180SX Kouki Conversion

180SX Kouki Conversion

MOOG: In this episode of MightyCarMods, we are getting are getting sexy and kouki. [Intro] [synthesized voice] MightyCarMods. MOOG: Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods. Now, in this episode, I’m doing a kouki conversion on the 180SX. Kou-ki. “Kou” meaning light and happy and good luck. MOOG: And “ki”:
MARTY: We’re doing a lightness… MOOG: and “ki” meaning bright.
MARTY: a lightness and happiness conversion? MARTY: A light and bright conversion?
MOOG: So, we’re light bright conversion. MOOG: But, kouki also, uh, is a term, that is…
it’s terminology that’s used to represent a particular era in the late ’90s. Uh, which, back in my day, we just called it a “Type-X Conversion.” MOOG: It’s basically…
[Marty laughs] MOOG: This is the JDM cool kids way of just going “I’m buying some newer stuff that still fits on the old car and I’m just gonna bolt it on.” MARTY: Yeah.
MOOG: But why would you say that when you can do a kouki conversion? MARTY: If the front of the car, when the front of a car gets updated, it’s called a “facelift.” What’s the back of the car called?
MOOG: That’s a [stammers]. MOOG: An arse-lift.
MARTY: It’s an arse-lift, isn’t it? MOOG: I think so. It’s an arse-lift. So, I’m doing an arse-lift. A Type-X conversion. Or, for the cool kids out there, uh, that own Silvias and Supras and other things. That are parked right now in the car park hoping they’ll make their way out. Uh, in one piece, this is a kouki conversion. -[BGM]
MOOG: This 180SX has been through a few owners and a few walls since we owned it, back in 2013. It is rough! But today, we’re gonna start fixing it up, by updating the rear end with a Type-X conversion. MOOG: Now, who doesn’t love getting mad parts from Japan? Particularly, when they are cheaper and arrive faster than getting the same thing in Australia So, I’m pretty pumped about this! This first part of our kouki conversion. And this here has come all the way from: Chihiro? Ur-Urabi? In Fukuiarma? Fukiuma? All the way from Japan. To Sydney, Australia. [plastic rustling] [cardboard tearing] Oh! First JDM item of the day everyone! This is… Wow! Look at colour! That… Pearl Yellow! Never seen such a thing. So, this is… So, I don’t need this yet, so I’m just gonna open half of it. But this is a Type-X wing [plastic rustling] Look at that colour! Pearl Yellow! Never seen such a thing. So, this is obviously, off the later-model 180s. [boot catch releases] And that is just gonna go… ah! The Green and Gold everyone! Australia! So, that’s gonna be awesome! But the next one, this. Is what I am super excited about! Because the contents of this…
[cardboard ripping] is what’s really gonna blow everyone’s worm hole right open. Because this is…
[cardboard ripping] Oh, yes it is! This is our kouki conversion kit. Now, it’s not really a conversion kit but these are all the parts we’re going to need to kouki convert our 180. Marty, are you pretty stoked about this, man? MARTY: Yep! MOOG: You should be dude. Because look at this! This car is about to go from it’s 1989 era. Oh, yes! My 180 that I had back in the day had these as well. After I got crashed into on the, uh, M4 by some drunk dude in a Jeep. Look at that! Check this out, man. So we’re going from those… like 1989 spec to 1997 180 style.
MARTY: Did you get a different middle bit too? MOOG: Uh, I hope so. I hope so. [clattering]
[plastic rustling] ANDREW HAWKINS: Yep!
MOOG: Andrew Hawkins! Hello, mate! HAWKINS: Got a present for ya MOOG: Thanks for coming down. And what do ya got? HAWKINS: It’s a exhaust. Well, a cat-back section of an exhaust. MOOG: A JJR exhaust. I already have an exhaust, man. I got the full JDM 5000, double cannon, blast pipe, extreme, “Toyko Drift” edition HAWKINS: I got you a more normal exhaust. So that, when you do actually hit a wall backwards, this doesn’t destroy the whole back end of your car.
[MOOG laughs] HAWKINS: That’s why I want you to change it.
MOOG: Okay [Hawkings laughing]
MOOG: Alright. MOOG: So, you’re not a fan of these? HAWKINS: Uh, they CAN look and sound kind of cool but dumb. But yeah, generally I wanna run the wall, sometimes you hit them and then, it takes the bar with it smashes half of the exhaust and takes that with it as well. MOOG: You don’t like them?
