2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 (W209) Avantgarde Review [ENG. SUBS]

2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 (W209) Avantgarde Review [ENG. SUBS]

Hi, today we are going to show you a Mercedes CLK320 from 2003 This is the second generation of the model, it was available as a coupe and as a convertible – S: Yes, as you know we with Nicky prefer cabriolets, but the coupe is exceptionally elegant and beautiful and that’s why we decided to show you exactly it. Something I really want to underline is the fact that there is no B-pillar you have that clean and sleek look and of course that makes a lot of the owners drive with the windows down even when it’s hot outside. As you can see, the seat belt is integrated in the back panel as in most convertibles and when I turn the ignition on – Will it go out? – Yes, it will you take the seat belt secure it and it goes back. Intelligent, you are driving a Mercedes after all! Now I will show you what it means to drive a Mercedes Pay attention: The car has some modifications and now I’ll show you my favorite Here you a have a button which is completely ordinary at first glance, just a piece of the interior, but actually it does something very interesting, pay attention: This is the normal sound of the car, but when we press the button Now that’s a good mod, unlike putting a “6.3 AMG” badge on the trunk lid of the SLK 200 Kompressor or the same badge here on the passenger airbag, with Rila glue of course (cheap soviet paper glue) Since we are douchebags and we drive a Mercedes, we don’t want to open the trunk with the handle and get our hands dirty – we press the button on the key instead the trunk opens and we see the triangle put in an easy to access spot in case you need it the Germans have thought of it. You can also see the two handles which release the back seat so you can load more luggage and for a sport coupe, grand touring coupe you have more than enough space to load whatever you want and go to the sea for example, or in the mountains. We are already in the car and let’s start with our so-called tour with the owner here – N: Is it called so? The so called tour, the owner is here we will talk a little bit more about the car, he will tell us more and we will tell you more Always put your seat belt on, even on the back seat Yes, this is very important – S: So, let me start from the back to the front I am sitting behind the driver – I can say it is comfortable for a coupe it has plenty of space, an armrest of course, with cupholders You also have a shade in the back, Nikolay has closed the cover of the sunroof – N: So you can see us better This particular trim of CLK has a lot of features The car we are showing you today has 3.2 V6 engine 218hp rear wheel drive of course And now we are on the road to Golden Sands, which has less traffic than the city so that we can see how the car handles, how it feels on the road And what would you say, what do you think of the car as an owner? What have you noticed, does it respond well to the throttle, how does the suspension feel, the brakes, etc. ? Are you happy with your choice? Everything on the car works well, I like the way the car and the engine feel The engine is responsive, despites being big and naturally aspirated the brakes work well What else can I say, the steering is electric, as well as the accelerator pedal, which is also electric which is a little bit strange for new drivers since you don’t really feel what’s happening N: So it has electric power steering? – K: Yes, exactly. Like in the newer cars, despites the fact this one is from 2003 Right now I have the opportunity to check out the interior insted of keeping an eye on the road which is nicely put together from high quality materials This one drives like a… The materials are premium quality, the car is full of features here we will include interior… uhm, shots of the interior I also want to mention, that… – N: Let’s hear Chefo S: With good maintenance this car will not cause any major problems, but don’t forget the maintenance here is expensive and you really need to have enough money to be able to afford such an automobile In some cars you may encounter problems with the suspension I mean broken ball joints etc., but this happens in the lowered ones which also have larger wheels – like the one we are in. We need to look cool after all, and the car looks cooler that way Otherwise to sum it up the car is very well made and if you can afford the maintenance this is the car for you – N: Yes, we have just been joking with Shefo… with Chefo – Shefo that we actually… for some reason we started comparing the car