15 Tiny Vehicles – The Next BIG Thing In Transportation

15 Tiny Vehicles – The Next BIG Thing In Transportation

– [Glen] With everything in
our lives getting bigger, phones, bills, cars, houses, let’s sit back and
enjoy the little things. This is Glen with Mind’s Eye Design, and we’re bringing you
15 awesome mini vehicles. (upbeat electronic music) – [Kaite] Number 15. – [Glen] The Mini 1499 GT Special Edition is a nod to the past ’71
model of the 1275 GT. It comes with a 101 horsepower
turbocharged engine, allowing it to hit 60 miles
an hour in just 10 seconds. It has a top speed of 121 miles per hour. The Mini is fitted with fabric and leather-trimmed sport seats, a JCW sports steering
wheel, upgraded stereo, and a few carbon black details. Only 1499 of these cars will be made, and all of them will be
for sale only in the UK. The price point is as
attractive as the car, coming in at around $23,000. – [Kaite] Number 14. This little guy will allow you to have an untold amount of fun on the water, while bringing a smile to everyone’s face. The Mini Boat, aptly named,
is only six feet long. It’s made from precision-cut,
marine-grade plywood. It includes internal bulkheads
to provide flotation, even if that boat is flooded. It’s all electric, which
means you can avoid the high price of gas on the water, and is able to reach speeds of 3.5 knots. The bare hull kits are available
for sale for around $950, with the option to upgrade
based on your own design. If you just want the building plans, you can get those for $95. – [Kaite] Number 13. – [Glen] Designed to be sold during the fuel crisis in the 70s, this electric mini car is
sure to draw some attention. Not only did this electric vehicle successfully combat the fuel crisis, it became one of the
bestselling cars in the 70s. Powered by a rechargeable 36-volt battery, which was later switched
to a 48-volt battery, the car can travel around 40 miles before it needs to be recharged. The car was only eight feet long, so it only had enough
room for two passengers. The old 36-volt option could travel around 30 miles per hour, while the new 48-volt option could travel to around 40 miles per hour. There are quite a few used ones up for sale for around $7,000. – [Kaite] Number 12. – [Glen] This Subaru Sambar fire truck earned the nickname Little
Giant, Guardian of the City, when it was a first responder to the 6.7 magnitude
earthquake in Nagano, Japan. It was able to get into
the smaller villages, while the defense forces
moved into the larger cities. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, the vehicle is in pristine condition. It has a 544 cc engine,
a fire utility bed, a 500 cc pump motor, and working lights,
sirens, and loudspeaker. There are two seats up front, and one in the back for your fire chief. It’s currently up for auction, and estimated to sell anywhere
from $15,000 to $45,000. – [Kaite] Number 11. – [Glen] Ever wanted a pontoon boat, but didn’t wanna deal with
the hassle of the size, boy, have I got good news for you. Coming in 10, 12, and 14-foot options this little pontoon is
extremely customizable. On top of the standard
packages they offer, you can custom build your own. It has options for enclosed railings, swim ladders, boat
covers, navigation lights, a 20-gallon live well,
fishing pole holders, a deep cycle battery,
a center-mounted table, an onboard battery charger,
and up to four seats. Perfect for ponds, lagoons,
and protected waters, the Pond-Tini is perfect
for hunting, fishing, and all-around recreation on the water. Pricing starts out around $7,000. – [Kaite] Number 10. – [Glen] Available in a
multitude of different models, the Mini-Max aircraft are
all single-seat, mid-winged, strut-braced, single-engine aircraft, that are available in kit form
for your own construction. Constructed predominantly from wood truss, with plywood gussets, and covered with doped aircraft fabric, over 2,000 of these planes have
been constructed and flown. All of the models have a construction time from 250 to 300 hours, and have been in the air since the 80s. Team Mini-Max has kept
their focus of providing great little aircraft
at an affordable cost to get everyone flying. You can get your own
kit for around $6,000. – [Kaite] Number nine. – [Glen] This roadster micro car was developed in Sydney,
Australia, by Buckle Motors. The Dart was based off the
chassis and mechanical components of the German Goggomobil. Roadster style with no doors, the entire car weighed only 760 pounds. It came with the option of a
300 cc and a 400 cc engine, and had a small luggage compartment built into the nose of the car. The Dart was produced from 1959 to 1961, and around 700 of these were produced. While you won’t be able to get one new, we have seen some sell at
auctions for around $25,000. – [Kaite] Number eight. – [Glen] The Laker 712 DLX mini pontoon has everything you need for
your day out on the water. 12 feet long and seven feet wide, it comes standard with
bench seating in the back, a sunshade top, removable chairs up front, four fishing pole holders,
under-seat storage, and an electric motor
with an onboard charger. It has all-aluminum construction, with a spray-on, non-stick decking. The pontoons are welded and bolted on, with no need for a bile pump, because the pontoons are sealed. They even offer free shipping
if you buy your own trailer. Pricing for this starts
out at around $10,000. – [Kaite] Number seven. – [Glen] This crazy little vehicle is the product of TNT
Promotional Vehicles. They sacrificed two Smart
Fortwo cars to the truck gods, and got this mashup, and it basically looks
like the backend of one car attached to the backend of the other. Not much is known about this car except what was on their
eBay listing for the car. TNT said it can be used as an official pace truck at motorsports events. It’s also said to be middle-wheel drive. There are no specifications
on motor upgrades, so you could be hauling
all that extra weight with the stock 70 horsepower motor. The listed price for this car is $16,000. – [Kaite] Number six. – [Glen] The Fiat 600 Multipla is one of the classiest mini
vehicles we’ve ever seen. Not actually a car, this micro minivan was capable
of seating up to six people, including the driver, with
fold-down seats in the back. Widely used as a taxi
in many parts of Italy, the Multipla would get you where you needed to go eventually. With a max speed of 57 miles per hour, and a zero to 50 time of 43 long seconds, people didn’t get this car for racing. It had a 633 cc engine that
only pushed out 21 horsepower. You won’t get one new, but there are quite a
few used ones for sale, for around $45,000. – [Kaite] Number five. – [Glen] The Exhilarator
151 is a 15-foot powerboat. Yes, a powerboat with enough power to even pull toys behind it on the water. It has a deep V hull for cutting waves, and quick turning ability. It has two seats up front, and a fold-up bench seat in the back. It’s rated for up to
a 60 horsepower engine to be mounted on the back. While the motor isn’t included, it does come with a five-year warranty. This speedy little boat
is not only tons of fun, but will also create a lot
of attention on the lake. Pricing for this start
out at around $7,000. – [Kaite] Number four. – [Glen] The 1969 Subaru Young 360 SS was an upgraded model of
the already-upgraded 360 S. The 360 S had already gotten
an upgraded EK32 F engine, a four-gear transmission
instead of the standard three, upgraded bucket seats, tachometer, and a roof dent for carrying surfboards. The 360 SS upgraded the
car everyone further, with the EK32 engine, with chrome cylinders
and dual carburetors. Pushing out 36 horsepower, the car’s max speed was
around 75 miles per hour. An extremely rare find, and a desire of many car collectors, the Subaru 360 Young SS has
been purchased at auctions for around $10,000. – [Kaite] Number three. – [Glen] Designed and
manufactured by Suzuki, but sold by Mazda under its
brand Autozam, we get the AZ-1, a mid-engine, rear-wheel
drive, two-door coupe, with gull-wing doors, and a
657 cc turbocharged engine. This thing looks like a mini supercar. The AZ-1 is only 11 feet long, and the cabin of the car is rather tight. It has a small storage area
behind the seats for luggage, and a spare tire. The engine pushes out
around 64 horsepower, and is limited to 87 miles per hour. In a car this small and
low to the ground, though, 80 miles per hour is
sure to feel like 120. These can be found for
sale for around $12,000. – [Kaite] Number two. – [Glen] The JETSTREAM HEADWATER
is a must-have for anyone. These all-aluminum boats
come in kit versions for you to put together. It measures in at 10 feet
long, and has seating for two. Because it utilizes an
inboard pump-jet engine, it’s able to easily maneuver
through shallow waters, but they also have enough power to move you up the river through rapids. The engine bay is set up for
easy jet ski motor donation, and people have put engines in here that push out over 250 horsepower, so don’t let their size fool you. The complete kit gets you
everything but the engine, with the option of customizing the color however you see fit. The complete kit costs around $2,500. – [Kaite] Number one. – [Glen] Back in the 60s Greece was one of the leaders
in microcar production. A company named Attica created
this three-wheeled vehicle that is still remembered to this day. It has seating for four, with a bench seat in the back of the car. Powered by a 200 cc engine, it’s clear where they got the name. It has a max speed of 60 miles per hour. The car was so small that
it was originally taxed as a motorcycle instead of a car, because the Greek government said it was too small to be
taxed as a real car. Easily one of the rarest
minicars out there, only an estimated 10 are still around. Adding one of these to your car collection would make you the envy
of all your friends. We have seen a few for sale, however, going for around $15,000. – Hey guys, this is Kaite. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the Subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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    The AZ1, when the Japanese say the cockpit is tight… well, not many NFL guys will be seen in one of these!
    The Greek Atica, like the Dart, would be a cool electric, around town, ride.

