2008 Toyota Highlander: Cars.companion/ Overview

2008 Toyota Highlander:  Cars.companion/ Overview

hi I’m Kelsey mays for cars.com and
we’re in Michigan testing out toyota’s redesigned highlander the 2008
Highlanders toyota’s mid-sized bread-and-butter SUV this new model was
styled by the automaker’s designers in California typical of most midsize SUVs
these days you’ve got a little bit larger grill a little crisper more
angular headlights and a little bit more angular hood as you move around to the
side the 19-inch wheels on our limited grade test model fill out the wheel
wells nicely the side mirrors are a little more aerodynamic which toyota
says increases fuel efficiency and back the Heighliner arguably looks more
Japanese than ever all the base model come with an independently opening glass
hatch nice thing about this is that with a lot of models when you open the actual
liftgate the hatches kind of flaps up there in the wind and the highlander
when you open it the hatch reconnects with the liftgate
so when you close them everything comes down as one piece three rows of seats
can accommodate up to 7 passengers in just about every highlander behind the
third row seat there’s only about 10 cubic feet of room which isn’t very much
even for a mid-sized three-row SUV you can see this is a pretty small bag and
throw it here pretty much takes up almost the width of the area behind the
third row seat up front the Highlanders interior looks a lot like that of the
redesigned $YEAR camry with the dashboard sort of flows toward the
center controls the plastics on the dashboard are hard to the touch but they
look good from a distance and they seem to be fit a car of this price range
soccer moms and dads will appreciate the abundant storage options you’ve got four
cupholders up here and to bottle holders in the side doors cup holders in the
center are adjustable for drinks eyes so that 44 ounce big gulp and certainly fit
here there’s also a lot of storage in the center console which is fairly wide
and quite possibly one of the biggest glove compartments of all time all
eyeliners come with standard 3.5 liter v6 it’s the same engine you’ll find in
the camry sedan as well as the sienna minivan in the rav4 SUV it’s pretty
robust makes 270 horsepower it matches to a standard 5-speed automatic
transmission we found that it had plenty of power for passing and it should prove
enough for most moms and dads for additional information on this car or
any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

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  1. It weighs 1/3 of a ton more than its predecessor, and has no more power. But putting a 4 cylinder in it, would make it as fast as a Hyundai Accent 1.3L Diesel.

  2. my neighbour just bought one,.. never heard of this car.. now that i notice them i see them all over the place haha

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