with an Audi S3, which we reviewed several weeks ago and there is just no place for comparison, this one is many classes above, a Mercedes after all This is a GT coupe after all, a grand tourismo coupe for long trips, comfortable, nice, features, good sound deadening. Here, as I said earlier there is no pillar in the middle, but the car is very quiet, refined… Yes, as opposed to some other… convertibles And by the way, despite it has been lowered for me at least, the car rides very comfortably and combined with the good sound deadening like in all other Mercedes cars, travelling with it is very comfortable, nice and you can drive all day long. – S: Yes, and by the way the car is based on a C-class and a lot of the features, parts of the interior etc. come from the E-class which means that when it was new you were paying for a C-class and driving an E-class or something in the middle Some people were not satisfied with that fact, and in the end They stopped the production in 2009, right? N: Yes, that’s when the new model entered production S: And the new model is even better. – N: Chefo, what can you say about the engines of those cars? What can I say about the engines of those cars? What are the engines? What was it offered with? Well, in the facelift, which is this model the weakest is 2000cc kompressor, and from there on they climb up and you know, the top model is the AMG, which was how much? 6.3? – K: 6.3 on papers Yes, there is also a CLK55 AMG version which has a slightly smaller engine, but again, the three letters it is an entirely different car, but the price there is also different The one we are riding in right now is a CLK320 which means it has a 6 cylinder engine petrol, naturally aspirated, with 2 spark plugs per cylinder, right? K: Exactly. – N: It is a very reliable engine, very well engineered from Mercedes The owners are satisfied, good engines, they last long and they have 218hp, which is completely enough. They were also available with diesel engines There were two diesel engines, right? Yeah. – S: One of them was 2000cc? K: 2.7 – N: Yes, the smaller one is 2.7 and approximately in 2006 Mercedes have slightly changed the branding of all of their cars, I think they name the same 2.7 320 – K: Exactly. And after that they start installing the new engine… So, we have showed you Mercedes CLK320 from 2003 the car is beautiful, elegant it offers relatively good performance, and all of that comes at an affordable price Yes, a good price, but keep in mind that this is a Mercedes Prices vary between 3500 and 7500 euro and above according to features, engine and production year Yes, for example, when you search for cars between 2003 and 2006 there are approximately 200 offers on the Bulgarian market right now but of course, as always, you should not buy the cheapest car because it will not have been maintained properly – S: Exactly, and we will change the format of the videos slightly, the bloopers and the funny moments will be in a separate video, which we will be releasing on the next day, so subscribe Yes, subscribe to the channel, like the Facebook page and that way you will not miss the video with the bloopers parodies etc., it will be released at 12:00 on the day after the release of the reviews – S: So you can see all the dumbass stuff our heads can create, and so – bye, we will see you tomorrow This is everything from us… for now. – S: See you tomorrow!

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  1. Много хубаво ревю и полезно, още повече когато си и търся да закупувам такава. Продължавайте в същия дух хах.

  2. На 2:09 като цъкна копчето и се промени звука тези копчета заводско ли бяха и не защото на другите 320- ки няма

  3. Какво го сравняваш с с3 ? Съвсем различен клас кола … Що не го сравните с а класа от тия години а точно с с3 ? С3 е спортен и здрав автомобил със спортно окачване ….. Изобщо голяма глупост издрънка …..Едно цлк 320 е около 10 к и нагоре а С3то е 7 , 8 … Просто неуместно сравнение и, иначе Цлкато не е лошо ако имаш още двойно пари за ремонти 😉

  4. Това със звука от гърнето всяка 320ка ли го има или е допълнително

  5. Това нещо е модифицирано, стоповете са от фейслифта, но предната броня си е от преди фейслифта, копчето за ауспуха си е да кажем "street tuning", двигателят също е от преди фейслифта – след 2006, ако не се лъжа, той е заменен от CLK 350 с около 272 коня. За окачването и джантите не коментираме – ясно е, че не са оригинални за модела. Хубаво изпълнение е иначе – елегантно направено и без крещящи модификации. Дано си я кара собственикът със здраве и най-вече – безаварийно!

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