1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Build For Make A Wish Foundation By ExtremeTerrain

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Build For Make A Wish Foundation By ExtremeTerrain

Ryan: I’m Ryan from extremeterrain.com and
welcome to this very special episode of Throttle Out. At XT of course we sell Jeep parts, but we
do like to get involved with the Jeep community however we can, whenever we can. And, as a company, we’ve been working with
the Make A Wish Foundation for quite a few years now. So we were very honored when Lucas chose us
making over his Jeep as his wish. So, what I have behind me here is his ’95
Grand Cherokee, that we’re gonna start with some of the general maintenance stuff, take
care some of the rust issues, and then get into some of the more fun stuff. Of course, adding a lift, wheels, tires, giving
this the full XT treatment with a bunch of other goodies as well. Now, that’s on the outside. As you can see from the inside, it’s also
going to need a little bit of love in here. You have the typical 1995 Jeep stuff. The headliner’s coming down, the seats are
a little bit worn out, and I’m super excited to be doing a full color change on the inside
that’s going to match the exterior of this thing. So, let’s get started on some of that rust
work, get a fresh coat of paint on it, let’s get going. So, we got this thing back from the paint
and body work. The top side looks amazing, but underneath
here is still a lot of work to do. As you can see, we’ve stripped both the front
and rear differentials out of this thing. We’re going to be sending those away for a
re-gear, so those new bigger tires we’re adding aren’t going to bog things down too badly. What I’m working on now is determining where
all of the oil underneath this thing is coming from, and it looks like it’s a variety of
different places. We have leaks in the valve cover gaskets and
both the front and rear main seals, the oil paint gasket is leaking, the transmission
is leaking. Of course, both differentials are gonna get
resealed after they come back from the gear shop, but those are currently leaking and
we have a giant hole in the exhaust here that I can fit a couple of fingers in, so we’re
going to have to make sure we get that squared away as well. Once we’re done with all this maintenance
stuff, we’re gonna lower the jeep down, work on some of the stuff on the top side until
we get the differentials back, and can get the suspension buttoned up. We’re just getting the rest of Lucas’s interior
out. We got the outside of this Jeep looking awesome,
we need the interior to be a little bit updated, and also to match color wise. So, out with the old, in with the new. What we have here is one of the backseats,
this is a custom leather seat cover that we had done just for Lucas, just for his Jeep. Of course you have the blue stitching in here
to match that blue and black that we’re doing throughout the Jeep. Of course the carpet, the dash center console,
all the trim pieces also getting changed to black to really pull that that theme together. Once we’re finished up with the rest of the
interior, which we’ll be done with pretty soon, we’ll then be able to move onto the
outside of the Jeep, and get to some of the more fun stuff. A lot of that aftermarket stuff that we’re
adding on to it, the auxiliary lights, and get the lifts finished up once the axels get
back here. Man: Oh yeah. Man, what’d you guys do? Ryan: Fixed it. Man: It looks like you soaked it with WD40. Ryan: Also fixed it. So we got the differentials back from the
shop. They have the new gears that are going to
keep this thing very, very drivable, even with the larger 33 inch tires that we’re squeezing
under Lucas’s ZJ. Now, because this thing is a daily driver,
we’re wanting to make sure that it stays drivable, he can get back and forth from work. After all, this is not going to be just a
dedicated trail rig. So, we went ahead and installed those gears,
and we also went with a 4 inch rough country series 2 lift kit. Again, it’s all about drivability, all about
comfort. This kit’s going to include 6 new control
arms, keeping its pinion and its castor angles all correct, keeping this very, very comfortable
while he is on the road. For those of you that know the ZJ body style,
even to fit a 33 under this Jeep, you are going to have to create a little bit more
room in the wheel wells. So, what we did was install a set of fender
flares that are going to open up, and give us just enough room so we don’t have any sort
of rubbing issues. While we were underneath the Jeep, we also
fixed Lucas’s exhaust leaky head, a nasty tick. As you can see, a brand new tail pipe here. Everything from the wide pipe back is going
