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  1. To the fine folks at VASAviation and everyone who has expressed support and admiration for Maggie over the last week, we greatly appreciate your thoughts and words. To answer the question below – yes Maggie has seen this video.

    ..and to M. Katze – don’t be terrified. You – just like Maggie – will find the confidence you need if tested like this. You’ve already shown you have it in you or you wouldn’t have become a student pilot in the first place.

    BTW – weather permitting Maggie will go back up today!

    Walt Taraska “Maggie’s Dad”

  2. I have a 17 yr old and my heart just sank to my feet when her voice cracked and you could tell she was scared. She handled it like a boss and made it down safely and I hope she realizes how amazing she is and what she truly is capable of. Good job Maggie!

  3. i dont have any comment that proably has not been said, but this video, was inspirational. the courage, calm head, listening, taken advice. when 100% of us would feak out, except maggie, true hero, go maggie

  4. Just in case anyone was wondering


  5. What a Hero, good for you Maggie, give Thanks to your Supporters and God, stories like this touch the Hearts ♥️ of everybody. God Bless You Maggie.

  6. Well done Maggie. amazing -Wow! What a situation to be in, and what great courage and determination you showed in order to get through it the way you did.

  7. I dont know Maggie, but I live EXTREMELY close to Beverly airport (not actually in Beverly, but the next city to the south) and am very familiar with it. I remember when this happened and I said, "Wow that's a skilled pilot that kept their cool, I'd probably be shitting bricks!". And then I learned the pilot was a girl and I said "Hell yeah, girl power!" … And THEN I learned she was just 17 years old and all I wanted to do was to find this girl, hug her, tell her I was proud of her and tell her of my admiration for her. I got emotional. As an all things aviation lover, a woman, and a mother of 2 daughters, my heart swells with pride, admiration and sympathy when I think of this girl and what her future will hold for a woman of her caliber. She is and probably will always be a great role model. No panicking or cracking under pressure. The fact that this student pilot, a girl of only 17, handled this as well as she did ALONE… she already shows so much character. I hope nothing but the absolute best for her. And since I live so close to this airport (I actually had my youngest daughter at Beverly hospital 5 months ago) and am always there and at others in the area, maybe one day I'll see her around, and can tell her to her face. 💙✈💙🛩💙

  8. It's 7am, I rly wanna sleep but I've been caught by this whole new youtube rabbit hole that I've never seen before :V

  9. Both women (Maggie and the ATC) are brave and great. Know Maggie in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzQbVbS6qk0

  10. Maggie at a job interview

    Hiring Manager: ”So this position occasionally requires a certain amount of adaptive decision-making and the ability to think on your feet…can you give us an example of a time where you were ”under pressure” and needed to make critical decisions in the face of that?


  11. Such a brave warrior. Her first ok's broke my heart, but she faced her fears and did what needed to be done. I am very impressed, and incredibly proud of her even though I don't know her.

  12. I absolutely love listening to her mentality through this… going from okay and panicking to realizing she HAS to get that plane down on the ground. okay… okay…. okay… alright….alright… I'd fly with you any day. great job!

  13. As a Pilot an a father it nearly breaks my heart to hear her voice. But full of respect I can say, I would fly with PLT Maggie every time with her in command. All the best for you from Germany Pilot Maggie, be proud!

  14. Respect ! Despite the fact that this is the nightmare for every pilot , she gained some gold experience here . I’m sure she ll be on of the best pilots we got out here !

  15. Great job everyone! Loved how she was handling it in a professional manner even though you could tell from her voice that she was terrified. I also loved how the instructor kept reminding her that everything was just normal and they were just going to do the basics. Telling her all the things that were in her favor etc.

  16. Poor thing, she sounds so scared which I'm sure she was, hell, I was scared for her. Super excited she pulled off that landing. AMAZING job Maggie!!

  17. Plenty of instructors and ATC people, but no accountable aircraft maintenance staff. Losing wheels seems to be a recurring issue in aviation…someone is not doing their f### job or cost cutting is more important than safety. Someone has to say it!

  18. What a girl! The bravery and courage this required of her was enormous. She faced it. She rose to the occasion! Renews my faith in young women. It really does.

  19. Mothers turn into mothers for any child when necessary. And I bet the ATC lady didn’t even realize she did it 🥰that’s exactly what Maggie needed in that first moment.. a momma ☺️

  20. I've got three full grown daughters. When she first started talking, it really made me sad. Sounds like a sweet girl. 🙏

  21. Can someone explain how a 17 year old student pilot is able to fly alone? I don’t mean this to be rude at all. I just don’t know how it’s possible? Maggie, you are an amazing young lady! Absolute legend! You did amazing!

  22. What an inspiration. She held herself together like a real champion and got the job done without making excuses. That's a real role model right there.

  23. Has there been any determination of cause of failure? I know it seems obvious to think mechanic error but it's not definite.

  24. That poor girl's fear was clear, but she kept it together and did what she had to to get herself on the ground safely. I know her instructor (and family) are proud of her.

  25. I hope that gave her a massive boost in confidence. These things are rare. She's got one out of the way early. Now she knows these things don't mean the end of the world.

  26. "Just continue circling until you eventually run out of fuel, alright? We'll get someone to assist you on crashing, alright?"

  27. I just came across this video. Maggie you were going to loose it but you didn’t. You pulled yourself together and as your instructor said went back to the basics. You are amazing. I have had only one flying lesson. You inspire me. I will fly with you any time.

  28. Heard several 911 calls where the caller was as scared as Maggie. Almost without exception, all they could do was scream.

  29. Wow…congrats to this pilot. Very impressive and inspiring. Really makes you appreciate ATC even more in fact. I aspire to be as brave and composed as Maggie as I continue my training.

  30. she should keep going, and move up to commercial jets. Anyone that can stay that cool and do what needs to be done… they should be flying for a living.

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