10 Things To Carry In Your Vehicle | Essential Emergency Items For Your Car Truck or Motorcycle

10 Things To Carry In Your Vehicle | Essential Emergency Items For Your Car Truck or Motorcycle

Gentlemen, Antonio here. All right. Today’s video we’re going to
talk about ten things that I think every man should have in his vehicle whether you drive
a truck, drive a car, ride a motorcycle, you want to be prepared because when you’re
prepared, gentlemen you can deal with the unexpected. We can’t predict the future,
but what we can do is control how prepared we are for common situations out there.
I’ve been driving vehicles for over twenty years, I’ve owned multiple vehicles and
I’ve always made sure that my vehicles are as prepared as they can be. This has saved
me multiple times from being stranded on the side of the road to whenever, you know, I’ve
had it so my keys are locked in the vehicle to whenever I’ve hit a deer and to be able
to deal with that situation. Life is going to throw you a lot of curve balls, gentlemen
and some people appear to be lucky. Honestly, luck is equal to preparation meeting opportunity
and you can be lucky. So, take these items and guys if you’ve
got something to add, you know I love hearing from you down in the comments below, go – let
me know Antonio you missed this, you could have gotten into more detail here. In addition,
I’ve got a support article over at Real Men Real Style, I’m going to go beyond this
ten, I’m going to talk about a number of other items which would essential most everything
I’m going to talk about here I feel were the ten essentials. All right? Let’s get
into it. So, number one, have a spare key on your vehicle.
Now, this works out pretty easy for me, I’ve got an older truck about twenty years old
and I keep a spare key hidden on there. Yes, you’re going to run the issue of it’s
going to probably send your alarm off, however you can get in there to your keys. Having
kids in there in our minivan we have had a three-year old locked herself in the minivan.
My wife has locked herself out of the van. And, yes, I showed up with a spare key, the
alarm goes off, but that door opens we’re able to get in there, get the keys without
having to break the window. Find a way to get a spare key and hide it on your vehicle.
Also, it’s great to have another set at home especially with someone, you know, someone
that can turn the alarm on or off. Number two is get that spare tire and make
sure it’s not flat. So, I’ve bought used vehicles, it didn’t come with a spare and
we didn’t know that ‘til six months after almost to the point that I’m glad we checked
because we did actually need it. So, make sure that your spare is good to go that it
actually is there. Also, make sure you got the tools, make sure that you know how to
use the jack. Look, it’s better to look now when you’ve got light than at 2:00 in
the morning and day where do I – how do I even use this jack. You also want to make
sure that you’ve got the tools to be able to take that tire off. Oftentimes, what your
car comes with is just not going to be adequate or it’s going to be a lot harder, so make
sure you’ve got those tools. Number three, carry a good first aid kit.
You can buy one for $10 or you could put your own together. I worked with my son to put
together first aid kits. We’ve got two in our house and one in each vehicle. This comes
in handy all the time. Kids scrape, you know, one of my daughters scrapes herself, we have
princess band aids in our first aid kit, plus Neosporin and everything else. But, you know,
there’s also important to have a booklet in there so in case you do come across someone
who’s gone into shock, with my kids, you know, I’ve tried to give them some basic
first air training maybe it’s the Boy Scout the marine in me, but I’m always, you know,
trying to get them thinking about what are you going to do if you run into this situation.
But, a big part of it is having that first aid kit handy.
Number four jumper cables. If you don’t know what jumper cables are if you don’t
have them in your vehicle, stop now, go to the article, get some basic jumper cable.
It is incredibly important to have jumper cables. I use this all the time. And I live
in a part of the world where it gets deathly cold, so I not only have jumper cables, but
I’ve also got these jumping devices. This one made by JNC I probably used this twenty
times over the last five years to help other motorists stranded on the side of the road.
I helped my neighbor get her car started. Number five, have a bright jacket. I’ve
had this Helly Hansen in my truck for twenty years and, it’s a great jacket, I love it,
I don’t normally wear it though. I like a bright jacket because if I’m getting out
of my vehicle late at night, I can simply put this on, it will – so basically it’s
acting as a reflective vest. In addition, if it’s cold, hey, I’ve got this to keep
me warm and when my kids are cold, I’ve got this as an extra blanket. If somebody’s
in shock on the side of the road, I can use it as a blanket. There are so many uses for
a bright very warm jacket. Also, make sure it’s water resistant if you’re going to
be in snow and you’re going to have to walk half a mile to a gas station and a little
bit of a blizzard, you want something that’s going to block the wind and is going to keep
out any of the wetness. Number six, the tool kit. So, I have a multi-tool
in my glove compartment, I like the knife on it, but it also have a proper tool kit
in the back. I rarely ever use this toolkit. So, I went with one and just packaged it up.
This one made by Stanley, it works fine. Now, this one sits in my truck and I’ve got the
same exact one in my wife’s van. It’s there just in case we need to be able to get
under hood and make a small adjustment, if we hit a deer and you’ve got some, you know,
you literally you’ve got to, you know, remove parts out of, you know, the vehicle so that
you can keep driving, you know, that’s what a toolkit is there for.
[0:05:13] Number seven, water and food. Water much more
important. You cannot go very long just maybe a day and a half, two days without water.
With food, you can go a week, so you’re fine there. I do keep MREs in there, if my
kids if they say, oh, I’m really hungry I’m like, well, we’ve got the emergency
MRE. Nobody ever touches it, but at least it will sustain us in an emergency situation.
In my truck I keep about six of this, in our van I keep about eight to twelve. Now, you
need about a gallon per day, that’s what they recommend. I think you can get away with
about half a gallon per day in an emergency situation, but, you know, again, this is more
for emergencies. Number eight is the flashlight. I keep this
one by Maglite, I really like it. The batteries last long time. I do keep an extra set and
it – we use it quite a bit, if you’re not going to be using it, if you have a smaller
flashlight, then remove the batteries put them in a plastic bag. I also like this one,
I can use this as a hammer or a weapon if we’ve got maybe some type of animal that’s
outside the vehicle and won’t leave us or let us get outside the vehicle or maybe I
would just stay at the vehicle at that point. Number nine, I got an extra wallet. I do – with
this extra wallet, I’ve got about $25 in cash. I also have around $10 in change I keep
in the vehicle in the glove box. Also, I’ve got an expired license and a credit card just
in case, you know, I need to be able to show some form or ID. Most people don’t check
the dates and it’s, you know, the credit card I use it once every six months to make
sure it’s working not expired and I can use this if I really need to be able to buy
gas and forget my wallet. Finally, a map. I know a lot of you guys have
GPS and you say, Antonio, I don’t need a map. Well, there are places where you’re
not going to get a signal and where having a good map is going to be very useful.
Okay. So, what were the items I didn’t choose to include, again, I go into that more here
in the article. But, guys in that article I’m going to talk about, you know, there’s
tissues, I carry extra business cards, I’ve always got nice books so I can read and I
can double this book if I have to start a fire with a fire starting device. Duct tape,
sunglasses, a miniature grooming kit, you know, just in case it’s, you know, like
I got kids, we brush their teeth late at night when we’re coming home because they’re
always asleep in the vehicle. I’ve also got my songs from the Marine Corps for motivation
and, yes, that is a cassette tape. All right, guys, let me know what you think.
I would love to hear from you down in the comments. Go check out the article and I’ll
see you in the next video. Take care. [0:07:52] End of Audio

