2008 Toyota Camry Review

2008 Toyota Camry Review

hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder from cars.com this
is a 2008 toyota camry it’s the long-standing best-selling car in the
United States toyota’s reputation comes from a number of things one is
reliability and another is interior quality they gave very early attention
to things like materials quality the motion of things like the grab handles
in the sunglass holder and also even things like sound just listen to how it
sounds as it moves and opens it doesn’t have that plastic you sound now on the
flip side in the past year so there have been a lot of complaints about interior
rattles & noise combined with trouble with the six-speed transmission that
comes with the v6 model v6 model is now considered below average and reliability overall though we like the quality on
the inside its well-appointed in our xle test vehicle some great features that
still are in every car tilt and telescoping the center console is pretty
big and there are 12 volt outlets and the input for an mp3 player here in
front they’re both under a door so you can
leave your phone or mp3 player in there no one can see it from the outside also our car has seat warmers it’s
pretty disappointing they’re just on and off most cars have lower high volkswagen has six different on position
the locking glove compartment is actually exceptionally large and they’re
putting latches on the side now so if you have something the middle there it
survives one of the things has been controversial is this bezel around the
navigation system or AC controls it kind of has a fifties diner look it’s backlit
blue at night if you don’t like it you can now get a wood panel bezel to go
around it to match the other would the ventilation system has what’s called
plasmacluster it adopts plasmacluster technology which helps to keep good air
quality by emitting positive and negative ions through the driver’s side
vent static electricity might be discharged due to the high voltage used
to operate the system whatever dude I’m comfortable in the backseat I’m six feet tall my knees have a little
clearance the front seats in the drivers position also this being an XL e the
backseats adjust for backrest angle which is pretty nice a drawback to the
reclining back seat is that they don’t let you fold the backgrounds forward to
extend the trunk into the cabin all you get is this pass-through in the center unfortunately the SE model also has no
folding seat also you know the hinges of the old style that go down into the
trunk other cars for example the hyundai sonata have hinges out here so they
don’t get inside and interfere for what it’s worth these are close to
the side so they probably aren’t that bad market doesn’t lie the camry is the
bestseller because it’s a very good car even if it’s having some trouble right
now the biggest complaint people have about it is that it looks boring or
plane now I think it looks pretty good but i just turned 40 so for additional
information on this car or any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I dont get it. You watch other videos with cars that have the trunk hinges like the Camry, and those cars suck? But because its the Camry, Its ok? This guy also picked apart A Bentley, but gave this car such rave reviews……something is wrong here…

  2. Chevy maybe but the saturn is absolute Boo Boo everybody talks about how that piece of junk for engineering falls apart like a toy car!!!

  3. I have the 2007 Camry LE (4 cylinder). Absolutely RELIABLE vehicle. I just put 36000 miles on this car. Very well made.

    I live in Houston and get 530 miles (approx.) on full tank

  4. not hating on a car…very good, reliable, quality car.. BUT its DULL……haha I like how this guy speaks the truth…that Plasmacluster air thingy is such BS…just like those non-moving tower air filters you see on tv ads

  5. Toyota targets the Camry for the middle age generation. Dull is definately the word to describe that generation, but it's more practical that sporty.

  6. also compare the 2009 ford ranger(the latest one i think).. its headlights are simillar to the latest toyota hilux..

  7. oh my bad no wonder it sucks it's a Gm I don't know why I thought it was japenese product- I forgot they don't make cars that shitty unless it's mitsubishi

  8. I agree, I used to want this car but to me it's kind of like a "Working Class Woman's Car" in my opinion soft suspention weak everything

  9. If you go back and read all you have written, you'll see that you are all idiots, because this is just a video about the 2008 Camry. So please, stop with the idiotic comments and respect the opinions of others. It's not worth it…

  10. The interior quality isn't that great but the big problem is head room. If you like seeing the nose of the car and your 6' tall then too bad.

    The Hyundai Sonata won best interior award for it's class. I own one and I don't see the point of the camry with the Sonata around.

  11. That's a really nice car, and Accord too, but I'm in Brazil, so, these cars here are a little expensive, but, what's the medium price of one of those there in the U.S.A.??


  12. @JMM9891 Profits go to Japan idiot. Hurts our country.

    But you're in Cali.. you don't understand these simple economic principles.

  13. @baberuthistheman actually the reason your grandmothers camry cant stop is because the old bag cant tell the difference between the gas and brake… or she has a huge winter mat that was not made for the car…. I recall very vividly my 96 Astro van pedal getting stuck at WOT..

  14. @ShawnBrian86 i agree with japanese cars being better, but toyota has gone down the shitter this month with 3 international recalls on most of their vehicles. leading to their stock values to plunge to an almost all time low within a couple days. toyota got too cocky

  15. Whats funny is you fanboys keep telling how great the quality is but it turns out you've been LIED to for 7 years.


  16. recall for Toyota owners can come in advantage…let's say u rear end someone , what do u do, blame it on the sticky pedal , u crash because u were drunk ,again blame it on the sticky pedal etc…. my opinion all these recalls for Toyota and Honda and now they are planing to destroy Nissan is all because they need to start selling Ford,GM and rest of the American made vehicles… it's cool, i love my Camry and would not give it up for any US brand, ANY! LONG LIVE TOYOTA , HONDA and NISSAN!!!!!

