16 Cars That Lose Their Value the Fastest

16 Cars That Lose Their Value the Fastest

Buying a car and seeing it lose a huge chunk
of value immediately is no fun. Instead of buying one of the following vehicles
new, you could snag one that’s a few years old, letting someone else take the value hit. That way, you get a great car for a killer
price. Here are 16 cars that lose their value the
fastest: 16.Buick Enclave – With about a 46 percent
devaluation within the first three years, the Buick Enclave drops in value like a rock
with wheels. 15.Cadillac SRX – Like the Buick Enclave,
the SRX didn’t enjoy the kind of strong demand luxury crossovers usually command. After three years, this Caddie loses about
47 percent of its original value. 14.Audi A3 – While this is the most affordable
Audi car on the market, it also loses about 47 percent of its original value after three
years. 13.Volkswagen Jetta – You may want to go for
a certified-used model instead of one fresh off the assembly line. This car loses around 48 percent of its value
in the first three years. 12.Chrysler 200 – The lack of shoppers lining
up to buy the 200 has led to over 48 percent of the car’s value eroding within the first
three years. 11.Ford Taurus – The big sedan from the Blue
Oval takes a pummeling when it comes to devaluation in the first three years, dropping almost
50 percent. 10.BMW 3 Series – This car drops about half
its value in the first three years. Of course, people often lease BMWs, thanks
to the fear of paying for expensive repairs. 9.Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Yet another German
luxury sedan, and it too loses about half its overall value within three years. Like BMWs, this sedan is often leased, thanks
to the mortgage-payment-sized repair bills. 8.Volkswagen Passat – Tipping the scale at
over 50 percent depreciation within the first three years, the Passat is a car you probably
don’t want to buy new and then resell shortly after. 7.BMW 5 Series – If you really want to see
your money burn, buy a brand new BMW 5 Series. It loses around 53 percent of its initial
value in the first three years, which almost matches the M5’s 0-60 time. 6.Volvo S60 – The previous generation of the
sedan loses about 59 percent of its value within five years. All that safety equipment doesn’t protect
your hard-earned cash. 5.Land Rover Range Rover – The retail price
for one of these ultra-luxurious SUVs is pretty steep, but if you pick up one that’s about
five years old, you’ll get about a 59 percent discount. 4.Chevrolet Volt – If you opt for one that’s
about five years old, this electric hybrid car loses around 59 percent of its value by
then. That way you’ll save on gas and vehicle costs. 3.Lincoln MKZ – Jim Carrey did a parody of
the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials, stating that nobody buys a Lincoln because
it makes sense. That might be true, since the midsize luxury
sedan loses close to 60 percent of its original value after five years. 2.BMW 7 Series – The biggest BMW sedan is
also the biggest loser of value, with about 63 percent of it melting away in five years. Repairs to all that cutting-edge tech could
cost you your firstborn child. 1.Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Not to be outdone
by a Bimmer, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes almost a 64 percent price drop at five years. You can chalk a lot of that up to the envelope-pushing
features that love to break and cost a small fortune to fix.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. What was the background music you chose for this vid I would really like to know please and thank you🙏 Awesome job great content! ✨🙌

  2. They lose the value for a reason! It's better to buy a reliable car than spend lots of money on repairing unreliable cars!

  3. What, no Maserati? Those are the king of losing resale value.

    PS – My Audi S6 matched the Mercedes S=class in loss of resale value (to the dealer).

  4. Some surprises: #Audi A3, Jetta, Ford Taurus, BMW3. I wonder about the other models with the companies, for instance the SUV models. The reasons for the drop would be interesting. Jeep Wrangler has very low drop but is not very reliable so go figure.

  5. You really need to say WHY these cars lose their value. But with Chrysler there's no explanation necessary. Your music is fucked up, too.

  6. It's no surprise to see the Taurus and MKZ on here, but it is a shame. They're both very good cars, just people aren't all that interested in full size sedans anymore.

  7. A formal co-worker’s relative purchased a 4 years old BMW 5 series with awesome deal (according to the buyer). BUT, end up spending over $15k in repair and service bills due to combination of transmission, engine and electrical issues during the 1.5 years of ownership. Needless to say….where are the REAL savings when you combine the purchase price, repair and service costs which were added up over $50k. No real saving on this particular purchase. Sometime, saving a buck or two may not be worthwhile especially the aggravation, inconvenience and time being wasted in the service shop(s). Just My $0.02 cents.