HAWKINS: Plus, you like going to Marulan. There’s no way that that’s gonna pass the sound limits at Marulan, so… MOOG: Oh!
[Hawkins bangs box] HAWKINS: Normal exhaust mate. Present for ya!
MOOG: Alright. Thanks man! You gonna help me put it on? You gonna… you’re here? Here to do some mad Nissan stuff with me?
HAWKINS: I’ve been roped in, haven’t I? MOOG: Yeah MOOG: Oh, dude. Look at this!
HAWKINS: Oh, why not? Why not? HAWKINS: I can’t say no to working on a Nissan. MOOG: Does this, um… MOOG: Does this excite you way more than my Saab?
HAWKINS: Uh, yes. Much more. Did you notice I haven’t been over in a while? MOOG: Yeah. I did notice that!
HAWKINS: There’s a reason! [Hawkins laughs]
MOOG: You didn’t bring me an exhaust for my Saab! HAWKINS: No, I wouldn’t even know to get anything for a Saab. MOOG: Now, look at this. Now, how much better…
MARTY: Sweden! MOOG: What are you saying over there, mate?
MARTY: Sweden. MOOG: What?
MARTY: You get stuff from Saabs… for Saabs from Sweden. HAWKINS: Sweden? MARTY: No, Switzerland! No, Denmark!
Where are they from? MOOG: Thanks for chiming in, man!
[Marty laughs] [Marty laughing]
MOOG: You should probably shut up now! MOOG: Um… HAWKINS: He is a wealth of knowledge on Nissans and Saabs, isn’t he? MOOG: Uh, he. He is
[Hawkins laughs] MOOG: Oh, dude. I’m just… I’m so stoked about this.
This is gonna be awesome. And we get to add some more colours to the car. MOOG: The mad mis-match.
HAWKINS: Well, the colours were pretty terrible to begin with. HAWKINGS: So, who cares if there’s more of them, right?
MOOG: That’s true. HAWKINS: Although, is it an improvement over Olive Drab Fence Green that it once was? MOOG: Well, someone was inspired by our green and then painted it HAWKINS: More Green.
MOOG: Even worse green. [Both laughing] HAWKINS: I do like Type-X though. Type-X for the win.
MOOG: Oh, Type-X is awesome. HAWKINS: They are a bit more expensive to replace when people smash into after drifting, but you know what? …Doesn’t matter MOOG: The only person that would be able to crash into those is Marty. And so, there’s two good things about that. The first thing, for him to crash into them, it would mean I’m in front of him. HAWKINS: That’s right.
MOOG: So, that makes sense. HAWKINS: I will make sure that always happens now. MOOG: Oh, good. Thank you.
HAWKINS: For you. Yes. MOOG: Uh, the second thing is… Is that he would need to either be out-braking me or out-performing me to get close enough to crash into the back of me? Which again… just… MOOG: Let’s just remind everybody…
HAWKINS: Think about this. MOOG: I don’t think that’s possible either, is it? HAWKINS: If you’re sideways…
MARTY: My car is so fast HAWKINS: And he’s close to you he’s gonna hit your door not your light. MOOG: Yeah HAWKINS: So, your lights are actually protected for that reason. Until you go backwards into a wall. But other than that, they’re protected. MOOG: And then, let’s have a chat about the diff that we put in. That is now not there because it got unicorned HAWKINS: Yeah. I did giggle to myself watching you trying to do donuts and drift it going… “where did the diff out of that car go? ‘Cos, I do specifically remember putting a 2-way diff in.” MOOG: Yeah.
HAWKINS: But, it apparently it exploded. Because someone else abused the car and then got replaced with a normal diff. MOOG: Okay
HAWKINS: That explains why it has… MOOG: That makes me feel better. HAWKINS: It, well, it does…
[Moog laughing] HAWKINS: It actually will explain some of the crappiness of the driving, yes. [BGM] MOOG: For this rear-light conversion we’re going to need to remove the tail-lights, center garnish and lower panel. We’ll also need to modify the wiring loom to fit with the more modern tail-lights. Interestingly, the newer model parts are literally half the weight of the old pieces Though this may have something to do with how many layers of paint are on this dirty old drift car The panels and lights have been siliconed into place.
So we need to cut them off the car. [clatters] MOOG: Whoa-ho-ho! HAWKINS: Don’t you love that noise?
MOOG: Oh-ho-ho! HAWKINS: That’s the noise of a Nissan cracking! MARTY: Far out. That sounded brutal!
