2008 Mercedes-Benz S550/ Quick Drive

2008 Mercedes-Benz S550/ Quick Drive

I am I can only with cars.com and i’m
here with the 2008 mercedes-benz s-class Mercedes means luxury to a lot of buyers
and one reason for that is the s-class the flagship of the brand the s-class
offers luxury buyers a car with impressive power style luxury and
amenities the s-class is a pretty large car but it where is it sighs well design
cues include angular front headlights prominent fender flares and a slope
trunk lid and of course there’s a three-pointed star on the hood that you
can see from the driver’s seat this model has the AMG Sport package and
what that means is that you get special 19-inch AMG wheels lower bumper
mouldings on the front and the rear and chrome exhaust tips even though the s550 is the least
powerful s-class it’s still capable of a rather quick 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds if
you dare be so uncivilized the engine works with a seven-speed automatic
transmission and it normally has a rear-wheel-drive but if you want a more
sure-footed driving experience you can choose the all-wheel drive 4matic model
like this one here when you spend a lot of money on a luxury sedan you expected
to do things a normal car wouldn’t do like closing the door for you you can
see here that when you let the door shut it closes tight pulls itself close and
you expect a high-quality interior when you’re paying a lot for a luxury car and
the s-class delivers there’s a lot of burl walnut wood trim you can see plenty
of leather to and there’s detailed stitching on the center armrest the dashboard fancy
switches and buttons it’s just a really classy cabin the seats also have quite a
number of adjustments if you choose the optional drive dynamic multi contour
seats what that means is that you can
customize the bolster support and had their an array of options for
controlling the seats when it comes to gadgets it’s hard to know where to begin
with the s-class because it has so many one of the ones you’ll probably find
yourself using most often is the command control knob that’s located in the
center console it’s one of the better integrated
controller systems out there other ones include BMWs iDrive and Audi’s MI and
it’s better because of the way mercedes is set up the menus they’re
pretty logical and it’s easy to get accustomed to how the system setup other features include an optional night
view assist which projects an image of what’s in front of the car into your
instrument panel sometimes you don’t buy a car like the s-class to sit in the
driver’s seat but instead to sit in the back and just ride along and if that’s
you the s-class has a pretty massive rear seat that’s very comfortable and it
has some neat available features like a glass moonroof all know it’s the kind of
backseat that makes you wish you had a jar of grape on to offer the car next to
you without stepping into the realm of ultra expensive luxury sedans from
Bentley in $YEAR rolls-royce the s-class is about as high as you can go in terms
of high-end cars and adding the options mention here bring the car to a
six-figure price tag that’s pretty expensive but the s-class doesn’t really
give you any reason to say it’s not worth that much money and that’s an
accomplishment for additional information on this car or any other go
to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

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  1. Actually that's not a bangle ass, Mercedes was first to show a rear trunk lid like that on their concept for the Maybach in 1998. Everyone mistakenly credits Chris Bangle (BMW's chief designer) with that rear design, but Mercedes was actually first.

  2. You guys are idiots Mercedes copy lexus! Yea right Lexus has always copied everything mercedes does. Mercedes had heated seats in 1985 500sel. Mercedes is always the first to do anything and the best. There is no way lexus can make a luxury car better than mercedes or bmw or even audi

  3. Also after I've sat in both at a car show the 7 series was so much quieter than the S Class. This was in a very loud convention hall too, to add to the point.

  4. i own the bmw 770 its better, but the v12 is kinda lowder, it costs too much to maintain, its 250 bucks a week on gas alone.

  5. I love this car… i have one myself…but i dont know what i like better. I like the BMW 7 because its sporty and i like the S Class because you know its a mercedes…hm?

  6. I love it…It cant get any more luxorious then it is now…plus its a very handsome car and has lots of power!!! I hope you like it to!!!

  7. The new 7 looks better than the previous 7 but, you're right, it's still an eyesore. The idrive system just sucks. I've been a BMW fan all of my life, but their late models have not impressed me. I'll take a 550 thank you very much.

  8. BMW 7 is not a great car i agree, imo it's not a BMW. A BMW to me is a 5 or 3 series one. 535d and 335d are in a class of their own. Also the M3 and M5 are awesome. If i'd have all the money in the world i'd purchase an M5 first, and then start thinking about what other cars to buy.

  9. whole germany? dude wtf you kno about germany? we have cars on the streets you guys wont even see in your stupid fucked up life time!

  10. Hahaha self park? Biggg fucking woop considering that the 2005 BMW 5-Series had that before the LS. Your sad. Also considering that LS has been copying the S-Class for the past decade. S-Class has more sales, faster, safer, looks better. Your a sad fan-boy. Get a life.

  11. it doesn't exist! trust me…my family owns a mercedes center…i know all about them…and i asked about s280 and this model ain't…old models were 280

  12. lol bitch look @ yo name no wonder your not a car man
    Toyotaminivans go sucks yo mam nippls in her minivan bitch german cars 4 life

  13. How come the Americans don't get the S320 CDI, or S350…do they not give a shit about the environment so much that the S550 is the base model? Damn they must be pissed when they come to Europe and see how much cheaper it is to own a new S-Class lol

  14. Mate, everywhere the LS base trim is LS450H because lexus don't make anything else…if they provided a V6 or a smaller hybrid they would steal sales from the lower-end of the markets….i.e. 730d, s320 cdi etc…until then, Lexus are appealing to a very small niche of the luxury market.

