– [Reacher] Hello to everyone old and new, it’s Reacher here and I’m ringing in 2018 with 15 electric scooters
and smart mopeds. Number 15, this first entry comes
from a collaboration between Ford Motor
Company and OjO Electric to produce scooters visually
inspired by Ford vehicles while incorporating OjO’s
innovative technology and design. An aluminum frame integrated with automotive grade plastic fairings, provide the strength and beauty
to this wing-shaped ride. The treaded, non-slip
deck and removable seat allow for either sitting
or standing while riding and can hold a maximum
weight of 300 pounds. The OjO is driven by a 500 watt, rear wheel hub electric motor that has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and a range of about 25 miles per charge. The projected cost is
less than $2,000 dollars with a release data of January 2018. Number 14, the design team’s goal with the Nito NES was to break through the daily grind and give freedom to those caught up in the chaos of city life. The body is reminiscent of day’s gone by in every aspect of its design. The angled deck is crafted
from marine plywood that integrates seamlessly
into the molded framework. The seat is mounted on a
tubular steel structure and can support two people comfortably. The NES runs on a four kilowatt engine and can reach a maximum
speed of 28 miles per hour. The battery will last for about 50 miles before needing a recharge which only requires about
three to four hours. This eco-friendly scooter
came on the market in December of 2017 with a
starting price of $5,700 dollars. Number 13, the Xkuty One is a simple,
yet modern, scooter designed and produced in Spain. The creators are keen to
stress its ease of use. So much so, that it ships
without an instruction manual. The 1.5 kilowatt motor produces a top speed of 28 miles per hour with power coming from
a 48 volt battery array providing up to 62 miles per charge. Recharging can be done
in two to three hours from a standard plugin with the option of solar charging as well. The docking station in the
center of the handlebars lets your smartphone double
as a dashboard display by using the phone app as a control hub which gives you speed
and charge information. This one is currently on the market with a base price of
around $3,600 dollars. Number 12, Taiwanese company Gogoro created this dual-tone, minimalist
design as a testament to how cool and efficient
a scooter can be. The smartphone app keeps track
of maintenance and security using biometrics to make the
scooter virtually unstealable. Also, the company offers
hundred of accessories to customize your number two. And yes, there’s a joke to be made there. The 6.4 kilowatt motor
creates 8.58 horsepower for a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour. The 68 mile range is not a problem as the batteries can be swapped
out in just a few seconds at any of the 24-hour Go stations. The Gogoro 2 came to market
in the summer of 2017 and currently starts at a
little over $1,300 dollars. Number 11, this entry from
Michigan-based startup GenZe is what the company hopes
will change the perception Americans have on how useful
and efficient scooters can be. The ignition system is switch-based and starts up when the driver
enters a four-digit pin on the dash’s touchscreen. The battery gives a top
speed of 30 miles per hour and a range of 30 miles. Recharging the battery
takes about 3.5 hours using a standard 110 volt wall outlet. Like most others on the list, the GenZe has a phone app that monitors the diagnostics, location,
and security of the scooter. It can also remotely
disable it if it’s stolen and call for service if needed. The company began delivering
the first scooters in October 2017 with a starting
price of $3,000 dollars. Number 10, the ultralight composite frame of this one folds up small enough to
fit in your car’s trunk. And the battery pack is removable and rollaway like a piece of luggage. The 48 volt battery puts
out four kilowatts of power to the 5.4 horsepower motor providing a top speed
of 45 miles per hour. The range can vary from 70 to 93 miles depending on the battery array. Recharge time is a short two hours when plugged into a wall
socket using the fast charger. An onboard computer located in the dash offers full connectivity
to your phone and the Cloud for the most intuitive ride
and advanced safety monitoring. The Ujet is currently available with a base model price
of $10,500 dollars. Number nine, how about an electric
scooter that gets delivered to your doorstep in a
single, all-in-one box? How about the unu? This two-seater has a
Bosch motor integrated into the rear wheel hub. Depending on how much power you want, you can choose between three engines that differ in power from
one to three kilowatts. The battery array can fit a second battery to double the driving
range from 31 to 62 miles. The top speed is 28 miles per hour regardless of motor
power or battery level. Like most on this list, the batteries are portable and can be charged at any regular outlet in about five hours with
the included charger. And the prices on this one
start at $2,200 dollars. Number eight, there are four different
models in the M1 line. Their body is lightweight
due to the meshing of plastic components with
the curved trust framework. This single seater
offers two motor choices to compliment its 48 volt battery. The estimated range is up to 62 miles depending on whether you’re
