2002-2005 Toyota Camry Aftermarket LED DRL Projector Headlights Spyder Auto Installation

Welcome to Spyder Auto’s projector headlight
installation guide for the Toyota Camry. Before we get started, you’ll need a 10-millimeter
socket and ratchet and a panel popper. Check out how our Spyder projectors change
the look of your Camry. Start by opening the hood. Remove the 2 10-millimeter bolts securing
the bumper fascia on either side of the grille. Then use the panel popper to remove the plastic
retainer securing the bumper fascia. Moving under the bumper, we’ll need to remove
these 7 10-millimeter bolts securing the bumper fascia from below. Now we’ll move the wheel well. Peel back the fender liner. Remove the 10-millimeter bolt hidden vertically
behind the fascia. Next, pull the fascia edges outward to unseat
the bumper. Unseat the bumper fascia. Be sure to disconnect the fog light harnesses,
if so equipped. Remove the bumper fascia and set it aside. Remove the 2 10-millimeter bolts securing
the headlight. Pull up on the headlight to release the mounting
tab and then you can unseat the headlight. Disconnect the high beam and low beam harnesses. Then disconnect the turn signal harness. Now locate your Spyder headlight. Connect the low beam harness to the Spyder
headlight. Connect the high beam harness. And connect the turn signal harness. Seat the Spyder headlight, making sure to
seat the mounting tab as well. Reinstall 2 10-millimeter bolts to secure
the headlight. Be sure to reconnect the fog light wiring
harness, if so equipped. Go ahead and seat the bumper fascia. Reinstall the hidden 10-millimeter bolts,
securing the corner of the fascia. Replace the fender liner after installing
it. Then reinstall the 7 10-millimeter bolts,
securing the fascia from below. Reinstall the plastic retainer securing the
center of the fascia. Last, install the 2 10-millimeter bolts securing
the fascia on either side of the grille area. Then just close the hood and you’re done. Congratulations, you fitted your Camry with
a set of slick projector headlight from Spyder Auto. This is the actual projector cut-off line.

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