HAWKINS: Look at that! HAWKINS: Hey, if the sound isn’t brutal when you remove it on a 180, there’s somethin’ wrong. [BGM] MOOG: With one light down, now I’m gonna cut mine out. And then, I’m going to use a pry bar to release it from it’s years of dodgy drift repairs and mountains of silicon. MOOG: With that done we can remove the lower piece, clean everything up and then replace our rear end with our mad Type-X kouki parts. These all bolt onto directly. Which makes it a really easy mod for you to do on your 180. BUT, Type-X lights are super expensive. A second-hand set, like this, could cost you around $1000. Whereas the older model lights that we’re taking off, can be picked up for around $40. So, I really hope I don’t hit a wall backwards! MARTY: Yeah, dude! MOOG: Who’s here?
MARTY: It’s David! MARTY: It’s Dave!
MOOG: G’day mate! DAVID: Hey! HAWKINS: Hey.
DAVID: How you going? MARTY: Hands up if you a turbo Mitsubishi! HAWKINS: Hands up if you own a turbocharged Nissan! MOOG: Yeah! And the rest of the Internet. MOOG: Our friend Dave has turned up to help Marty on some super secretive mods on 2SEXY Which we will be seeing,in the next video of MightyCarMods. But meanwhile… our lights are in, but because it’s a drift car, they just don’t fit! MARTY: Do you want the honest answer or do you want…
MOOG:Yeah, no. The honest answer! MARTY: The honest answer? I don’t like Type-X lights. MOOG: Oh, don’t you?
MARTY: No MOOG: Really?
MARTY: I think they look more dated than the factory ones. MOOG: Wow.
MARTY: I think some people will agree with me. Some. Um… MARTY: But, no: this, this is different too, though, right?
MOOG: Yeah, yeah. MARTY: Yeah, that bit looks alright. MOOG: Wow
MARTY: Yeah MOOG: Martin’s just dropped a bombshell, everybody… That he prefers these… to the Type-X lights! There you go. MOOG: Someone out there will agree with you
MARTY: Yeah MOOG: And they will let us know.
MARTY: it’s only… MOOG: And then they’ll get flamed
MARTY: I don’t mind the circle “I wish I was a Skyline, but I’m not” thing [Moog laughing]
MARTY: It is the bulbous. It’s the bulbous, kind of, thing MOOG: That’s my favorite bit MARTY: Yeah?
MOOG: They’re like erect, light nipples MARTY: Exactly! They’re light nipples.
MOOG: Yes MARTY: Yeah.
MOOG: That’s the best bit. You just …aaaahhh! MOOG: I heard some people might. I don’t know. I wouldn’t MARTY: You wouldn’t lick a car? Yeah, right
[Moog laughing. He licks things] MARTY: Nah, they’re good, man. I can’t wait to see the thing, like, looking all, like… You’re gonna tidy it up and make it look mad, aren’t you? Like, the whole car, right? A bit? MOOG: We finally managed to get the lights to fit our dirty drift car. And now it’s time to talk suspension. MOOG: Some people have this idea that the lower your car is, you know? It’s the standard Internet thing. “The lower it is, it lowers the center of gravity, you can go faster.” But, like… That’s an overly simplistic way of looking at it, isn’t it? HAWKINS: Absolute, complete utter rubbish. I’ve always said that when you build a car to go fast, you design your suspension layout, your wheel and tyre set-up etc. And then you make the body fit around that. MOOG: Yep
HAWKINS: Umm, if that ends up being high, well, then, that’s just too bad. Like… Find other ways to do it. So, if you want to have a mega low car, um, and still drive right you gotta modify pick-up points. You gotta put different knuckles in it and uprights. HAWKINS: You can make low and work, but…
MOOG: Yeah HAWKINS: The amount of work is ridiculous. If you just wanna have a very factory sort of set-up suspension, and just aftermarket arms. If you want it to get it to handle right, you worry about your suspension first and the ride height is just, well… That’s just where it is. We’re actually pretty lucky that we’ve already got camber arms, toe arms and traction rods. Traction rods are a bit of a black art. Uh, I tell people “just leave it, unless you really know how to test what you’re doing.” MOOG: Yeah HAWKINS: Um, but camber and toe arms means we can make the adjustments, if we need to adjust the wheel alignment. Uh, we’ll set this up to beat 2SEXY first. And then, we’ll probably change it back a little bit to make it an easy drift car for you MOOG: Yeah
HAWKINS: To keep learning in, if that makes sense MOOG:Yeah, yeah. Awesome.
HAWKINS: The only real difference we’re gonna do is to beat 2SEXY, we’re just gonna have less camber. MOOG: OK, cool.
HAWKINS: When you drive it, to learn how drift better… HAWKINS: We’ll just put some camber back in, to give it less grip and then…
