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  1. I got hit hard by a car and suffered three broken ribs, my right arm dislocated and broken in two places, cracked skull, and a compound fracture on the lower part of my right leg. No helicopter came out. It seemed like a very long wait for an ambulance. I am glad things have changed. I still walk with a limp today and wear a brace on my right leg. But I can walk very long distances with the brace. With today's technology, the child will not wear a permanent brace, nor will even limp. Medical technology was not that refined back then. I had a plaster cast from my foot to my waist, a band around my ribs, and a plaster cast from my shoulder to my hand that was suspended with a metal rod to keep it in front of me. I do not think those archaic methods are used very much any more. It took me two years to get all casts off and four years total recovery that included physical therapy. Today, the child will likely be fully recovered in a bit less than a year. I admire today's medical technolgy.

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