15 Personal Mobility Vehicles for Almost Any Occasion

15 Personal Mobility Vehicles for Almost Any Occasion

– [Glen] Personal mobility
vehicles have many ways of making life more
comfortable and fun for people that have disabilities. From water sports, to
touring the country in style. There are options for almost any occasion. This is Glen and today we’re bringing you 15 personal mobility options,
making life enjoyable. – [Narrator] Number 15 – [Glen] Since 2013, the
Ziesel, manufactured in Austria, has been hand crafted and made to order. The twin rubber track system
vehicle is all terrain, on and off road, and
they even offer a model for working professionals. This green way to explore
nature has lithium-ion motors, no emissions, or noise,
variable driving modes, and intelligent onboard system,
a double wishbone suspension, and intuitive joystick steering. – Number 14 – The EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe model DX12 is a well designed and
comfortable electric wheelchair that will support riders up to 305 pounds. The DX12 is equipped with
12 inch rear wheels and seven and a half inch front wheels. And it will literally
unfold in one second with the fastest folding and
unfolding action ever. For maximum comfort, the
back support reclines into five positions and each
chair includes either one, 10 amp hour battery that
can be used for air travel, or one 15 amp hour battery that cannot. – Number 13 – The Ogo Evolution 1, is
a two wheel, self balancing mobility wheelchair that will fit through standard doorways, and can go most places. This has an optional off-road kit that can be used in soft
sand, uneven terrain, gravel, and can gauge inclines while staying level in your seat. You can use this is
either joystick mode or active seat control mode. With joystick mode, you use the joystick to move left and right, and shifting your body
weight forward and back, controls forward and backward movements. With active seat control
mode, the seat is unlocked and you control the direction by shifting your weight
to the left or right. With the forward and back movement being the same as joystick mode. – Number 12 – The Beach Bomber, by Boxwheelchairs, is built specifically for the
beach and trail lifestyle. Using a combination of massive inflatable creeper front
wheels, and five inch wide beach tires. Once used in an episode of NCIS, these come with a box beach bomber frame that is custom built to the user. – Number 11 – The Swaik, is a full flex system for sit down wakeboarding. Invented by Tessier. Developed for beginners as well as for the best freestylers, this innovative and
light sit wakeboard frame fits on most of the boards on the market, thanks to adjustable attachment plates. The seven point two pound frame is compact and made of 100 percent high resistant anodized aluminum. Wake seats come in seven
sizes, six for adults, and one for children, have a back rest or no back rest, and holes to evacuate the water. These have two versions, either white gel coat, which is a fiberglass with
carbon reinforcements, or full carbon, which
is lighter and stiffer. – Number 10 – The Next Generation
Firefly, by Rio Mobility, has been upgraded to
include thumb throttles, cruise control, and a
removable modular frame, that comes apart without tools. It attaches to your wheelchair in seconds, with a two point attachment
to the chair frame. This has separate forward
and reverse thumb throttles, a 350 wide brushless
motor, disc and V brakes, and removable lithium battery. Weighing 24 pounds,
this has a top speed of 12 miles per hour. A range of 15 miles and and a combined weight
capacity of 280 pounds. – Number 9 – Designed with everyone
in mind, the Mobi Chair, is convenient, portable, and comfortable. It provides natural movement through sand and other rough surfaces, while the rubber inflatable tires absorb the shock and discomfort caused by rough terrain. The armrests with integrated handles provide added stability, and the wheels are comprised
of flotation materials that enable balance while
floating in the water. The fabric is UV
resistant, water resistant, non-allergenic and
ventilated for quick drying. This can easily fit into any vehicle and is quickly assembled or disassembled without tools using the quick
release pins and joints. – Number 8 – The M1SE, is more than
just another vehicle, it is leading the way for
accessible transportation for everyone. This universally accessible vehicle carries passengers comfortably and even has an extra wide entry for the largest of power chairs. This has a single stage manual ramp that deploys quickly and easily. A four wheel anti lock breaking system, a traction control system, electronic stability control, and a self leveling suspension system. The MV 1 has passed
stringent safety testing by the Federal Government and comes off the assembly line ready for wheelchair access. – Number 7 – The Canyon Star 3911, Class A Motorhome, is manufactured by Newmar, and is part of their mobility lineup. This comes equipped with a
brawn ability wheelchair lift, and has extra wide isles, a rolling shower, L-shaped dinette, and a Sleep Number Deluxe
mattress with power incline. The brawn ability power wheelchair lift features dual hand rails and an integrated back up pump. This has a 30 inch wide
