1941 (10/11) Movie CLIP – The Ferris Wheel Rolls (1979) HD

1941 (10/11) Movie CLIP – The Ferris Wheel Rolls (1979) HD

[Japanese] [Japanese] Give us this day our daily bread
and deliver us from evil. And please don’t let me go to
the same place he goes. [Japanese] [Japanese] – Oh, my God!
– ## [Calliope Continues] [Screaming] [Laughing] – [Screaming]
– I can’t stop it! – [Screaming]
– [Ferris Wheel Creaking] – [Japanese]
– [Japanese] [Both Screaming] – [Screaming]
– Ma! [Japanese] – [Japanese]
– [Japanese] [Japanese] – [Creaking]
– [Herb, Claude Screaming] – [Shouting In Japanese]
– [Shouting In Japanese] [Screaming] [All Cheering] [Cheering In Japanese] [All]
Banzai! Banzai! – [Weeping] Good-bye, Hollywood!
– Banzai! [Shouting In Japanese
Continues] Hey, are you okay?
You all right? Boy, that was fun.
Can we do it again? – You wanna do it again?
– I wanna do it again. – You really wanna do it again?
– [Yelling]

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  1. Funny how all the action is happening at the carnival and los angeles is bombing the sky in the background.

  2. This movie sucks Back To The Future is a way way better movie and a lot superior to this cheesy corny movie.

  3. Although this is considered one of Spielberg's lesser works, there's no denying the FX are truly amazing, especially in this sequence. Greg Jein, who created the Mothership in Close Encounters, built the miniatures seen here and earned an Oscar nod. But I must agree there's a lot of mugging and overacting in the film for the sake of getting laughs that aren't there. (And rumors of Belushi's cocaine use didn't help either.) I think Spielberg just didn't know when to stop.

  4. The late, great Toshiro Mifune was known as the Japanese Clint Eastwood. When he arrived on the set at Culver City at the U-Boat set (it was in fact a German U-Boat the Imperial Japaneses Navy characters were manning and operating with the awesome Christopher Lee as the evil Nazi German Kriegsmarine officer Captain von Kleinschmidt as their Nazi observer ally on board, not an inferior Japanese I-class submarine) he was appalled by the lack of discipline and lack of seriousness by the Japanese-American extras and actors set to play his submarine crew. He asked Spielberg for permission to whip these guys into shape and instill Japanese WWII-style discipline and fervor and drill them into military precision and make them get proper 1941-era Imperial Japanese Navy haircuts, not 1979-era mops. Spielberg enthusiastically gave his permission and it worked perfectly. Years later for "Saving Private Ryan" (1998) Spielberg repeated the process and gave the famous retired U.S. Marine Corps Captain and Vietnam veteran and now a successful and highly respected and in-demand professional war movie/tv show technical advisor Dale Dye permission to use the same practice with Tom Hanks and his squadmates and fellow actors for a two-week hellish, realistic-style military drill and training "boot camp " in preparation for their U.S. Army Ranger and 101st Airborne paratrooper roles.

  5. If anyone is surrounded by late-war Allied Tanks in a theme park, we might just have a plan to get out….

  6. I still can't believe that Stephen Spielberg directed this. I always thought it was a Mel Brooks movie. The only thing they didn't have was breaking the fourth wall.

  7. You know, something similar to this actually DID happen in February 1942, when a Japanese submarine DID assault the coast of California, except that instead of a Ferris Wheel, it was an oil refinery. The Elwood Oil Refinery to be precise.

  8. 怪獣墓場の決戦のシーンみたい

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