2005-2014 MMD Bolt On Hood Strut Kit – Black Review & Install

2005-2014 MMD Bolt On Hood Strut Kit – Black Review & Install

Justin: Now, one of the best modifications
I’ve ever done to my S197 was ditch that factory prop rod in favor of a set of Hood Struts
like the black options that we have here from MMD, available for all 2005 to 2014 Mustangs. Now, this set of two hood struts will combine
the two upper and two lower stamped steel brackets, along with your two gas-powered
struts in black for right around that $80 price point. Now, install according to the site, will actually
get a very soft two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here and take about
an hour or less, depending on whether or not you’re doing this by yourself or maybe with
a friend. But either way, guys, if you hang with me
for a little bit, we’ll show you how it’s done later in the video. So, full disclosure here, guys. This is one of the first modifications I’ve
ever done to my 2014 GT after I brought it home and for a good reason. Not only are they very affordable in the grand
spectrum of car mods, but they dramatically clean up the engine bay by eliminating that
archaic factory prop rod. And two, it just makes working in the engine
bay a much easier task, as you’re not kind of dancing around that prop rod while you’re
turning some wrenches. Now, the product itself is pretty simple,
overall, right? You got your two uppers, two lowers, as far
as your brackets are concerned, one for the hood, one for the fender area, and then finally,
those guys are gonna be joined by the twin gas-powered struts here, which ultimately,
make opening and supporting the hood a much easier task. Now the best part is, guys, this kit is super
easy to install. It does not require any permanent modification
or drilling and really can be used on both stock or aftermarket hoods alike. Now I do quickly wanna point out that, yes,
technically, this kit is designed to fit all S197s. However, you need to be mindful when ordering,
as a site does break it out into two different year ranges. For instance, ’05 to ’09 cars, will require
the item number 41282A, while ’10 to ’14 Mustangs will utilize 41282B. Also, keep in mind, here gang, that MMD does
also offer the same exact kit, but in a chrome or silver finish, for owners looking for more
of a pop under the hood, which obviously is also available here on the site for about
10 to 20 bucks more than the stealthier black options that we have here. But now we wanna show you just what it takes
to get everything installed. However, some folks have stated out there,
it’s a little easier with an extra set of hands, basically, there to help out when needed. Regardless, we’re gonna walk you through the
job right now and give you a quick tool breakdown. Check it out. Man: The tools used for this install are a
quarter-inch ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, a razor knife, small flathead screwdriver,
and a marker. So the first step of this install is gonna
be to get your hood open and remove the fender bolt located for this back on the fender. I’m gonna use a 10-millimeter socket on a
ratchet and unscrew the bolt. Next, you’re gonna take the provided bracket
for the passenger side and bolt it right into the factory location with the factory bolt. Now that I have my bolt started, I can tighten
it down. For the next step, I’m gonna make sure that
the hood is very properly supported, and then I’m gonna remove the forwardmost bolt and
loosen up the rear bolt. With one bolt removed and the other one loosened
up, I can slide my bracket into place between the bolt and the hinge. I’m gonna make sure that I clear my windshield
washer hose before I tighten up any of my bolts. To make it a little easier to pop the socket
onto the ball end, I’m gonna remove the retaining clip and reinstall it after the strut is installed. And finally, I can connect the other end of
the socket. And now, I’m just gonna throw the last clip
into the ball socket. If you have a 2010 to 2014 model Mustang,
then you’re gonna need to relocate the bracket for the sound tube to underneath the pinch
weld. You’re gonna need a 10-millimeter socket and
then you’re gonna have to relocate the U-bolt that’s located underneath of this bracket. Next, I’m gonna use a small flathead screwdriver
and remove the metal bushing from the rubber. Now I can remove the square rubber bushing
from the bracket itself. Next, I’m gonna make a quick mark on the rubber
bushing, where the gusset for the bracket interferes, and I’m gonna cut the middle of
the bushing out. Now I’m gonna use a nice sharp razor knife
to cut the center of the bushing out. Now, we can reinstall the bushings into the
bracket. And now, I can use the factory U-nut and place
it underneath the bracket and get the bolt started. And that’s gonna wrap up this review and install
of the MMD Bolt-On Hood Strut kit for your ’05 to ’14 Mustang. Thanks for watching. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I found the redline struts are much better and easier to install. I actually had to send back to MMD struts before giving up on it.

  3. I bought a set of these and they only lasted a few months. They quit during the first winter and never recovered. I then bought Ford Performance hood struts and they have lasted years! MMD may have good products with other parts, but this one isn’t one of those good products.

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