1958 Ford Zodiac (British Ford) Classic Car in Jamaica

1958 Ford Zodiac (British Ford) Classic Car in Jamaica

Welcome to Kingston Kustom Garage where
today we will be featuring a 1958 Ford Zodiac belonging to Simeon Alexander Simeon’s fascination with this Zodiac
began as he would pass the previous owners house every chance he got. One day
he decided to stop and discovered that the previous owner had passed away. He
immediately offered to purchase the car and after some consideration the owner’s
wife decided to sell. The zodiac was manufactured in England
by Ford. The car was considered a full-size car in the UK and featured
British interpretations of 1950s American automobile styling which
included modest tail fins in the rear. The engine is a 2.6 litre inline-six
with a three-speed manual transmission which allows the car to have a top speed
of around 100 miles per hour the restoration process for the zodiac
took around two years Simeon did all the mechanical and
upholstering work himself but left the body work for the body shop the car’s
color was also changed from pink to blue this car turns heads wherever it goes
and is truly unique in the Island as many of the cars from this era are long gone thanks for watching and I hope you
enjoyed this video

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. My mate had a mk 2 zodiac in the 70s with a tiger in the back window that its red eyes hooked up to the brake lights,

    He got a Raymond Mays cylinder head with a 6 branch exhaust and tripple SU carbs ,the back end needed pulling down so i converted it to tele shockers at the rear we used to take it to Santa Pod Raceway for a bit of run what yer brung it was good fun ,they were great cars easy to work on another one of my mates got a digger and buried his mk2 convertible to get the insurance its in a field in Chalfont St Peters Bucks.

    I used to have a 73 Vauxhall n 3.3 FE estate car cut down into a pick up truck 3 speed auto straight 6 more reliable than a $100 hooker wish i had it now !

    A colour tune is a handy bit of kit to keep the fuel mixture spot on for a classic because you can see the mixture burning in the cylinders ! / UK

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