$15 vs $1500 Xbox One Controller Wheel for Forza Horizon 4

$15 vs $1500 Xbox One Controller Wheel for Forza Horizon 4

– Forza Horizon 4 is
out, it’s a bunch of fun, I’ve been playing it, and while playing, I remembered something we saw a while back on the Internet and we didn’t really have a
chance to use until now. This little guy. This is an attachment for
your XBox One controller that turns it into a little, itty-bitty tiny steering wheel. This is made by a guy called Uncle Jessy, he’s got a few videos on it,
he sells ’em on his Etsy shop, we picked one up and we’re gonna see how well this guy fares, but, y’know, once we picked it up, we kinda thought “How can
we make this just a little, “little more ridiculous?” So, we’re going to compare this, to playing on this. (rock music) This insane-looking contraption is the Forza Edition Fanatec Wheel Bundle. It’s the wheel right here, the base it’s attached to, the pedals, and then we
bought the chair separately. But the point is, this whole setup costs roughly a hundred times what
the little Etsy wheel does. So, y’know, presumably it’s
gonna be a better experience, just slightly, maybe, or maybe not. Let’s find out. So this is definitely like a very, ’cause I’ve been playing Forza but I’ve been doing it all on controller, and this is definitely a
very different experience. I mean, first off, I’m
using an actual wheel. I also have to remember
what all these buttons do, like which ones are which, ’cause there’s a lot on here. It’s a little bit to try
and look at the wheel, and the camera, and oh god I’m gonna crash. (laughs) This is actually really cool. Like, I’m not, admittedly I’m
not huge into racing games, but this would make me
play them more, I think. Like, having this whole kind of setup. It’s a very old-school
arcade-y vibe, almost, like I’m remembering,
I’m having flashbacks, to just playing games way back in the day, where you’d have the full setup. Okay, that’s what we call a rewind moment, we’re just gonna, that’s, okay. Switch the buttons. Yeah, just rewind that,
that’s much better. So, I’m in last, I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on talking to you guys, and we’ll just, that’ll
be our agreement, okay? Okay. No, no! Okay, we’re good, we’re good. This definitely makes, like, the overall experience a
lot more interactive, too, because I feel like
especially in parts where you’re in between the major races, sometimes it’s fun to really explore, and try and do some of the
tricks and stuff in this, but then there’s other times where I just wanna get to the next race, and this just makes it a lot
more engaging, the whole time. Like, even just doing the
free-roam parts of Forza Horizon, I just, it’s fun, because you’re constantly
trying not to crash, because you’re bad with wheels like I am. Alright, little guy, we can
do this. Let’s try this out. Okay, so this already
feels a little weird, ’cause like, it’s actually
a really cool idea that you have this whole
little, like, gear system for just moving the left stick, but it’s also kinda bizarre-feeling. You have to make sure you’re really kinda holding on to the little, like, thumb holes, I
guess, they made for it, ’cause otherwise you’re gonna
lose track of where you are, and then you don’t have that same kind of precision while turning. Okay, alright, this is workin’. I’m still getting used to
it, but I can turn, so, that works. I feel like I would
definitely like this better if I was just using automatic, ’cause then I’m really just relying on, like, the two triggers, and then I can just
stay seated right here. As soon I have to hit other buttons, it gets a little, little weird, ’cause I feel like I have
the most precision control when I’m, like, holding both down. This actually isn’t bad,
I was kind of expecting this to be a bit more of
a wreck than it was going, that it’s turning out
be, like I can actually, I’m playing just fine. In fact, I’m actually
starting to do better. Yeah, this actually, this
kinda worked out cool. I mean, look, the wheel is
definitely (music stops) Camera’s over here (laughs). This is actually kinda cool, I mean the wheel is obviously cooler, I mean, who are we kidding,
it’s really expensive, really nice, and a ton of fun, but y’know, for like 15 bucks,
this is actually pretty cool. But here’s the thing, I’m
not good at racing games, if you couldn’t tell, so let’s go ahead and bring on
some experts that might have, y’know, little better insight on this. – Hi, hi. I’m Richard, I’m the best racer here. (inspiring music) Well, I was doing much better
before the camera turned on. I just wanna note that. Much better. Yeah, I like the force feedback,
just ’cause it gives you, uh, just some feedback, in
terms of what the car’s doing, like you can kinda feel if the car is, like, gonna spin or whatever,
you can kinda catch it. Yeah, so, yeah, it’s super immersive, it’s just fun to play with, like, a wheel and pedals and stuff. It feels like you’re, like,
actually driving a car, so. (squealing brakes ) (crash) – [Man] How’d you do? – Fourth, I’m fourth! I don’t even know how to use this thing. Uh, that’s restart here? This thing, like, it’s kinda
cool seeing how it works, like, just like, when you’re turning, and you see all the, like,
I guess the gears, of this, like, turning the joystick, I feel like this makes it harder
to play but maybe it’s just ’cause I need to spend more time with it? I think what the wheel does is, like, kinda gives you an idea of
what the car’s doing, like, I don’t know if I’m
turning enough with this, ’cause it’s just, like,
kinda weird I guess. Yay, I’m dead last. – [Man] Oh. – But this thing’s kinda
cool, it’s a neat idea. I think I just have to
spend more time with it, and probably get better, hopefully. – Now, the takeaway here
isn’t something as simple as “Oh this really expensive
racing wheel is better “than using some little
print-out thing from Etsy.” I mean, yeah, it’s an
expensive and cool controller, and you get what you pay for, but I think what’s really
important to focus on here is that there’s a lot of other controller options out there aside from using just a
standard controller design, and for certain games, like racing, it really changes the way you
interact with the content, and can make it a lot more fun.

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  1. Everybody know wich is better

    this for 15$

    also 15$!??!?! Someone really scamed you (or you just lie to have more views)
    u can see its bad made maybe 1$ no more!

  2. I like modding my controllers. I have a 360 controller with left stick higher to increase range of motion. I also have an official 360 steering wheel but I suck at using wheel so I like to set a ghost time with controller and try beat it or at least catch up to it with steering wheel. I would like to try using this little steering wheel peripheral though and see if it's better than normal joystick.

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