MOOG: Put more camber in… yeah, great. HAWKINS: Just pull the camber out as you get faster and faster and better and better MOOG: Yep MOOG: Awesome, man! With that said, why don’t we get it up, have a look. While we’re there, we’ll change the exhaust. HAWKINS: Mm-hm.
MOOG: Uh and, umm MOOG: and we can have a look at and see what kind of state the suspension is in as well. HAWKINS: Let’s do it!
MARTY: Everyone gets it up in 2SEXY! -[BGM: ‘Transformer’ – Moog]
MOOG: These twin blast pipes may look cool, but, I’m trying to clean the car up a bit, so they need to go. I’m replacing them with this cat-back system, which will hopefully bolt straight on without any further modifications. These blast pipes are also super loud. Which means the car in it’s current form is not allowed at some tracks. So, installing a cannon should get us around that problem [BGM] (“time we are gonna get it down,”) MOOG: Alright, so… the, uh, JDM spec, blast pipes are out. There’s already a 3-inch system, which is awesome. Sorry, I just realised how weird I must look with these glasses on. And, umm.. all like super science-fiction 5000. So, now, hopefully, that section there, is the exactly the same
[plastic rustling] as that section. And, if we’re lucky, that’ll just bolt straight on. -[BGM]
MOOG: And no, we are not lucky! When I line up this new cannon piece with the existing exhaust the hangars don’t line up with the car. And our position is also compromised by the size of this massive aftermarket rear bumper MOOG: Alright, so this looks like it’s gonna bolt up. The problem is, because of this massive bar, umm, where the hangars are, doesn’t actually line up with where these are. But I can’t actually tell whether this is gonna look better sitting like this, which is what bolts up Or moving the hangars. MOOG: Can I borrow you for a sec, Marty?
MARTY:Yep. MOOG: If I line the hangars up, if you have a look there. MARTY: Yeah.
MOOG: If you like, stand back and get some distance. MOOG: Does that look like the exhaust is like way too indented?
MARTY: Short. Yeah, short. MOOG: Where as, if I line it up where it would actually bolt on here. Now none of the hangars line up, but it will end up looking like that. MARTY: Nah, it’s perfect. Where it comes up, it’ll pretty much be flush with your bar. Which is what you want, right? MOOG: Yeah. Cool.
MARTY: Yeah so, mark it out dude… here MARTY: I’ll hold it. I’ll hold this up.
MOOG: So, can you hold this for a sec? Alright. So… That needs to come back to… MARTY: I’d go… MOOG: It’s four fingers worth. Exactly Oh, I don’t even need to measure it. It’s four fingers from there. MARTY: Just mark it on the pipe. MARTY: ‘Cos you also wanna…
MOOG: I’m left handed, so I can’t. MOOG: I need to mark it like that. You know?
[Marty laughing] MARTY: Yeah, cool.
MOOG: Alright. MOOG: We’re getting there. It WILL be a MAD 180 again. It will! MOOG: I’m using a sliding bevel, which is a tool usually associated with carpentry. To copy the existing angle of the hangars and then replicate the same angle, further down the cannon so I can move the hangars. [BGM] MOOG: With the hangar removed, now we can relocate it further down the cannon. Making sure we get exactly the same angle as the previous position. Then, I can tack it into place with a welder and test it out on the car. MOOG: Alright, so I’ve tacked these hangars on. Now I’m gonna take a hammer with me. So, I can actually test fit this underneath the car. Ah! That’s still very hot! And then… I’m gonna take a hammer, so if the angle’s not exactly right, then I can just adjust it one way or the other. Because, I was using stuff that you usually use for carpentry to try and get this right. And by using a photo that I took off my iPhone. So, I’m gonna put this up under there now. See if moving these hangars actually works.
Gets it where it needs to be. If it does, then I’ll just weld this up for real and then I’ll look at the next one. [BGM: ‘High Speed Run’ – Moog] MOOG: The exhaust now fits and the hangars line up. But I still need to adjust one of the front hangars. I’ve used some wire to mock it up into position, so I can make sure it clears everything and then we will weld it again. MOOG: With the baffle removed, I’ve now run into my next problem. My seat-belts have expired! MOOG: These belts say they’re not valid after 2003 and they were made in 1998. HAWKINS: Yeah [laughs]