  15. Americans don't like the idea of buying any type of luxury car that does not have a luxurious amount of power. I don't know if it is a fault. . . For example, there are also no BMWs less than the 3.0L. BTW, isn't this car just awful looking on the inside w/o the wood steering wheel!?!

  16. I'm sorry, but the rear seat of the S550 is not so special. Where are the tray tables and footrests? I've ridden in the back seats of a few, and they don't feel like personal limousines to me.

    And compared to Cadillac Fleetwoods of the Golden Age, this car is nothing special. Where's the tufted velvet, the quilted brocade, the leg-room…?

  17. I'm talking about Cadillacs from the sixties. Compared to sixties Fleetwoods, Rolls Royce interiors of that era looked like car conversion projects from somebody's shop class. The Cadillacs were extremely refined, and quiet as tombs.

    But maybe I should have, instead, compared the S550 to the S600s of the 70s. The new S-class falls short when compared to those.

  18. I am sorry, but I have to say tha the car is magnificent, but the host is a douchebag, monotone and boring. Fire that douche please.

  19. I love my S550 I got mine with every single option you can get so it's basically the S600 without the massive engine (if you're going to get a v12 I'd rather get a real sports car not a luxury car unless it's a rolls or a bentley in which case you need it to move those massive things around) the price was $114,000 with everything and worth every penny it's a 2009.

  20. I agree with you, one of the things which makes me like the S-Class is that it isn't as flashy as, let's say a Rolls-Royce.
    But I don't agree that Jaguar's Touch Screen is easier to use than Merc's COMMAND system. Simply because you have to lean forward everytime you want to change something in the system which is pretty annoying, especially when driving. In the S-Class you just have the knob right next to you.

  21. Ha ha budd if your going to flash your money on youtube it might as well be something worth it. Leta meet up sometime? my 08 GTC ($218,000) well see whose the hot shot.. ps my Bentley will still be worth more than your benz in 5 years

  22. Actually you're the one flashing your money this comment is for the S550 and the person below just asked how much it was worth, to which I answered how much mine was with the options. So I'm not sure who you're trying to impress, and I know it's probably already worth about half of what I bought it for but unlike you I didn't buy it for the price tag. I could have easily bought the GTC do I need it? No. I like the S550 my family has owned Merc's for as long as I can remember.

  23. Thats great buddy im 20 years old how old are you… exactly.. I didnt buy it for the price tag by the way If i wanted to BUY something for the price tag i'd buy a god damn Mclaren.

  24. Step what game up? I'm not trying to impress anyone I was simply responding to the comment below. Last time I checked I'm pretty sure I own a company so no my dad doesn't buy my cars, I rarely comment on youtube and it's because of people like you that probably drive around in daddy's bentley and call it their own. I have nothing to prove to you, the comment wasn't directed to you. Grow up.

  25. haha you know nothing about me and fuck your gay prostitution company. Have you ever heard of real estate? and taking advantage of dumb ass Americans and their foreclosures? My dad died when I was 10 years old everything I own I bought on my own.

  26. What are you implying? You don't have to be a stiff square to have a successful business you just gotta get on your shit while you can. People I went to high school with 2 years ago you can say their more mature than me… but their making minimum wage driving ford focuses. No more arguing, your benz is sick. Have a good xmas

  27. dude that guy is soooooo boring! i wanted to see the car take off and instead i get that a dude is telling me that the car has a mercedes symbol on the hood? No, REALLY? I DIDENT KNOW THAT! dumbass.

  28. @DragonsKing91 FYI the mercedes S-class has had soft close doors since the erly 90s so the lexus is still about 10 or 15 years behind the S-class. so yeah mercedes is the best forever

  29. You should really change the description to ''this is what the the audi a8 and bmw 7 series compete against''…S-Class is the benchmark by a long way really, to be honest S-Class started this whole ''big luxury sedan'' thing i would not even dare to compare it to any other car…its superior by far sexiest and most impressive car on the planet

  30. @KonigNick lol I'd buy and escalade over an X5 but I would buy one of these over an escalade. Some american cars are better than german cars and some german cars are better than american cars. And people have there own preferences, it doesn't make them dumb

  31. @KonigNick Un commentaire typique venant d'un Français. Je suis américain et ce commentaire montre clairement votre ignorance.

  32. the 2005-present Mercedes-Benz S-Class is assembled in
    Sindelfingen, Germany
    Toluca, Mexico
    6th of October City, Egypt
    Pekan, Malaysia

  33. @mondeost2202008 I know this is a old comment, but anyway. I think that one of the reasons for driving these cars to to show everyone, hey I make 6 figures a year! I firmly believe that the S class, along with the 7 series does this extravagantly. They have elegance, style, and despite their size, speed as well. As far as the idrive and command, they are both very simple and work extremely well. Use them for 2 minutes and you under stand either one with ease.

  34. @mondeost2202008 Of course everyone has their own opinion and taste, and you can't argue with that. I defiantly agree with what you said about the quattroporte and Xj. I get so excited when a quattroporte drives by, its looks so nice. I think that the xj also stepped up to the plate with this new generation, its looks so much more sophisticated and majestic than any other xj before as well as 7 series and S class.

  35. @mondeost2202008 i agree, i have two problems with this car, one is that it is about 20 grand more than competitors and it is not very fuel efficient

  36. What on Earth is he talking about? The S550 is the least powerful of the S class.
    Does he not know that there are four other engine options for the W221 that are less powerful?
    Or is he just reading from a script cobbled together by someone too lazy to do some research?
    This gets a dislike.

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