to be brand new, taking care of that leak. So, we’re going to get it back down on the
ground now, and finish up all of the aftermarket accessories that we’re putting on up top. So, starting right up front, we installed
an ARB front bumper onto Lucas’s Jeep. This is going to add some of that off road
styling that he really likes, but also a ton of functionality. We didn’t just stop with the front bumper,
we also installed a rock hard 4 by 4 rear bumper, that again adds a lot of that functionality,
and a lot of the looks that Lucas wanted on his Jeep. This front bumper is going to give us a spot
for a winch, and of course we have a barricade winch mounted up there. We also have some auxiliary lights right here,
some 3 inch square LEDs that he’s going to able to use on those dark backroads at night,
if he does hit the trails at night, throwing a ton of additional light. We also swapped out the headlights and the
taillights on this Jeep. Now, let’s be honest, it’s an older Jeep,
the lights were looking a little bit tired, a little bit yellowed, so we went with some
euro lights in both the front and the back. They’re going to be nice and bright, and definitely
give the Jeep a much more modern look. We also installed a 50 inch light bar right
up on top of the Jeep for Lucas, that again is just gonna throw a ton of additional light
on those dark backroads and when he’s doing any night wheeling. And, we went with a single row light bar,
which in my opinion is just a little bit less flashy then some of those double row light
bars, blends in a little bit better, but still gives a ton of function, and some really nice
looks. The last bit of lighting we did is right down
here. We did a blue LED rock light for Lucas, and
that really ties together the blue and black theme that he had going on in the Jeep. I think those look really, really good. The last bit of armor that we did, you can
see right over here. And, that’s a really beefy set of rock rails. And, they come with this wrinkle black powder
coat finish on it that matches the bed liner on the lower trim panels here, really tying
everything together when you look at the Jeep from the side. And finally, right up top here, we have a
barricade roof rack with Lucas’s full size spare tire. That spare’s going to get him out of trouble
whether he gets a flat on road or off road. And, because it is a full size big spare,
it’s not going to take up all the room on the cargo area. We have it tucked away nice and safe on top
of the Jeep. So, a couple more things to finish up on this
Jeep before we can get it back to Lucas. So, we just finished up the last couple of
things on Lucas’s Jeep here. This thing is finally finished and finally
ready to go back to him. We installed some tint on the windows, really
sticking with that black and blue theme that he really, really liked. We installed a stereo system inside the Jeep. He already had an aftermarket head unit, but
we swapped out all of his speakers, the head unit, got him an amp and some subs. This thing sounds amazing, and we did a few
of those general maintenance things that he needed done as well. Taking care of his air conditioning system,
and fixing the sunroof. Now that we got everything finished up, I
could not be more excited to get this thing back to Lucas and see how he feels about it. We’re going to be doing the reveal at our
sister site’s car show, so let’s get over there and get Lucas’s keys back. Meredith: Hey guy, Meredith here. I’m stepping in for Ryan. We’re at American Muscle’s Car Show. It’s one of our sister sites. We have Lucas’s build here, and we’re about
to unveil it. A lot of hard work and effort was put into
this, and I really think that he’s going to like it. Let’s check it out. Man 2: Lucas called and spoke to Ryan from
Extreme Terrain a couple weeks ago. We did not have a lot of time with this car. I got to meet Lucas earlier today. We got to hang out for a bit. Awesome kid that really deserves everything
that’s happening here. Lucas told me earlier that he actually bought
this a year ago, thought it was going to be a temporary car, right? I have a feeling that once he sees it, he
will probably change his mind. Three, two, one. How does it look? Lucas: Awesome. Can’t wait to drive it. Man 2: One of the things I know you told us
was the interior was something that you were really worried about. So, do you want to open it up and take a look? Lucas. Geez. Man 2: Let me show you the back of this thing
too, Lucas. Pop it up. You are gonna be rocking the neighborhood,
sir. You happy with how it looks? Lucas: Yeah. Thank you so much.

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