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  1. I would recommend getting some sockets rather than that tool kit, your not gonna need a tape measure and a level for too much care repair on the side of the road.

  2. You're not supposed to keep water in car unless it's in glass bottles! The chemicals from the plastic gets in the water, especially if it's summer. BIG NO NO!

  3. In France where I live, I must have in my car:
    – a HIGHT visibility jacket
    – an etylotest( mesure how much alcool you have in your blood)
    -A red triangle to put biheind the car to signal you had an accident. Very handy if you have an accident bihind a corner

  4. This will be a very stupid question but say you don't know where your at and can't figure it out, how do you find out where you are. Do you just have to remember the roads you where on previous.

  5. That is the worst toolkit I have ever seen for a car what are you trying to build a house? LOL

  6. The gender roles are stong with this one. I was hoping to learn more about specific tools to fix the engine if needed, I travel a lot so that would be helpful. Also they have products specifically for bears, and you might want to include things to get your car unstuck from snow, ice, mud or sand.

  7. Duct tape is good but how about bailing wire too. At least 1 hand gun + plenty of ammo and make sure you know all the rules & laws in all states (provinces) you will be traveling in. Inspect & maintain these kits monthly or bimonthly, at least, as some items will break down in extreme temperatures (cold or hot) after a short time. A good hunting knife, blanket (s) as well as a space blanket. Tire "plugger" repair kit (cheap to buy), enables you to repair most types of flat tire without removing tire (in about 10 minutes). Be sure to have a tire air pump to fill tire after repair is made. Please brainstorm with yourself & others to add to your list! Be prepared to help yourself & others in an emergency.