  17. @Headshot426, Toyota profits go to toyota CEO, GM profits go to GM CEO….toyota american employees stimulate the economy puts money back into america…GM mexican employees stimulates mexico…."simple economic principles"….

  18. Here are the vehicles with the fewest problems, in order of ranking, according to the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study. All vehicles are 2007 models.
    1. …Cadillac DTS
    2. …Mercury Montego
    3. …Buick LaCrosse
    4. …Lexus LS 460
    5. …Buick Lucerne
    6. …Ford Five Hundred
    7. …Mercury Milan
    8. …Lincoln MKZ
    9. …Lexus GX 470
    10. …Audi A6
    11. …Honda Accord
    12. …Toyota Prius

  19. I like that the Camry and Corolla look plain. They're great simple reliable cars. and I'm barely upon driving age.

  20. @dehmi07
    هذا يا طويل العمر يوم جت عندنا غيرو اسمها من كامري لاوريون
    ولا هى فى الاساس كامري مطورة
    عشان يعلو السعر
    ما اقول الا حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  21. Toyota isn't what it used to be. They're going down the same path that GM went, quantity over quality. The Camry's and Corollas from the 90's were the best as they were still built in Japan.

  22. A lot of people are divided: Domestic sucks and Imports are best and rice versa. To be honest Toyota has its problems as of late and they are not the best as they are perceived to be. On the other hand others are catching up and it will be an interesting 5 years ahead. Toyota, Nissan and Honda will be up against good Korean and domestic competition and if they do not do their job properly then it will be a rough future.

  23. This guy does not give the Camry a very good rating. The Camry IS an excellent car. And the V-6 24 valve has plenty of pickup. My friend has a 2003 camry, and it STILL runs excellent. The body is still in excellent condition. The engine has excellent pick-up. It still handles and drives nice. Interior is quiet. It turns nice. Not one bit of rust yet on this car. No fade in paint. And this car has NEVER been in the shop, for ANYTHING yet. But routine tire changes, yes. Camry is an excellent car.

  24. @Aliendear Oh, and my friends car has a V-6 24 valve. This engine is smooth and quick. The aluminum block is what I suspect has kept this engine running. It starts up EVERY time. And is totally quiet. After all these years, it still drives like new. Steering is still tight. And you feel damn safe in it.

  25. When in the hell are they going to give this thing a mid cycle refresh?? The interior is way to cheap, you can pull those trim pieces off around the center stack!!

  26. After driving my friend's Camry so much, I can see why so many people buy them. The interior is very nicely laid out (love the silver trim of the SE model) and it provides a peaceful no frills ride. However, consider the Sonata pulls this off while looking much better, it's easily the car I'd choose, or I'd take a Mazda 6 if I wanted a lively experience.

  27. the 2007-present Toyota Camry/ Daihatsu Altis is assembled in
    Australia: Altona, Victoria
    Japan: Toyota, Aichi
    Russia: Saint Petersburg
    United States: Georgetown, Kentucky
    Lafayette, Indiana

  28. Japanese cars are now tainted with high levels of nuclear radiation, including Plutonium-238, 239 and 240 which will increase your incidence of cancer, infertility and sperm damage.

  29. Oh my goodness complain complain complain! Toyota, along with every other automaker will NEVER BUILD A VEHICLE THAT MAKES EVERYBODY HAPPY. gee whiz, My wife and I like our 2010 Camry LE. We test drove a 2012 Kia Optima and we both agreed that the Camry was all around Better in feel and ride, quieter engine and just nicer. If you don't like the Camry, don't buy it. Why does Toyota end up year after year at or near the top and always above Hyundai/Kia, Subaru…if they are going down????

  30. You are exactly right, the gov wants many people to believe it's all Toyota's fault when the pedal was made in Canada but calibrated by Toyota. Toyota had nothing to do with the sticky Pedal. All i own is Lexus and Toyota and i will never buy a new POS american car. I was told GM's are going to be made in China now. Funny b/c Toyota has plants all over the US. Toyota, Honda, Nissan for life!

  31. Yes, and this has nothing to do with American cars being American, it's just they are bad quality and break down a lot. I have nothing against US, in fact i love living here but their cars are low, LOW quality. Seems they were building good cars before 90's, after 90's it became about quantity and not quality. I just want to save money, it's enough we are getting ripped off on insurance, gas and car payments. I had my Camry since the end of 06, not a single problem, minus the wear and tear items

  32. I think Americans that buy Toyota, Honda or any other foreign car because they think American cars suck are just morons that don't know how to take care of a car. Ford has been beating Toyota and Honda in reliability and overall customer satisfaction since 06 so maybe before you decide to send your money overseas you should do some research.

  33. Wife has a 08 Camry 204k miles mixed type driving. Runs great…outside some mild oil consumption. 99% of parts orginal and rides very smooth even today.

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