16 september Part 3, Project Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40

16 september Part 3, Project Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40

Goodevening and welcome by part three of the restoration of the Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40 Every week i try to make another video of the progress You have to keep up the pase The chassis is rolling at this moment I used other axles than the original, but i show you in the video as you can we have made some progress Leave spring, axles, etc This are axles i rebuild before for another project This project was on hold so i used them for this to speed up New pins I showed them in the first video Brand new brakelines I bought a new tool for this new one to the rear of the chassis new brake hose And new lines over the axles It is fun to do take the old line an reproduce a new one the chassis is almost finished Shocks, and drop the engine again And assemble the exhaust before placing the body on the chassis Fuel pipes i cleaned and painted them and the clips also New Brembo discbrakes I also have new calipers we rebuilded the complete swifelball, new bearings, seals etc. My favorite job, rebuilding the hubs we completly rebuild them We painted the engine It is in a very good condition we polish all aluminium parts There were alot of new parts on the engine, like water pump, altenator, oil filter We can rebuild it when it is needed, but we don’t think so The aluminium parts Altenator Rockercover These parts will be polished So loose parts Sandblasted and painted Filler neck of the fuel tank Clamps some other small parts We should paint this friday but it will be monday Airfilter box Will be satin black Two brackets of the air filter Fan shroud, very important part Heatshield Radiator bracket There will be a new radiator Steering rods, sandblasted and will be painted we need to change all rods, and repaint Perfect way of working, sandblasting Fuel tank we cleaned Will be painted with a thick coat of paint on the left you see my pussy front link The front of the body we cleaned It looks perfect some paint damage on the left But we will repaint that

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