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  1. There, all on Fucking Drugs!…all, these Bus drivers should be charged under the influence of uncontrolled substance!…They, should all be tested every 90 days !!!!..Its an epidemic in the 5 boro,s and even worse in Long island NY x3..

  2. DRIVER CAMERAS " CAMS" INSIDE AND OUTSIDE !!!…WATCHING SCHOOL BUS DRIVER BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS…THERE,ARE MANY ACCIDENTS STATE WIDE AND NATIONAL…Question should be? The, "Camera-Cams" are out already 6 years, and bus incidents continue !…So, why doesn't City or County under Contract Enforce and implement the "Camera" Policy?..Where ,are our Loser Congressmen $$$$$

  3. Rest In Peace ✌️ 10-year old boy 👦. Sorry 😐 for the loss. I know you are in Heaven looking down upon us and God, Joseph, Jesus and Mary are taking good care of you. Even though you died, you are still alive, with us and here in our hearts ♥️, souls and heads. Thanks 😊 for all you did. We will always think 🤔, love ❤️, care, know, remember and we will never forget you.

  4. I’m a school bus driver in NYC and my route is in Brooklyn (ENY) area as well as others and this is unfortunate .. I actually drove pass the area this morning .. having a route in Brooklyn is stressful .. kids stand in the street and run across at any given time..everyone’s always doubled parked .. people cross without looking and having ear phones in.. everyone’s speeding regardless of the speed cameras .. coming down linden a guy was weaving traffic in a suv did at least 90 passed me and almost clipped my bus full of kids (elem school and up) .. the best you can do is drive with caution and try to be aware at all times..

  5. I knew that was only matter of time. I worked in Brooklyn for years and I always saw them running the lights, driving like maniacs. I hope some changes and accountability comes with this tragedy. RIP little kid!

  6. The mayor needs to put more lights on the streets its very dark outside early morning 😑 my deepest condolences to the parents of the 10 year old girl this is sad🙏🙏

  7. Every single day in new york shit like this happens or even worst!…the news in new york is like watching a TV series of tragedies!

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