1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper Review & Install

1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper Review & Install

Hey, guys. So, today I’m here with the Barricade Trail
Force HD Front Bumper, fitting all 1987 to 2006 YJ and TJ Wranglers. So, adding a front bumper to your Wrangler
can add a number of different benefits including utility, as well as protection and strength,
and also the overall aesthetics of the front end of your Jeep. So, this Barricade front bumper is going to
do just that. It’s gonna provide some utility with some
recovery points and light mounting options, as well as a winch plate. It’s gonna provide that full front end protection
with uncompromised approach angles because of these higher-ends, as well as this bull
bar up front that’s gonna provide you some more protection than the factory front bumper
or some other options even on the site will allow. And then you’re getting an overall aesthetic
upgrade. So, this is going to match very well with
the front end of your Wrangler. This is also going to do a great job at creating
a more aggressive look than your factory front bumper setup. So, with all that being said, this is also
gonna be very affordable at roughly $300. And in my personal opinion, I think that’s
a great price for what you’re getting out of this front bumper. So, in comparison to some other options, you’re
usually gonna see a couple of different styles when it comes to designs for front bumpers
on the page. So, you’re gonna see usually tubular front
bumpers. You may see something like this that is a
mid-width front bumper, but is also going to have some different bells and whistles. They may have lights or instead of a bull
bar, they may have a stinger, but it will come down to your personal preference and
what you’re looking to get out of your front bumper. And in my personal opinion, I think this is
perfect for somebody who’s looking for something very affordable, but also wants all those
standard and necessary benefits out of an aftermarket front bumper and doesn’t need
all those bells and whistles. Overall, this is gonna look very sleek, mounted
up to the front end of your Wrangler and it’s gonna provide you a ton of benefits while
doing so. So, install is gonna be a very easy one out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. It should probably take you about an hour
to get the job done with some very basic hand tools. So, speaking of the install, let’s jump into
that now. Tools that I used for my install were an impact
wrench, an open-ended 19-millimeter wrench, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, a 10-millimeter
deep socket, and a 19-millimeter shallow socket. So, our first step to taking off our factory
front bumper is gonna be to remove our sway bar cover. Now, you’re gonna need a 10-millimeter socket
and we’re gonna remove the two bolts on either side that are holding the cover on. So, after the two bolts on the front are removed,
there are gonna be two on the back so you can remove those with the same 10-millimeter
socket. After those four bolts are removed, we can
peel up our sway bar end link cover. So, after our sway bar cover is off, we need
to remove the two bolts on the top and the one bolt on the bottom either side of our
front bumper. Now, our hardware was replaced, so I’m gonna
be using a 19-millimeter socket. However, these should be T55 Torx. So, after the two on top are removed, we can
remove the one on the bottom. Then the same thing for the other side. After that last bolt is removed, we can remove
the whole front bumper. So, before we go ahead and install our new
Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper, I did wanna sit it next to the factory front bumper
and tell you guys a little bit more information about this. So, right off the bat, you can tell that this
is going to look a lot different than the factory setup. As you can tell, the factory setup is pretty
plain. And when switching over to this new front
bumper, it’s going to allow for a more aggressive look on the front end of your Wrangler. Now, it’s not only going to look more aggressive,
but it’s also going to be a lot more functional than the factory setup. So, you’re getting two welded D-ring mounts
on the front, perfect for recovery. You’re getting a standard winch plate capable
of holding a winch with up to a 12,000-pound pulling capacity. And you do have a large bull bar in the front
that’s gonna give you some grille protection. Now, on top of that bull bar, you’re also
getting two light mounting tabs. And that’s perfect to mount up any extra accessories
or any auxiliary lighting. Now, the one thing that I do really like about
this is that it is completely different than the factory setup. You’re getting a angled up end, which is going
to allow better approach angles off-road and it’s also going to allow a larger wheel and
tire. Now, with this, you could take off the plastic
end caps, but you’re getting a fully capable front bumper right here that is also gonna
be a lot stronger than the factory setup. So, this is gonna be made of a 5/32-inch steel,
which is going to be a little bit thicker than the factory steel. And it’s gonna do a lot better at protecting
the front end of your Wrangler than your factory front bumper would. Now, it’s also gonna have a textured black
powder coat finish. And that’s just going to add to the aggressive
look that you’re getting out of this front bumper. But it’s also gonna do a great job at protecting
the steel underneath from any rust or corrosion. So, enough about these two front bumper side
by side, let’s go mount up our new one. So, what we can do is grab our bumper and
mount it up onto our frame. It’s going to attach in the same spots that
our factory front bumper did. So, after the bumper is sitting on the frame
and all the holes are basically lined up, what we can do is take our provided hardware
and our flat washer, and we can start with the bottom and secure it underneath on the
frame. Now, you wanna make sure that you’re threading
everything in before we tighten it down. So, after that’s threaded in all the way,
what we can do is move up to the top two mounting points. All right. So, now we can thread in our hardware on the
other side. So, after the hardware is in on the other
side, what we can do is tighten everything down. I’m gonna be using 19-millimeter socket and
a ratchet. So, after the two on the top are tightened
down, we can move to our bottom bolt. I’m still using that same 19-millimeter socket. Then after that’s tightened down, we can do
the same thing on the other side, and then we can attach our D-rings. So, I did have to use a wrench to get it down
a little bit, where I could fit my socket into place, then we can just keep tightening
it up with a 19-millimeter socket. So, last but not least, we can attach our
D-rings by unthreading the pin and then threading it back down. So, that’s gonna wrap it up for my review
and install. Make sure to like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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