2008 Nissan Altima/In-Depth: Overview

2008 Nissan Altima/In-Depth: Overview

I am Mike Hanley with cars . com here with
the 2008 Nissan Altima me son now sells a coupe version of this
car but if you prefer the practicality of four doors and don’t want to give up sports
car-like power the Altima sedan is one model to look at it’s one of the few family sedans out
there that offers v6 power in a manual transmission and it makes for pretty sporty car me
signed in taken lot of chances when I redesigned its all
time a sedan for 2007-08 kept the same general shape than its predecessor but it did refine it with on a sheet
metal new headlights and front a new grill and also utilizing back you
can see on this 3.5 ASCII trim level that the
car also has 17-inch alloy wheels dual exhaust and supplemental turn
signals on the side mirrors the 3.5 SE ultimas powered by 3.5 liter v6 engine makes 270 horsepower that’s a lot of power in the car on the
side and when teamed with the standard six-speed manual transmission that transmission really like to get the
most out of this and then it makes for a fun driving experience on the flip side fuel economy is not the
greatest it’s rare that nineteen 27 miles per
gallon city/highway but I found myself getting about 16 or
17 miles per gallon in city traffic nissan has done a pretty nice job with
the outlets cabin there’s get attention to detail you can see here on these programs are on the dash France
the controls are all straight forward and well laid out the gauges are clear and the seats
themselves are pretty comfortable these fabric ones are finished and an
interesting the warlike surface but you can also get
leather seats if you want the of were strong measures 15.32 15 us pretty
typical for mid-size family sedan was not as
common as that there’s two ways to put down the back seats the
of my has straps in the trunk that you can Paul or
release funds in the cabin that can release a sizzling clipboard now the the luggage in but the straps in the trunk are located
pretty far for fear of the region far grab on palm down and then that releases the backrest
there aren’t many cars out there that offer the power the of a dozen also give
you a choice a manual transmission now many leave maybe there aren’t that
many people looking for this paper car with your prices where they’re at around the country but
for those who are in this market no thank Nissan for not doing away with
the concept of a performance family car %uh them for additional information on
this car or any other gotta cars dot com on our blog kicking

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  1. The Camry is more powerful I think and some people prefer the look of the Camry. The Malibu is not good in anything. The CAmry has 7 SRS airbags. Still it is not sporty

  2. dudes, remember that this is the V6 version, that's why it gets bad fuel economy, the for-in-line version gets 31 miles per galon highway! so for those of u saying it's bad, well it's not. It is also a very nice looking car, nice features, nice design, powerfull and comfortable. I really suggest this car over the Camry or the Accord, I don't mean to say they are bad cars, i just say i prefer the altima and i think it's better.

  3. yea but toyota's are the most reliable cars i mean them cars last forever and you never really have problems with them

  4. My dads boss has a 08 and @ less than 40k the engine and tranny blew. I also talked to a neighbor whos a mechanic and he says he would buy a ford anyday before a Nissan.

  5. He prob. just got a lemon altima… i know 2 ppl with 07 altimas and 3 with 08 altimas and they never had any problems with them

  6. The new Altimas are ugly! Nissan could have done a hell of a lot better with them! The front, rear, sides etc…are all ugly. Especially those big annoying ass taillights…the interior on the Altimas have always been shitty…compared to the Maxima. If your wanting to get a great 4 door car…and one that will last (Nissan) then get the Maxima. Its a better car over all compared to the Altima. And of course…never buy American junk..you will regret it 🙂

  7. During his overview, he mentions that fuel economy isnt the greatest… but he's looking at the 3.5L V6 engine… The Altima also comes with a 2.5L I-4 engine which has GREAT fuel economy and is 5-10K cheaper while still putting out a lot of power matched with the same 6 speead manual. The speaker shouldve mentioned all the other trims instead of just keeping to the one model.

  8. im think about possibly getting a altima 07-09 not sure yett im also considering a honda civic but i have been driving a civic for years but i would like to try something different

  9. This car is better buy than the Camry and Accord I believe. People think that Toyota and Honda are the only brands that offer reliable cars. They are dumb. Nissan offes reliable cars that are equal or perhaps even superior that Honda or Toyota. For $21K, I would go with Nissan. They did a wonderful job in this car!

  10. That's too bad for you. I have an 08 and it's always been dependable. A lot of my friends drive Nissans and they all love theirs too. And no, I do not work for them.

  11. to be honest with you, nissan's haven't always been reliable. they've just finally caught up with the rest of the pack. if you look at older nissan's and their resale value, it's lower than most because of their problems. the last generation altima wasn't the best car. people loved them and still do and enjoyed them, but there are alot of problems that came about. I'm proud of nissan for where they are now though.

  12. nissans are reliable!! its called maintenance!! i have two nissans, a 2001 pathfinder 3.5 se and it hasnt been in the shop for anything other than an oil change or routine check ups.. i havnt even changed the rear wiper blade, and i use it as much as the ones up front.. and i have a 2008 maxima 3.5 se and it truley is a lux car no doubt

  13. all to be honest… the finishing in the altima is not the best compared to camry or accord… the roof has some sort of plugs in it which look really bad and the fabric trim for the roof lining is rough and it ends up un-glued after some time… id hav a carmy as for safety and finishing with a engine swap of the nissan altima.. the accord doesnt even have rear air-conditioning lol but it still has a very good look to it.

  14. i have to agree with imranbachus .. i am also a owner of 2 cars a 2002 xterra and a 1997 sentra i love then both and i am thinking about getting the new altima umm i dont know about toyota but i havent done anything to my nissan ….

  15. i didnt like the interior of the camery, i lvoe the back of the vehicle but they should have made the front lights better

  16. its a beautiful car, it actually feels amazing to drive. i always believed in Honda and Toyota, but after i bought my Nissan altima 2.5 SL, 2009 , i think Honda's and Toyota's are things of past for me. never going back to them. Love my Altima.

  17. I got the impression that most Nissan models share some design clues from the 350Z or 370Z, and I appreciate the way Nissan does in making "family-face", making use of profile, contour and design clues, instead of similar front grill, headlamps, etc. Altima is one of the stylish and beautiful saloon in terms of design. Too bad we don't have it in Hong Kong.

  18. I have actually considered getting this car. It looks very attractive. But the consumer reviews that I have read are not good.

  19. Honda vs Nissan is personal preference, but I dunno who the hell wants a fuckin Toyota yea there reliable but there ugly plain an not very powerful cars

  20. Bought a 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 S CVT Transmission back in March with 51,000 km on the odometer. After 4 months of city driving, and a recent road trip, the car is a winner!

  21. Y would you get the V6 in this car? If you want aV6 get the 350 or 370 this is a4 cylinder car. Japanese brands can make a 4 cylinder become a small to mid size V6. So there is no point in a V6 when there is a 4 banger option available

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