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  1. 2:44
    actually, BR was seems like 31, because Baskin Robbins first logo with the old years was says: 31 Baskin Robbins, that's why it was BR like 31.

  2. 3:42 for me it's very simple, the F = was F1=, because most people can see its name "Formula 1", so it's not F =, it was F1= (the font is italic).

  3. You'll forgive me if I take any information given by someone who can neither spell nor pronounce Hyundai with a grain of salt.

  4. I almost believe but some are truth but the baskin robbins its 31 meaning 31 flavor eash day if the month
    Apple i heard that logo of apple its an apple with a bite because the owner of the apple always eating apple and he ask his employee what a giid name for they company and if the staff not give the name of the company or suggest any ge said that the name will be apple because he loves eating apple everyday.. Just saying

  5. When a magnifying glass at 6;00 was used to zoom in the Danish flag, but didn't see any only when the magnifying glass was removed. 🙄🤔

  6. Hey this means not making any sense because your mouth and you spell wrongly it's Hyundai not huyndai I like the boy sound from the girls sound

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