  8. its not that the cars lose value so much as they are overpriced to begin with, then they sell for what they are truly worth after you pay too much for it in the first place.

  9. Except maybe the Taurus, all these cars are still money pits when you buy them used. You just spend it on repairs instead of devaluation.

  10. you know just because this guy puts these cars in this order on his video, you can do this with just about any information in the world and put it in a list. and just because these cars are in this list nobody overall really gives a crap about them or is suddenly going to go out and buy one used. 90% of the united states is broke living in poverty and can't even afford to buy a used piece of crap car lol

  11. So they are mostly European Cars, huh? I wonder of YouTubers across the pond have the same list, but with mostly GM, Ford cars on it. Glad Japanese is still a winner, with Korean, and Chinese follow closely.

  12. I would like to send a message to those Engineers.

    What tech school yall going to?

    Stop making luxury cars break easy. We will still buy the newest model.

    We can lunch a Space shuttle to the moon and back but yall cant build a luxury car to last 200,000 miles , 10 years with no problems.

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I'm stunned that a Jaguar anything isn't on the list!
    I have an XF Supercharged V8 Portfolio Edition it's a horrible car that has cost me thousands of dollars for repairs! Worst car I've ever owned!

  14. just do a i have done in the last 40 years of driving
    stick with toyota hyundai or kia

  15. Jeez I know yanks are anally-retentive ADHD sufferers……but what an absolutely shite video! [20 different ways of saying the exact same thing!!]

  16. German cars are over priced, over hyped garbage.

    Fools reward their disgraceful engineering by CONTINUING to buy their crap.

  17. Years of use isn't the only factor. There is also mileage, services performed, general condition and options. The Volvo S60 for instance comes with 3 diesel and 3 petrol motors, and as a hybrid.

  18. Buy a old school Mercedes diesel. They already lost 99.9% of there value. But with some minor maintenance will run forever.

  19. material girls are also invite money pits. they are beautiful but they demand expensive maintenance. to make it worse, their loyalty are also doubtable

  20. Like Scotty said the very reason you shouldn’t buy Mercedes BMW or jaguars for me and my intermediate family personally it’s Honda’s Toyota/ Lexus or nothing we have 25 Honda accords 15 Camry’s 6 Lexus cars when at our family get togethers it looks like Japanese car fan meet up Lol 🤔😂

  21. Smartest thing if possible is not to own a car. As a 50yo I ride my $325
    21 speed pushbike. The amount of money I am saving is incredible. Saved
    around 5K in the last two years.

    Just fixing up my old car before I sell it, this will be my last car.

    I am done with the whole auto industry full stop.

  22. I bought my 2001 Saab 9-3 at a "Certified Used" 2 years old, half-price of a new one, and got 17 almost trouble-free years out of Her, sold Her as parts were becoming an issue (She still ran, and looked, Great!)
    Downgraded to an '18 Audi (my first, and last, brand-new car) and it's already worth half of what I paid; but, if it lasts 17 more years, I'll be happy (I probably won't last that long…)

    …and agree, why did this video switch from 3- to 5-year-old cars? Not a good comparison at all.

  23. you keep saying original value in there is no original value because vehicles are not an investment it is original cost that is being lost

  24. Buy new car is to know you will loose much money if you selling after1-3 years! Is not like a boat you can get same price after 1-5 years, or a house you can even get more if you selling it, new car is always to loose money, yes, some model going faster down in value, but is not a very good business too buy new car. But some must do it too keep up the car industri, and think how many who work in hole world to build a car? Lot of jobs!

  25. Don't you have warranties on new cars in the US? So why would all these cars cost so much to repair? Buying one at 5 years sounds like a bigger problem

  26. It’s a dumb list as the first cars on the list are rated by their devaluation in the first three years and the last 6 are rated by their 5 year devaluation. Might as well have added the 20 year devaluation of a Toyota Camry as #1 on the list.

  27. How true! You only make the mistake of buying a German car only once in your life. After that it is a lesson well learnt. All in my neighborhood who had a German car (including myself) sold them and are now driving Japanese or Korean cars. The German cars have inbuilt problem that never stops. Pure junk.

  28. All cars are money pits, except if you buy a car new and plan to drive for at least ten, fifteen or even twenty years. Presnet day cars are well built and corrosion resistant, so if you take good care of the vehicle, you can enjoy driving it for quite a long time. German cars are expensive to repair indeed, which is why I always bought the (European) Fords, these cars are affordable, reliable and not so expensive to maintain.

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