14 Things Not Worth Buying New

14 Things Not Worth Buying New

Buying a brand new car is awesome, isn’t
it? Here it is, all glossy and impeccable, waiting
for you to hop behind the wheel… (sniff) ah, that new car smell! But the price tag on it still doesn’t let
you sleep at night, and that stinks! Especially since you know you could’ve bought
a similar but used one at almost half the amount. And it doesn’t only concern cars, you know! Many second-hand things can cost a lot less,
while still being as good as new. 1. Clothes for special occasions
Wedding day or prom night is something you look forward to impatiently. But is it really worth it to buy a brand new
wedding dress or a suit that you’re definitely not going to wear on any other day? Celebration clothes are mainly bought for
a single occasion, so buying them from another person (or from a store that specializes on
selling secondhand clothing) is a really good idea. They’ll cost you up to half as much, and
you can be sure that they were only worn once, or even not worn at all! Why pay more for a thing that’s basically
new, right? 2. Kitchenware
Stuff like cups, plates, or kitchen utensils can be safely bought from other people at
a price up to 5 times lower than brand new ones would cost you. Think of restaurants, for example: you don’t
assume that all the wares you eat with are single-use there, do you? They get washed and reused, of course. So why not buy your own from another person
then? Just make sure they’re not cracked or chipped:
harmful bacteria can find their way inside those cracks. 3. Bicycles
Bikes are among those things that people buy to be more active but soon forget about. And since they usually take lots of space,
their owners could just be happy to get rid of them at a very reasonable price. You can easily find an almost unused bike
on the Internet at half its original cost — all just because it’s not brand new
any longer. 4. Sports equipment
Many people would gladly sell their old treadmills, barbells and whatnot with a very low price
tag. Who wants a constant reminder of their own
lack of willpower, right? Such things are almost always in a good condition,
and you can safely buy them from another person. This is especially handy when you’re not
yet sure you’re going to use this equipment regularly and so you don’t want to cough
up a hefty sum for a brand new pair of skis. 5. Inflatable mattresses
These goodies are cozy when you’ve just moved your house and don’t yet have a real
bed. You simply inflate this big guy and enjoy
your night’s sleep. It’s easy to wash and take care of, so you
can be sure that, after a thorough cleaning, a second-hand inflatable mattress will serve
you as nicely as it did its previous owner. And that at half the price they had paid for
it! Good bargain, if you ask me. 6. Fashion jewelry
Vintage fashion jewelry items can sometimes cost as much as the real thing, and many stores
know this very well. So if you’re looking for some really cool
bling-bling, your best shot would be websites like Craigslist and such. People often sell awesome fashion jewelry
for literally pennies, while at an official store it could cost a fortune. Don’t be in a hurry to buy real jewelry
from someone else, though: if it has precious stones, you can never be sure they’re not
fake. Only a professional can tell you whether that
diamond ring really has a diamond or it’s just an expensive piece of glass. 7. Musical instruments
Older instruments that have some history can have better sound than new ones, while their
price tag is often significantly lower. On top of that, vintage musical instruments
are eagerly bought and sold by collectors, so who knows, maybe your old guitar will find
its buyer ten years from now and you’ll become amazingly rich? Anyway, in most cases it’s safe to buy second-hand
instruments if they’re in good overall condition. Just make sure you check it before paying
the money. 8. Kids’ stuff
Strollers, onesies, toys, high chairs — all these things become unneeded all too soon
while still in almost pristine condition. Babies grow fast, and young parents often
buy too much stuff for their little ones, so they don’t even know where to put it. If you have a baby of your own, you can easily
find lots of things for them online at a price of a nickel a bunch, or even get them for
free. All you need to do is check whether the goods
you’re buying are in good shape and wash them really well — after all, safety first. 9. Cars
A car fresh from the showroom looks pretty and you can take pride in being its very first
owner, but you should know that its price tag is cut by almost 20% as soon as it leaves
the dealer. So it’s sometimes a better idea to buy a
used car if you’re looking for a good discount. Many dealerships sell second-hand cars at
lower prices too, and they still have the manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t
lose a thing. Also, when buying a brand new car, you might
be up for a surprise: manufacturers could’ve changed the engine in this year’s edition,
for example, which could have more problems. If you buy a car from someone else, you’ll
avoid such trouble. 10. Furniture
Finding a new quality wardrobe or desk at a reasonable price can be a real headache. Furniture is never cheap, so you’ll have
to try your best to find an option that won’t make a hole in your pocket. Or you can search online and find an item
that’s been used gently and looks great while having a tempting price tag. Good furniture serves a long time, so you
can be sure that chest of drawers will stay with you for many years to come. 11. Tools
Same as with sports gear, there are people who buy a completely new set of tools for
a single task and then never use it again. So if you need a hammer or a wrench for a
similar purpose, don’t rush to buy new — you can save a small fortune by purchasing what
others don’t need already at a fraction of the original cost. And as an added bonus, after you’ve finished
with whatever it is you’ve been doing, you can resell it to someone else, helping both
them and yourself. 12. Books
A book from a bookstore, especially a hardcover, can cost a crazy amount of money. If you’re not keen on e-readers and like
to hold a real thing in your hands, then the cheapest way to do so is to buy the book you
want from someone else. It won’t have that crisp feeling the books
from stores have, of course, but hey, you’re buying it for its contents, aren’t you? 13. Larger appliances
Things like a fridge or a stove are super expensive, and for a reason: they’re made
to last you a good part of your lifetime. And they serve you well for many years until
you decide to renovate your home. At this point, you’ll probably not want
to simply throw away your trusty washing machine — after all, it’s still working fine,
so why waste a good appliance? That’s how most people who sell such things
online reason. And that’s exactly why you can stop worrying
about buying used home appliances. In most cases, they’re almost as good as
new, and only need some adjusting at worst. 14. Homes
No, I’m not kidding. Buying a new home, be it a house or an apartment,
is always accompanied by huge expenses. When you purchase a new place, it’s empty
and needs at least some finishing more often than not. You’ll have to spend another fortune on
making it livable after you’ve bought it already. It’s especially true for apartments, which
don’t even have the basic stuff, such as floor covering. At the same time, if you purchase an apartment
from someone else, you’ll have the space that another person lived in, and so you’ll
only have to move your belongings there. And if you don’t like the style of your
new home, you can take your sweet time improving it while still living there comfortably. Sounds perfect to me! And what about you? What would you rather buy second-hand than
brand new? Let me know down in the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  2. Guess what Everyone i work for a Second hand Furniture Store called Habitat For Humanity Re-Store they have used couches for 25 to 50 dollars and Desks for 5 Dollars