in eco or performance mode. Recharging the batteries take six hours and can be done in home if needed. The Niu app allows
realtime data monitoring. This information is stored in the Cloud enabling riders to check diagnostics and daily use statistics
straight from their mobile phone. Prices on the M1s range from
$1,600 to $2,100 dollars. Number seven, like all of Askoll’s vehicles, the ES1 was developed in-house. It was designed to be 100% electric instead of converting an
existing combustion vehicle to accommodate an electric motor. This durable, lightweight single seater gets its momentum from
a 1.5 kilowatt motor providing 74 pound-feet of torque for a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. The 54 volt, 20 amp hour batteries can be plugged into any household socket and have a recharge
time of about six hours. The ES1 has three travel modes and a maximum estimated range of 62 miles. Current prices for the ES1
start at about $2,800 dollars. Number six, don’t let it’s friendly
scooter appearance fool you. The small size and lightweight chassis on this two seater can
be a bit misleading. Under the metaphorical hood, there is a 48 volt battery
and a three kilowatt motor putting out 25.9 pound-feet of torque. The travel mode can be configured
to fit your power needs allowing for a maximum speed
of up to 46 miles per hour. Three different display
configurations on the LCD dashboard show information such as
the state of the batteries, temperature, and the amount of power left. In addition, it operates
the keyless ignition system. The base model for the Torrot Muvi starts at around $3,800 dollars. Number five, Germany’s Emo-Bike company is responsible for this streamlined innovation that saw the removal of the
gas tank and drivetrain being replaced with a lower
rear-mounted battery pack. This opened up a centrally
mounted storage space that offers just enough
room for most common items. The 48 volt battery comes in two options, a 1.6 kilowatt hour that
offers 43.5 miles of range, or a 2.1 kilowatt hour that
offers 68 miles of range. Recharging takes 5.5
hours on the smaller one and seven hours on the bigger one. The battery can be easily removed allowing riders the ability
to charge it at home. The Feddz is available for $7,900 dollars. Number four, the worldwide term for
eco-friendliness is the word green. But the Bee redefines the
color spectrum in this case, and how do I know? Well, other than being fully electric, it’s made from plants. And you heard me, I said plants. In 2012, the Amsterdam-based company was challenged to make a frameless scooter using only biocomposite materials. The result was a single
structure, monocoat body made from hemp, flax, and bioresin. So how does it perform? It’s got a 48 volt, 50 amp hour battery along with a 2.5 kilowatt hour motor. A top speed of 34 miles
per hour can be attained with a maximum range of 62 miles. All it takes to be part of this
coolness is $8,300 dollars. Number three, when you hear the name Fonz, I’m sure your first thought
isn’t an electric scooter but I think this entry may change that. And like the original Arthur Fonzarelli, we’re sure it defines cool. There are three different
models in the Fonzarelli family. This allows for the powertrains
to be mixed and matched to adjust for performance and need. And depending on the battery array, you can get a range of up to 62 miles with a regenerative braking
helping to extend this. Again, depending on the battery array, it can take anywhere from one
to 2.5 hours for a recharge. So grab your leather jacket and you can start
hanging out with the Fonz for $4,300 dollars. Number two, the advantages of changing to electric mobility are unquestionable. So it’s no surprise that this entry is made from a patented compound used to create a chassis that requires no component welding, plate
mounting, or strut assembly. This resulted in a lightweight vehicle with a very distinctive design named ME. The 2.5 kilowatt motor can
transport up to two people at a reasonable 28 miles per hour for roughly 50 miles. Regenerative braking can
increase this range up to 10% depending on the overall load. Recharging the battery is simple and can be done in about six hours by either direct connection or removing it and using any standard 220
volt electrical outlet. So if you want to hangout with ME, the starting price is
about $5,800 dollars. (upbeat music) Number one, if any name epitomizes
the scooter industry, it is Vespa. Parent company Piaggio
has named this venture the Elettrica and though it
maintains the iconic look, it is nothing like it’s
gas-powered predecessors. It’s driven by a motor
generating four kilowatts of peak power while
remaining completely silent. The company guarantees a range of 62 miles on the base model before recharging. The dash has an embedded touchscreen between the handlebars with
smartphone connectivity that shows diagnostic
information about the scooter. The included app will allow
users to control messaging and take incoming phone calls as well. Pre-orders will start in Spring 2018, but there’s still no word on the pricing. (light music) (light music)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Most of the prices are outrageous considering the cost to make them cost less than 500.00 or less. Bring the prices down and watch your sales skyrocket.