    It's surprising that when people decide to design a new mini, they blow off the 50's and 60's retro look that I believe people who fit their possible owner demographic would like. The older Euro designs could easily be updated to current legal specs with modern materials and the mild performance abilities increased greatly. There's a goldmine in mini-electrics to whichever company can find "the coolest" design to hook the American metro commuting population. The Prius shows what sort of success Toyota enjoyed by making a hot selling hybrid for all around use. The same success is waiting for the company that markets an in-town, get-around electric for $12-17K. The Nissan Leaf is a step in the right direction but it'd have to sell at a much lower price point and perform well enough to make people consider it over buying a cheap import design like the old Kia Rio. Think Henry Ford, dependable and in your favorite shade of black. If one of the Euro designs were updated, a simple, attractive two tone scheme of white paired with 4 to 6 solid colors could be offered. Yeah, the goldmine is waiting to be discovered.

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  15. Rhe Attica is actually the German Fuldamobil. It was built under licence in several other countries, with licencees using their own names for it, such as (from Wikipedia) the Nobel in Chile, UK and Turkey, the Bambi in Argentina, the Bambino in the Netherlands, Fram King Fulda (Usually abbreviated to FKF and later shortened to King) in Sweden, Attica and also Alta A200 in Greece, and Hans Vahaar in India. It was also manufactured in South Africa under the original German name

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  21. The Attica was also built in the UK as the Nobel & was derived from the German Fuldamobil. The English version had a 322cc engine & would do 60mph both forwards & in reverse, though best not to do 60 backwards for any distance.

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