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  1. Do you need/use contacts?
    I'm asking because it would be funnier if you could tip your glasses at the camera at the start of every video

  2. They do this in science Olympiad and this would be really helpful for the people who have that event …. But we also do battery buggy but it's kinda the same thing but with a battery

  3. I love your vids and they bring me so much joy everyday. You and the backyard scientist are my inspiration and because of y’all I want to be a scientist one day.

  4. Depending on the pulley types, bearing types, and number of pulleys the mechanical advantage is always different. But with 4 pulleys the mechanical advantage could never be 4 unless they come up with a friction-less pulley.

  5. The mouse trap car at 4:09 is actually at a mechanical disadvantage by 1:360 as if you put weight on the wheel the mouse trap would have to put 360 times more force to move the weight.

  6. Imagine having a college class with Mark Rober as your teacher and then leaving that class and going to another class with vsauce Michael as your teacher… I’d actually love school lol.

  7. I won our mousetrap car competition in HS in the mid 90s. Built it a lot like here, a string on an axle and a large record for a wheel.

  8. I had to make one in physical science 9th grade we used bottle caps and plastic for wheels and we only had a ballon to make it move

  9. MY brother did this in bowling once! Except he doesn't pay attention in physics. He would push the ball with little to no force down the center of the alley. The ball would take extremely long to get there but it would get a strike down the middle the majority of the time!

  10. It’s like if you drive quickly you lose more fuel but if you drive slower you use less and go further. The more you know

  11. Can you make a video about the physics of playground swings? How to most effectively pump your legs and pull on the ropes to swing higher?

  12. "Hopefully you learned enough…"
    Me: I barely understood the science terms in beginning, i won't be going anywhere soon

  13. I understand the brick, screw, levers, and wheels and axles, but what about the pulleys? It looks like you’re pulling up the same weight no matter how many pulleys there are. Why does it feel lighter?

  14. What’s funny is I’m building one of these for a highschool engineering class to carry an egg through a 6in hole in a wooden board that is raised 6in above a table, down a ramp, than pull said ramp through the hole, so I need to make one with a lot of force exerted very quickly and a ramp that is light enough that it doesn’t resist the car. So if I use cardboard, but that thicker kind so it will hold but my problem is how do I get the ramp to go through the hole after (no touchies) any ideas my science friends?

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