  3. I usually buy SH laptop's and phones, but not used ones, i buy brand new with sealed boxes and warranty, but, with lease money, like, why should i pay for a new Surface Book2 1500$, when i got it with 850$, and now i can resell it with 900$-1000$ and earn some cash 🙂

  4. We live a very materialistic and brand conscious life. But definitely buying a second hand item is a clever choice for saving money and its not important that we should always go for original products. But we should also check for malfunction and errors in product and also whether it is fake or not

  5. Cars and furniture is one of the things I agree about the most! a cheap Japanese car costs about 15k new but 5-6 years later is costs dirty cheap! even more than 70% cheaper!

    also furniture in good condition are hard to find but really good chance! I bought a nice tv stand for 40 euro and a coffee table for 20 euro 😀

  6. i'll save u 8:39 minutes of ur life:
    buy everything 2nd hand and then sell it off when u dont need it
    best thing ever to do

  7. hey bright side u have uploaded trillions of videos
    do u actually follow each and every single thing u told us in those vids?????
    tell me pls

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  9. Yeah.. the bike one wouldn't work in my country, of course people sell there bikes, but noboby forgets them, they are everywhere, I'm from the country where there are more bikes then people

  10. Not sure I agree re houses…depends how it’s been previously cared for…I bought a 1980’s house which looks good on the surface but so far has cost a fortune replacing & correcting things which new properties would already come with…I was impressed it already had a new boiler….then discovered it was done on the cheap & lacked things that make boilers most efficient ( so the plumber said, & nothing in it for him so not a scam!!) … umm?? Love this Bright Side channel though…so thanks…& keep em coming!😁

  11. *WATCH OUT for used appliances!!*
    Friends have had issues & husband has gone to their rescue! Bugs of all sorts can come into your home via appliances (even new ones in the cardboard packing material. INSPECT VERY CAREFULLY!!
    I hope this saves someone money AND troubles!

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