1998 BMW Z3 Auto – Used Car For Sale – 007 Limited Edition – With Hardtop

1998 BMW Z3 Auto – Used Car For Sale – 007 Limited Edition – With Hardtop

This is a 1998 BMW Z3 BMW Roadster – Convertible – Cabrio in 1998 actually this one was a 007 limited edition 1.9 liter engine 4 cylinder I m going to show you this car. Only 2 owner and in perfect condition and the top actually I do have a hard job and this canvas soft top has never been used. great condition the back window has not faded out all
night as you can see you can see inside the vehicle it’s really nice it is in very good
condition The alloys wheels were standard on this car. The wheels are perfect. This is exactly this this particular
color combination of the James Bond car. 007 movie in 1998 when this car was introduced. later-on BMW switched to a 6 cylinder engine but that engine had far less fuel economy let’s look at the side a little bit and we’re going to look inside there it is two-tone interior automatic transmission the seats are in perfect condition – it doesn’t have any rips in it the dash is in great condition a electric seats and the air conditioning works great the original stereo over-all it has been a really great car I never had any problems I regularly maintained the vehicle all the service has been done when I bought it actually had about
30,000 miles on it and now it has a little bit over 200
because I was communing with this car but service-wise and condition-wise it is very very nice thank you for watching please feel free
to call me if you have any questions okay I just put the top down so I just
wanna show you the top goes down manually and it looks really
nice there it is there’s a roll bar behind the driver and passenger seats for safety so that’s it thank you for watching but

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