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    I'm talking 45-50kph and 60 km distance. I also noticed most of these units were single seaters, unreasonable to drive with your GF or wife. Some were just plain electric bicycles not moped scooters. For $350 your can replace the front wheel of any standard bicycle for a magnet driven electric that maintains 28Kph. In all, this video was misleading (certainly commercial driven) and not very practical when you can buy a nice used BMW car for less than most of these scooters.

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    (liked and subscribed.)

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    The nes is worse, too pricy and not enough range.

    The ONE is again too expensive. It feels more like an accessory.

    Now we're talking. The gogoro 2 is what we should strive for, not the hipster scooters.

    The genze is better than the earlier ones but not as good as the gogoro.

    10k for the ujet? I don't think so. Bad value, even with its portabilty and a range that good, which in an urban environment is not even that useful.

    The unu is ok. I give it second place.

    The niu is toe to toe with the unu being cheaper, but not as utilitarian.

    ES1 has ok range, but it's slow and with a mediocre price.

    The muvi would be great if it wasn't at the price point it is.

    The feddz is a nono. Pricey and more like a bicycle than a scooter/moped.

    So, if you're broke you can't help the environment. BTW this thing is ugly.

    Quick to charge, but the fonz is kinda expensive.

    Too expensive and too simplistic. Not very practical either.

    The electrica looks great and since it is a proper moped beats most of the entries here. I am convinced that it will be very pricy, though.

  19. Unfortunately, MOST of these are NOT available in the U.S.A. and some are available only in one country. Fun/interesting to watch, but less useful if you are actually interested in buying one.

  20. CDs European scooters here that says 3 to 4 Hour charge time they're basing that on a 220 volt socket at 50 hertz and America Canada and Mexico we use 110 at 60 hertz so you probably talking about double the charge time please state that it's based either on American electricity or on European electricity with each model

  21. Are any of these available in USA? "Available in 2018" is a little misleading, maybe you could mention what country they are available in.

  22. We live in years where there should be no limitation and we can choose the options we want.

    Let's say I'm taking the scooter to visit the mall.

    Visiting the mall takes about 2-3 hours.

    What I do ? Do I try to walk the scooter through the mall, or visit the mall without extra weight?

    What option do I have to leave the scooter without someone stealing? And without its binding being restrictive, like how it is on a bicycle, to can chain it at different distances from a place. Binding can be the place where bikes are attached, may be a lower or taller fence, may be a thinner or thicker pylon.

    – also add a solar pannel charger will be good to charge battery until I come back from the mall visit

    Then other utilities that should not miss out on any other scooter are:

    – Phone charging

    – 1. touch screen with speed information, km spent in this session and total, percentage of battery charge, clock, eventually outside degrees

    2. change touch screen, with onother one, a more complex touch screen, that contain those the above and also has GPS

    – The ability to catch the light up or down (I do not appreciate that the light is at the bottom of the scooter. Upper visibility is better for those in traffic at night or we are interested in like the others on the opposite side, to see us, so they can avoid us).

    – Upgrade (like electronic speed limitation aproximatively as our choice, or speed limitation, especially for scooters that can reach speeds above 60-70 km/h, and other different upgrades…)

    Come on… two weeks more and we are in the years 2019. Let's use the technologies of these years.

    Or maybe those who make these electric scooters are old-fashioned old men born before the year 2000?

  23. It's mind blowing that it takes about 4 hours for my mini ATV to get fully charged on a normal socket but there are some of these mopeds that can fully charge in only 2 hours

    At the same time my mini ATV only generates 1000 watts (1 kilowatt)

  24. The German & Dutch "entries" are way overpriced @ $8,000+, and likely the Vespa will not be far behind. An assortment of used cars are a better value…. Still with this many entries, prices likely will moderate, and something just as performance-comparable will emerge…..maybe along the line of the old Lotus 7, the car in "The Prisoner," which, in some iterations, was to be assembled & finished by the consignee……?

    Electric "scooters" should be even more foolproof since there would be next-to-no engine tuning: Align the 'carosserie' (sp?) sections; tighten the screws; attach the wheels; and plug up….! "Kit-stuff"???

    …..then there are 'liability laws'…..?!?!

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