2008 Cadillac STS/ In-Depth: Overview

2008 Cadillac STS/ In-Depth: Overview

hey this is kelsey mays for cars.com and
we’re here with the 2008 cadillac STS the STS Cadillacs midsize sedan so it
competes with cars like the BMW 5-series in the audi a6 it’s been around for a
few years cadillac gave it a pretty thorough
refreshing this year if you look closely you’ll see a new grill on the sts got
Cadillacs two-tone treatment that’s also on the Escalade and the new cts overall
the SDS keeps its muscular stance with pretty crisp front and rear overhangs
lower ride height and pretty recognizable Cadillac styling big news
under the hood is Cadillacs new direct injection v6 it makes 302 horsepower
which is a pretty healthy gain from last year the trunk is at the low end for
this segment in terms of space but what we really don’t like is how small the
opening is as you can see the lid itself doesn’t extend that far back and so it
doesn’t leave a lot of room for you to put in a big suitcase once you get stuff in the floor is nice
and flat and like most midsize luxury cars the rear seats don’t fold down for
more room there is a small pasture if you need to put through skis or
something through the middle seat Cadillacs latest keyless start system
incorporates a new remote it’s much more elegant than before it’s got a nice
weight to it silver Cadillac logo on the back and it
just feels much more substantial than before previous Cadillac keys were pretty much
very similar to everything else found a GM front seats are pretty comfortable
there’s lots of good support and plenty of cushioning for you to really sink
your back into the interior has lots of high quality metal and wood surfaces but
there are some panel gaps that really don’t belong in a car in this class the
center controls show the Cadillac of two or three years ago not necessarily the
stuff they’re putting out today there’s a lot of small buttons and dials for
stuff that you really use a lot like your radio volume in your temperature is
also a lot of symbols that are kind of hard to decipher even after you’ve
looked at them several times for example the globe here well that shows the navigation screen
pretty simple but if you go to configuration or route suddenly you’re
faced with a whole battery of things like the Statue of Liberty which is
supposed to be points of interest and a circle with the . in the middle which is
supposed to be previous destination overall the SDS is a fun to drive and
fast car the Cadillac could work out some of the
Cork’s with navigation system and some of the center controls it could be a
real winner in this segment as is its only a couple steps off for additional
information on this car or any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

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  1. whats kinda sad is apart from the navigation screen the interior controls look very similar to the 1999 seville STS
    but what they said about the key is soo true
    my friend has a GMC and the only difference between his key and mind is mine has a cadillac insignia on it

  2. umm. ford hasent been rated the worst automaker? they have the save realibilty has honda and toyota. dont say things you dont know. sorry you loose.

  3. wow, i can easily see this video's comments has been overrun by douche bags

    such a shame, the fact that Toyota fanboys are so insecure about their cars that they bash american cars, and stand behind there cloak of saying toyota's are reliable, that may be true, but why would anybody even want car's that are just appallingly ugly

  4. Why are people in the comments comparing Toyota's to Cadillac's? They are two different products. its like comparing a Walmart wrist watch and a gold Rolex.

  5. The good thing is that they lose their value quickly so for those who like to buy used cars (2 or 3 years old) I can get a GM certified Cadillac with warranty for a little over $20k and tons of good features and relatively good reliability.

  6. The STS is a nice car,its ashame that they discontinued the car,but I had a feeling that was going to happen.they keep that body style to long 2004-2011. I still love Cadillac's but the status is not the same as it was when I was a kid growing up in the late 80's-early 90's. It's like Cadillac has lost their touch.especially when the Asian luxury vehicles started coming to the states

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