MOOG: Now, why would they have made their way in here? HAWKINS: Well, you have to remember when you buy these online or buy them from the store, they might have had them in stock for a year Often you find that, for example, I just bought a new helmet, ‘cos it’s expired by 10 years, believe it or not. MOOG:Oh wow.
HAWKINS: But it’s dated last year. And I said “have you got one from this year?” They say, “Nah, it doesn’t exist.” MOOG: Yeah, right.
HAWKINS: So, you’re often a year behind to begin with. Then you got a guy who’s had it in stock for a year and then you’ve bought it and it’s got 3 years left. HAWKINS: But, what you do have remember…
MOOG: But, someone’s put that in after we built the car. MOOG: So, they’ve put it in
HAWKINS: Yeah MOOG: In the last couple of years.
HAWKINS: Yep MOOG: Knowing that it’s like more than 10 years out of date MOOG: And then we found
something else… HAWKINS/MOOG: There is a bong in this car! MARTY: No! Really? HAWKINS: A can bong MOOG: What’s a can bong?
MARTY: There’s a can bong! HAWKINS: Okay, where I went to high school, right? Unfortunately, Narrabeen, not so great area, so you did learn a few things on the street. And that is a can bong. MOOG:That’s just feral Nissan stuff man!
MARTY: Man, what the? [clatters] HAWKINS: Drifters, mate. Drifters. [Hawkins laughing]
MARTY: That could have been 5 owners old, for all we know. It could have been there for the last 5 owners. MOOG: I feel like…
HAWKINS: I’m thinking not, ‘cos we did clean this out pretty good. MARTY: Did we?
HAWKINS: But that’s since us. Definitely. MOOG: But, I mean… I feel like this car possibly has a seedier past than it already appears. And already, the roof’s being held on with rivets. MOOG: So many people on the Internet are upset about this car.
HAWKINS: There is a bong MOOG: Have you seen? All the comments “Poor 180.” And it’s like…
[Moog laughing] [laughs] MARTY: Drift spec!
MOOG: Oh! I now know… why these seat-belts were bought on special!
-[clatters] HAWKINS: Yeah!
MOOG: 2003 spec seat-belts! [laughs] HAWKINS: ‘Cos what went in the bong took up the money for new ones! [Moog laughing] HAWKINS: Wow. I don’t even… I don’t know what to say anymore. MOOG: Anyway! Let’s buy some new seat-belts!
-[Hawkins laughing] MOOG: Let’s buy some new seat-belts, alright? HAWKINS: eBay?
MOOG: Yeah. Or… MOOG: Maybe when the driver gets in…
HAWKINS: Just use this! MOOG: Yeah! Just ratchet strap them in!
[both laughing] HAWKINS: Oh, wow MOOG: Let’s move on from there and install our Type-X wing. People in Japan are pretty courageous about their colours and style. Compared to us. MARTY: Sure are.
MOOG: We’re reasonably conservative and… MARTY: Yep
MOOG: oh, the Internet said this and “it has to be this.” In Japan, they do not give a shit. And I love that MARTY: That… is the ugliest combination of colours I have ever seen. But, I think when it’s all the same colour it might look incredible. MOOG: The same colour?
MARTY: Yeah MARTY: Do you love it?
MOOG: Yeah MARTY: Are there already bolt holes there?
MOOG: No [Marty laughs] MARTY: We’re drilling your car?
MOOG: Yeah. MARTY: Do you like the wing?
MOOG: Yep MARTY: Yeah, I think I do too MOOG: This is an OEM Nissan Type-X wing in Pearl Yellow. A colour that I haven’t seen before. This was only $180 from Japan. And the same thing in Australia was almost $1000. Underneath the yellow, it looks like it used to be purple and underneath that, it used to be white. So it’s probably been through a few cars in Japan already. MOOG: Back in the day, they didn’t know this was going to be on there, so there’s no pre-drilled holes. Just waiting there to be filled with a big hard bolt. And so, because of that, it’s actually a little bit tricky to kind of work out how to line these up exactly. And so… We’ve kind of got some rough measurements that we found on a forum of someone who had measured up theirs. And then, some people can use paper templates or different things, but we actually have a different idea. So, I’m gonna tilt it back like this and expose two of the doodles. At which point, Marty and I will lube them up good. Like this. Luby von Lube-station. And now, we’ll get a little bit more lube. Lube up the rear end as well. Ready to lube up the rear, Martin? MOOG: And now…. MARTY: Lift it away…
