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  1. What's wrong with these people? They put these children in car seats and forget about them? Something is bad wrong with them.

  2. What experts that say babies are like cell phones and not like a living being? What experts say that when a patent forgets kids that majes it okay to neglect or abuse them? Okay then…

  3. How do you leave a child in a car?!??? I won’t even leave my purse or phone let alone A WHOLE HUMAN BEING???

  4. When My child was born with colic I got zero sleep so I sympathize but still that's not a mistake that doesn't deserve punishment.

  5. Air bags were forced upon the public. Then suddenly the "official" version became: don't leave your children in the front seat (because of the air bags that were forced upon the public). If people were allowed to leave their children in the front seat, they would not be forgetting them as often. But that cannot happen, because the so-called experts have decided that ALL cars must be fitted with air bags.

  6. "Leave something more important to you in the back with your kid so that you wont forget! A phone, a purse." – This is what I heard from that woman…………

  7. Poor baby! This was a child left in a daycare van, so everyone bashing the parents can stop now. Imagine being the parent of this child and you trusted that they were safe at their daycare all day. That said, I know that the daycare person that forgot to get the child out is destroyed right now. Imagine being that person. This is so sad. Now, if people would stop thinking that they could never forget a child, then maybe people would be more aware when they are making that mistake

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