ish with
just an intake, nothing too crazy. I’m hoping for around 420+ horsepower considering I’m
still on stock manifold, stock headers, so we are going to throw an off-road H-pipe on
this and see how it does. Now, we’re going to finish up here under the
hood, then we’re going to tackle the intake because we have to get a little custom there. Alright, guys, like I told you earlier, we
had to get a little custom with the cold air intake because as of now no major companies
have released a cold air for this setup. There’s a couple smaller shops that are hand-making
the intakes but, honestly, I just wanted to throw this thing on and get it going. Basically, here’s what we did. We grabbed
a 2010 C&L cold air intake for the three-valve cars because they still have that oval shaped
throttle body going on. We made some small modifications and here it is. It works. It
looks pretty good on there. Now we just have to see how this thing is going to perform. We are going to get underneath the car. Ryan
and I are going to throw on the off-road H-pipe from Pypes. To see what else I did with my car in this
video and what those dyno numbers are, just simply click on that link below to check out
the rest of the video over on our YouTube channel. Well, after months of speculation and months
of waiting, those 2015 horsepower numbers are finally in, guys, so let’s talk about
them a little bit. Starting with the 2.3 liter Eco Boost, this little thing is putting out
310 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque. Sounds like a whole lot of fun. We’ll have
forged connecting rods, forged pistons and that twin scroll turbo, so needless to say,
given a little help, a little massaging, this little motor can probably put down a lot more
power reliably. So we cannot wait to get our hands on one of these. V6 actually lost a little power this year,
going from 305 down to 300, while the torque remained the same at 280 pound-feet of torque.
Ford actually attributes this to the newly redesigned intake manifold that they had to
do for the newly redesigned hood, the lower hood line of the S550. But nevertheless, I
think the 3.7’s actually going to be starting to phase out a little bit. I think they’re
going to start moving towards that Eco Boost platform that they’ve adopted lately, and
I think it will actually take the place of the 3.7 down the road. But that’s just me.
We’ll have to wait and see on that. Last but not least, the Coyote motor, newly
redesigned for this year and the numbers are in: 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.
Now, that’s 15 more horsepower than last year and 10 more pound-feet of torque. Guys, I
know you might not be totally thrilled about this. I know I was hoping for a little bit
more personally, but regardless, it’s more so that’s good. There also is some very cool new things going
on inside the motor. Obviously new heads completely, new cam shafts, including more lift than the
previous BOSS 302 cams, and stiffer valve springs. So even though Dave Pericak himself
told me that this motor would not rev any higher from the factory . .. It’s not going to rev any higher as far as
the red line goes, but you are going to get more horsepower out of it and more torque. One can only imagine that given a tune, this
thing should have no problem revving higher and do so all day long. We also are seeing the Road Runner forged
connecting rods from the previous BOSS motor, but unfortunately, it does not get the BOSS
forged pistons, which isn’t the end of the world, and some other cool little things as
well. One thing I’m not terribly happy about is
this new integrated mani-cat Ford thing is calling it. Which basically means, they’ve
integrated a catalytic converter into the actual long tube header or the manifold part.
Gone are the days of just throwing on an off-road X-pipe or H-pipe like you could with the ’11
to ’14 GTs. Now you actually have to get rid of those factory manifolds, put on an aftermarket
set of long tubes to get rid of those cats. I know this might affect some people out there.
Obviously a lot of people like going with those off-road setups, myself included, so
it just takes a little bit more work here with the 2015. But nevertheless, we do want to hear what
you guys are thinking about all these changes, the horsepower numbers and, again, some of
the changes to the Coyote motor. Alright Mustang fans, I’m sure by now you’ve
heard the news of Dodge’s new Hellcat dethroning our beloved ’13 and ’14 Shelby GT 500 as the
highest production horsepower V8 in the world, coming in at a very impressive 707 horsepower.
Well, not so fast, fat cat. Apparently Ford has something very big up its sleeve. How
big you ask? Well, how about 750 horsepower big? Yeah, I know. I know it might be a little silly to talk
about this mythical SVT Mustang as of now, as it’s just a rumor, but come on, guys, that’s
what we do here. We want to know what you think about this thing. Drop us a comment
wherever you’re watching this and let us know. Recently we also caught some photos and videos
of the 2016 GT 350R ripping around the Nurburgring in Germany. Wow, guys, if you haven’t seen
this yet, you definitely have to check it out. Just click the link below. It’s way more
aggressive than the 2015 GT in my opinion in regards to the front end, has some big
gnarly carbon-ceramic brakes on it and a crazy exhaust node. So again, guys, just click on
the link below to head back to our blog if you haven’t seen this already. You will not
be disappointed. Okay, guys, so adding to the list of new products
that we have here at AmericanMuscle.com this month is this SR Performance short throw shifter.
Now, some of the highlights of this shifter include the aluminum C&C machined quality
construction. You can reuse your stock shift nozzle to shift if you’d like. This offers
a 40 percent reduction in the throw, which is pretty cool. You can bang some gears with
that. One of the other coolest features of the shifter
is you can adjust the height of it. Now this is an option that not all aftermarket short
throw shifters offer for three-valve Mustangs. This isn’t going to break the bank either. So you guys all know, last month we told you
about HRA wheels being added to AmericanMuscle.com’s website. This month I’m super excited to announce
that AmericanMuscle.com is expanding their premium wheel selection even further with
Vossen wheels. We’re going to be offering Vossen wheels in a bunch of different styles
and a bunch of different finishes. Right here in front of me, I have a CV3 wheel
in a machined matte silver finish. The CV3 wheels are also on the 2014 behind me in a
machined matte black finish. Right here in front of me I have a CV5 wheel in a matte
graphite finish. And finally, down here, we have a CV7 wheel in a silver polish finish. Now you’re definitely getting what you pay
for with these wheels. You get great quality wheels in a very unique style that you don’t
see in many other Mustang wheels. These are definitely baller status wheels. So if you
want to check out these wheels, the SR Performance shifter and the other new products in this
month’s video, click the link below. This is a great squat, good flow of motion.
I do my squats, do my burpees. Oh, look at that! I’m done. Sorry. Alright, guys, before we get out of here,
of course I do want to announce the winner from last month’s video where we did ask you
guys to get the closest to one of our 2015’s that we have on order in regard to color and
trim level. The winner for that contest is YouTube user Steve O’Donnell, who guessed
our 2015 competition orange GT. Congrats, man, and enjoy the $100 gift card here on
the site. Now, we are also giving away more parts. I
know you guys love that Steph has already thrown in a C&L and a tuner combo for you
guys. Well, I’m about to give away a full Cook’s long tube setup along with a mid pipe
to one owner of a ’96 to ’14 Mustang. All you have to do is simply click on that link
below and good luck. Alright, guys, that is officially going to
wrap us up for this month’s episode of AmericanMuscle’s Hot Lap. We really hope you enjoy where we’re
going with this new format. Of course if there’s something that we’re not doing that you’d
like to see, just drop us a comment wherever you’re watching this and we’ll definitely
try to get it done, whether it’s more car profiles, part installs, product comparisons,
the sky’s the limit. Again, guys, thanks for watching. I’m out
of here. You know what to do: for all things Mustang, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.com

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