MOOG: We just give that a press and if we lift away We should get four holes that are ready to be drilled. MOOG:Look at that!
MARTY: Cool MARTY: And now we can measure and check they’re the same. MOOG: Really?
MARTY: Yeah… That’s… MARTY: You should probably get a ruler… MOOG: Get a ruler and just make sure it’s all perfect first?
MARTY: Yeah, Just measure it MOOG: And also make sure there’s nothing under there.
[battery-powered drill] MOOG: So…
[battery-powered drill] MOOG: I don’t know about you but I’m really glad we double checked the measurement of these. MOOG: Are you feeling me, Martin? Man?
MARTY: Yeah, man MOOG: Feeling where I’m at?
MARTY: Glad you measured. [battery-powered drill] MARTY: What is it? Measure once, cut… MARTY: No, measure once drill four times? MOOG: Martin… Let’s umm… MARTY: I have a greasy finger and I’m gonna sort that out with a rag. MOOG: We’re gonna see if this actually, uh, fits. And then, they can think that we’re cool. Or they can think our tips are rubbish MARTY: It’s good. I just think that drill bit might be a bit small [rattles] MOOG: The holes are perfect
MARTY: The holes are spot on MOOG: We just drilled with a too small a drill bit.
MARTY: Well, that’s 6mm. They might need to be 8mm. [battery-powered drill] MOOG: I mean, I’m perfect over here man.
MARTY: Boom! MOOG: Bang! MOOG: Yes!
MARTY: That’s looks awesome! [phone ringing]
MOOG: My car’s ready for Rio man! MOOG: Look at it go!
MARTY: My baby! MOOG: My mum’s calling. MARTY: Hi mum!
MOOG: Oh, it’s Andrew Hawkins. HAWKINS: Hello mate! Uh, I’ve got a guy that can put together a Nismo 2-way LSD. Inside a 4.3 diff ratio, uh, uses a R200 diff. MOOG: Yep.
HAWKINS: Uh, 5-bolt for $850. MOOG: Okay HAWKINS: that’s actually cheap because it’s 4.3. If it was 4.1, it’d be like “Yeah, it’s alright.” But, 4.3s are hard to find and… Uh, with your car, a 4.3 would actually be pretty cool to have. MOOG: Uh, that’s awesome, man! Thank you very much, that’s amazing. HAWKINS: Alright dude. I’ll let you know.
MOOG: Unreal. Thanks mate. Bye. MARTY: Dude, let’s lift the boot and bolt it in MARTY: how do we open the boot? MARTY: You can’t open it with the key anymore, can ya?
[Moog whistles ignoring Marty] MOOG: Uh, you… no. No, you can’t.
[Marty laughs] -[BGM: ‘Forced Induction (feat. Accalia Snow)’ – Moog]
MOOG: I’m using a step drill bit to make some new holes, so I can get nuts on the under side of the Type-X spoiler. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to get them on. And there it is! We’ve done a Type-X rear conversion. We’ve gone from this… To this! And I reckon it looks freaking awesome! Now, just to give you an idea of what it would look like all the same colour. Here is my old 180SX. And here is the same car with a Type-X conversion. Where it’s all in black. So you get an idea of what it would look like. [BGM] MOOG: Now, I had a very, very fun day and it could be part of, like, harking back to my, like, my, my… whenever I was a little… little dude. Um, but… Type-X 180. Like, at the moment, it looks a little bit Olympic games. Because there’s just stuff everywhere. I know.
[Marty laughing] But, um… But I kinda like… We got the Green and Gold. That’s the Australian colours. MARTY: Yeah!
MOOG: National Pride This beautiful, multicultural land that we live in. Where you can buy a delicious kebab one day, and eat a witchetty grub the next. I had a witchetty grub myself. Pulled it out of the ground, cooked it with a cigarette lighter. MARTY: Or you can eat a fish and chip shop. But there’s certain ones you shouldn’t go near. MOOG: Really?
MARTY: Yeah, but this is awesome. MARTY: Your exhaust looks great,
MOOG: Yep. Exhaust is on. MOOG: The lights are on and the garnish.
MARTY: I think the lights are gonna come into their own when it’s all like… MARTY: If it looks a bit more uniform.
MOOG: You keep saying that, Martin. So, look, massive thank you to Andrew Hawkins of course, from Motive for coming out and um… spraying us with his Nissan knowledge. And umm… there it is So, of course, you can follow our balls on the FaceBalls. That’s FaceBalls.com/Balls. And umm, that’s it, Martin! We’ll see you next time! MARTY: Next time.
MOOG: Thank you very much! MOOG: And while I was making this video today, Marty was also making a video on 2SEXY. And that is going to be the next episode out on MightyCarMods