  8. Very informative video . Although I would recommend much more items in the my car such as a lint remover, perfume, a sword, gum, some alcohol , spare boxers , tissue , wipes, roller blades, extra mag, simple cell phone, extra phone charger, floss, motion sickness tabs and pain killers, deodorant, ear cleaners and much ..just some ideas

  9. A Tow Cable is very handy if your car breaks down so that other vehicles passing by can tow and pull your vehicle or even if you want to help some other vehicle.

  10. In italy some of these elements are required by law and must be included with the car when you buy (or sell) it.
    – spare tire & tire changing equipment (or at least a tire repair kit + air compressor)
    – reflective jacket (not for cold climates, just high visibility)
    – flashlight or something else (usually when you buy a car you found a glowstick into the tool box)
    – spare bulbs
    – spare fuses
    – emergency warning sign (reflective triangle)
    – map
    depending on local regulations, in winter time the snow chains may be also required (not included when you buy a car)
    also, jumper cables aren't required if you have a car with manual shift and clutch (push start is more than adequate)

  11. I would say for sure the jump box they make ones more compact and have more power the benefit is you don’t need a secondary vehicle to rely on… tire plug kit people like to talk these down but I’ve seen them run for as long as the tire without fail if it’s a plug able hole…. otherwise very good list and the jump box you did mention …. water and food great additions people don’t typically think of… instead of a flash light I recommend head lamp because of the hands free use Incase you are working on your car at night or something like that… also big fan of the extra wallet with cash and coins for tolls and air pumps or pay phones another great addition… I think a fire kit and knife are both necessary but that’s just me maybe a blanket Incase of emergency under freezing conditions

  12. a spare key? lmao keep that damn thing in your wallet..i agree with pretty much every thing else

    in my SUV i keep a LOT of just in case crap if i plan on going more than an hour away from home i have been in two situations where i needed these things
    the first time i had almost none. thankfully it was only just over 24 hrs when the weather let up and i could get a tow home..the second i was very damn glad i did after 4 days. and if you have the room for these i would say use it, hopefully you never need any of it and if you store it strategically doesn't take up nearly as much room as you might think

    automotive and hand tools hammers etc tape whatnot
    water purification tabs
    various ways to start a fire
    2 blankets (not huge quilts, just a cpl light deals)
    a headlamp and 2 flash lights
    1 day worth of food
    a battery charge pack
    a rain jacket
    socks because hiking in the same nasty ass socks for 3 days wouldnt be very pleasant
    a battery powered radio stuck in a blizzard, cars out of gas dead battery, bored as hell waiting on the weather to break? yeah comes in handy
    a small tent
    a small fishing rod
    last but not least by any means..a cpl of books and a deck of cards

    a 357 revolver and 22 rifle (no, not for rampaging lunatics, for those i keep guns on me and in my home) but in case you are on a long trip, out in BFE or lost etc, no gas whatever the case may be, cant get a cellphone to work…you do not want to be walking through bear country unarmed or starve before somebody finally comes along to either give you a lift or if your only option is to foot it

  13. This guy looks like he's going to break into Kevin's house when his parents left him Home Alone

    Since I don't have a car I'm going to steal Antonio's spare key and drive away with his

  14. First time I’ve seen your videos. Well done, and, I don’t normally say anything like this but I wish you were my husband. Le sigh.

  15. I would also carry spare bulbs for your headlights, brake lights and turn signals. Also, spare fuses. …What about a FIRE EXTINGUISHER ?

  16. And don’t forget to buy small car like smart and put it in your trunk in case your car got crashed and u needed extra car…

  17. Blood in a bag to match your blood type.
    Gas masks. Sleeping bag and tent.
    Water nothing like H20.
    Matches, MRE s c.b. radio, shovel.
    Clean clothing for at least three days.
    Pens and paper.
    Spare cell phone. Even an old phone that you deactivated will work to call 911.
    Anything else?

  18. Title should be ""10 Things To Carry In Your Vehicle if you 85 years old and Dont have a phone"……….. lol

  19. Keeps a tool kit in car but has no sockets in the set………….. erm ok. Something i would say is a must since i got one is a tyre repair kit, saves you taking the tyre off. Pull the nail or what ever is in your tyre out then clean the hole and put a bung in it.

  20. That wallet with expired license reminds me of something I saw years ago about having a decoy wallet for bad parts of town kinda thing. Something with a few expired cards a d a few dollars cash in it. If someone tries to mug ya, just toss them that wallet and get outa there.

  21. I never keep water bottles in my car because in the heat increases bacteria growth and can cause contaminations. Instead, I carry water with me in my bag.

  22. I’m a 23 year old female who grew up without a father so yes I am looking up videos on how to change your oil because yes I have no one to teach it to me. Am I having a mental breakdown…maybe.

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