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If you’ve been considering the 2020 Nissan
Versa, then you should probably check out this 2020 Chevrolet Spark. The Chevrolet Spark is packed with features
that you can’t get on the Nissan Versa. The Chevrolet Spark has Standard Onstar which
uses a GPS receiver and cellular system to get turn by turn driving directions, unlock
your doors remotely, and help track down your vehicle if it’s stolen. To help the drivers achieve optimum performance
and fuel economy. The Chevrolet Spark has a standard up shift
button to indicate when to shift based on power needs and conditions. To allow full utilization of available cargo
room, the Chevrolet Spark hatch uses gas struts supported hinges that don’t intrude into
the cargo area. The Nissan Versa does not. The power windows are standard on both the
Chevrolet Spark and the Nissan Versa. They both have locks to prevent small children
from operating them. When the lock on the Chevrolet Spark is engaged
the driver can still operate all of the windows, for instance to close one opened by a child. The Nissan Versa prevents the driver from
operating the other windows just as it does the other passengers. Come on down and see everything the 2020 Chevrolet
Spark has to offer with our free 48 hour test drive. Once you buy it we can cover it with our free
lifetime mechanical warranty.

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