path from front to back, a dinette with wheelchair seating, and both height adjusted
switches and appliances. – Number 6 – The Whill Personal
EV Model M, is compact, easily maneuverable in small spaces, is the size of a manual chair and fits easily into most homes without requiring any modifications. The omni wheels can climb
over 3 inch obstacles and drive over rough
uneven surfaces with ease, and electro magnetic
brakes help you to stop on an incline or while transferring. The Model M, has 24
independent rollers allowing it to move in any direction. It gets a top speed of five
point five miles per hour, it has a range of up to 15 miles. – Number 5 – Daniel Barels objective was to make life more comfortable for
people who use wheelchairs. The energy required to propel a wheelchair over curbs and uneven surfaces took a tremendous toll on
one of Barel’s friends. The result is Softwheel,
a company based in Israel, that uses in-wheel suspension technology that help wheelchair users
absorb shock and vibration when the wheelchair run into an obstacle or goes over bumpy terrain. It’s patented system
keeps it’s suspension arm strong and rigid like spokes, but mechanically
compressed to absorb shock, then after impact, the suspension arms
absorb most of the shock. – Number 4 – A Czech Republic based family business, Elbee Mobility, owned by Ladislav Brazdil and his partner, hoped to design and sell their own products. He then produced the Elbee, an urban micro car entirely designed for drivers with disabilities. The rider can get into the car by backing up the wheelchair on a ramp, on the front of the vehicle. Fasten the wheelchair to the ramp, then the car will pull
you in and shut the door. The car weighs just 900 pounds, it’s made of aluminum, and has a composite monocoat frame with a top speed of 50 miles per hour. And, it can be parked facing the sidewalk for a safe exit from the vehicle. – Number 3 – The Titan 4 Electric Mobility Scooter, by Tzora Titan, is newly designed, portable and foldable, goes indoors, and outdoors, and it’s ergonomic. This can be used on
steep hills and inclines, weighs 180 pounds, has large tires, a one and a half foot
wide memory foam seat, it comes with two, 26 amp
hour Titan battery packs, that are located over the back wheels. The four wheel scooter
has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, battery
range up to 15.5 miles, a top speed of six point
eight miles per hour, and there are no pins, wires,
or latches to contend with. – Number 2 – Surfer and Hawaii native, Kawika Watt and his partner, James Rouse, designed Onit Ability Boards. Permit people with disabilities, to discover independence and enjoyment by participating in water sports. This unique paddleboard system integrates a custom ramp allowing the wheelchair user to roll onto the board un-aided. An all terrain surf
chair, a stand up board, and a secure locking mechanism. Out riggers on either side, lend steadiness on the water surface and once they have mastered the balance, advanced paddlers can remove them. – Number 1 – The independent two wheel
balancing of Scewo Bro, gives you a new level
of driving experience, the big wheels effortlessly
manage paving stones and dirt roads, and this can be operated using a smartphone and control
console with a joystick. The trepensteig function allows you to climb levels of different
material with the use of tracks. Whether you are straight
or on a slight curve, up or down, one push of a button prepares Scewo Bro, to climb stairs. By lifting the chair to the first step the seat is adjustable and you can raise the position to nearly one meter. It balances itself without the help of the upper body and can also drive forward and backwards with a raised seat. And, it even fits into
the trunk of a small car. – This episode of Minds Eye Design, is brought to you by Ztylus Stinger, an emergency escape tool
that can save your life. With a sharp razor to cut your seat belt, a spring loaded window punch, and can even be used, a
phone charger in your car. For more information on this product, the link is in the description below. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
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all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (soft upbeat music)

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  4. Loving the new style wheelchairs out there, too bad they cost as much as a car in most cases though. The one I’m using now, the Quickie Salsa M2, would cost me almost £7000 to buy. The Firefly wheelchair attachment is at least £2000. The van I’ve had for almost 10 years, a Sprinter with wheelchair lift at the rear, was about £30,000 at the time. These companies seem to think we disabled are made of money!

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  20. At 1:00, The DC-12 is by far the most realistic mobility chair out there for most of us. The problem with the most needed chair is that here in the USA can’t get it under Medicare or Medicaid. They refuse to approve them, and insist instead on supplying power chairs that are 200+ pounds, and twice the price!
    At 62 lbs., I can manage to get the lighter DX-12 into the back of my small SUV, but that’s not possible with the tanks approved by Medicare.
    So much for Medicare working for the people, eh?

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