10 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car | Allstate Insurance

10 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car | Allstate Insurance

Buying a used car might save you money — but
it may also come with surprises. Keep these 10 things in mind to help you avoid
ending up with a lemon. Get a feel for how the car runs. Any weird engine noises? How are the brakes? Park the car and let it idle for 30 seconds. Then pull forward and see if anything leaked. Take a good look inside and out. If the car’s been in an accident, ask for
a receipt of the repair work and make sure the repairs were done professionally. Use your internet sleuthing skills to find
consumer reviews of the make and model. While you’re online, compare prices from
several sources. Getting an inspection from a mechanic before
you buy can be well worth the price. Certified pre-owned cars may offer an extra
level of quality assurance. Check a VIN decoder chart to make sure the
car’s VIN information matches what’s in its title and records. If the car has any skeletons in its closet,
a vehicle history report may help you find them. Overall, don’t be too quick to pull the
trigger. Steer to allstate.com/blog for more car-buying

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