15-Year-Old Stole Aunt’s Car, Drove 110 MPH, Posted Pictures On Social Media

15-Year-Old Stole Aunt’s Car, Drove 110 MPH, Posted Pictures On Social Media

Chris’s sister and Dawson’s Aunt Abbie is joining us by Polycom right now. Abbie, thank you for joining us. Hi, how are you? I’m well, he stole your car? Correct, yes sir, he stole my minivan. And what condition was it in when you got it back? When I got it back there were burn holes in the car seats where I have three children that require car seats and Dawson or his friends could not figure out how to get the latch system. So instead of cutting it they decided to burn it. And that’s the melted seatbelt material you see on the floor there of the van. And they burnt holes in the back seat of the drivers seat and in the passenger seat. And you haven’t apologized to anyone. What gives you the right to do that? What gives you right, you said you were driving 110 miles an hour. What gives you the right, you’re so proud of it you take pictures of the dashboard and post it on social media to show people how fast you’re driving. Let me show you what a car looks like when you crash at 110 miles an hour. This Tesla was stolen and the driver was doing 100 miles an hour when it crashed into a Honda with five passengers and then a Mercury. The Tesla was severed in half and the front caught on fire. That’s ’cause somebody was being cool. And in your state, the statute and penalties for stealing that car, let me tell you. Larceny greater than $2,000 is a felony. Fine at the discretion of the court. Up to 10 years in jail for stealing that car. And you guys say I’ll do anything except let him suffer the consequences of his actions. I wanted to make sure that Dawson was fully aware of exactly what the impact will be when you get behind the wheel of a car and something goes wrong really fast. I wanna introduce you to someone that’s been on the show before. Her name is Tiphany, and Tiphany has been here before because she’s been in this very scenario. Tiphany, say hello. Hello. Tiphany, you’re in a wheelchair right now, why? Yes, at 17 years old I was hit head on collision caused from a drunk driver at 130 miles per hour impact. Everyone was pronounced dead on scene including myself. So listening to you speak and how you think you’re invincible. And that you’re gonna live forever. I’ve been to five different schools. I’ve been arrested. I’ve been in court ordered programs, all of that stuff. Everything I’m hearing you say is nothing new. But if you knew that you could kill someone or you yourself would be dead tomorrow would you still continue the behavior that you are today? (audience applauding) You’re getting the message and that’s right here and right now. You could choose to listen. Your parents love you. You’re so fortunate for that. I hope you listen, Dawson.

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  1. Got all them guns but if you shoot him the leg wit a gun he’ll be in tears begging for the pain to stopped he can get jumped that kid don’t got friends they only like him for how he act that nigga is a nobody in my book

  2. That kid was smirking the whole time. That ain’t should press charges and those parents had better wake up and with Dr Phil’s help better get that kid some help before they face a law suit from that kids bad behavior!

  3. Parenting starts with the parents. The father needs to lash him with a belt until his whipping arm hurts as bad as the juvenile's cheeks. It's the parent's fault for the boy turning out this way.

  4. Something dr Phil knows but many people don’t,, kids prefrontal cortex the part of the brain that is used for making decisions and understanding consequences is not fully developed until 20-25! Not saying he doesn’t know better but he has a lot of growing up and learning to do!

  5. Atleast he’s not talking back and is admitting to his mistakes better then danielle I can’t tell he’s being responsible enough to own up to his mistakes

  6. This is honestly one of the most embarrassing things I’ve had to witness and it’s disrespectful to the whole concept of a “gang”. His gang prolly called “fortnite 4 life”

  7. America needs gun laws. An easily movable, kill on impact weapon like that should never be that easy to obtain. They should not be all over the house, they should not be all over the neighborhood. We can't get back all the dozens of lives we've lost thanks to a few crazy teenagers who thought they new what they were doing. Please don't tell me "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Just you try and do the same amount of damage with a knife. People do kill people, but I'm pretty sure your friend wasn't accidentally killed by her own brother with just a slip of the trigger. You cannot slip a trigger with a knife. People…please think about this.

  8. Kid keeps on smiling every time he gets exposed but doesn’t even realize the things he’s doing is like crazy illegal

  9. nah bro, yall got it twisted I know this cat, he use to slang on the corner of 9th and elwood, he was always packin and made some serious bread. Word on the street was if he fronted you and you didnt pay back, you would dissapear. he is the real deal. kid went around terrorizing my neighborhood and robbing all the local drug dealers, no telling how many bodies he got

  10. I know exactly how to get that kid to obey. Turn him over to Mexican parents. I wanna see him do all that under Mexican watch💀

  11. They’re going out of their way to save this idiot, Life’s experiences is the best teacher. They don’t go out of their way to save lil black and brown boys

  12. You know what I just noticed there haven't been many black and Mexican kids. Cause uh uh we know better than that. I'm sorry but we'll get la chancla or la switch 😥 You know it's true.

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