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  1. MCM Just want to say thanks! I was slowly becoming a inactive video game head…. recently I started watching your show again and motivated me to get a MK4 01 Jetta for a project car! keep on keepin on. Love ur show nothing like it around!

  2. I don't have a turbocharged Nissan or a turbo Mitsubishi but I do have a 1 human power rwd bicycle and 3 1 human power no wheel drive scooters

  3. It doesn't really matter, but the fact that your saying it "cookie" is disturbing as hell XD It's pronounced "Koki", not "Cookie" ^^

  4. Yea it's official that spoiler is almost identical to the Commodore SS VX Clubsport spoiler only big differences are your spoiler has less gurth and is raised off the boot lid a bit more. Couple of other slight variation differences but otherwise almost completely identical in style and shape. Not a dig as I have it on my commy so safe to say I approve lol.

  5. I like the new rear end, but $1000? No way I would spend that amount of money on updated tail lights, I wouldn't even do that on a Ferrari that is actually worth it. A bit of polished high gloss black paint on the middle bit would have gotten close for much less money.

  6. Hands up for the turbo mitsu.

    Damn s-cars here didn't come with turbo. And I had a 240sx hatch. Not a bad looking car, but the interior is cheap cheap cheap.

  7. Whoever made the can pipe didn't know that much about them either, cuz like they had the mouth hole at the top.

  8. Cool stuff when can u do a mini s gen 2 maybe a 2007 with CVT. on make it streetable but also can take it to track day. Thx from dan in USA Az first time long time.

  9. Can anyone let me know what websites these guys use to import all their car parts from bc trying to get stuff to Australia has proven impossible for me

  10. Can I ask what Japanese stores do you use? Can any of you guys put some links in the description please 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  11. The ugliest colour combination you’ve ever seen wtf marty it’s the most Australian sports team colours. How un straya are you

  12. Anyone that smokes out of an aluminum can is a moron. Have fun with holes in your lungs. Ill just use an apple like a regular broke person.

  13. I could never be a drifter. I can't drive for shit, but I am not that….brave…when it comes to casually drilling holes in my car.

  14. With homologation dates, getting fresh safety equipment that is usable for it’s original lifetime is hard, with helmets in north America, most car clubs take helmets up to 2 homologation dates old, which is 10 years after the homologation date which can be 6 years after purchase if you are really unlucky

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